What brick would YOU chose?

AngelaZFebruary 10, 2014

Hi guys! I posted this house a few months ago as we worked to finalize our house plan.

Now we're getting to the really exciting, but terrifying, part! Exterior finishes!

Two things we are 98% certain we will be using:

-dark metal roof (most likely black)
-dark framed windows

I'm struggling with brick choices. I'm drawn towards brown bricks in this color range, but with the dark roof and windows I fear that it will be too dark/monotone overall. It's SO hard for me to visualize the final result!

Any thoughts? And if you hate this brick, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much guys!

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Look at Old Bayou on the Old Texas Brick Website or Savannah Gray from Carolina Brick. That wood look awesome with your dark roof and windows. I am trying to find a brick that goes with dark gray trim and dark blue siding. I'm thinking about going wild and using a bright red brick. By far, brick has been the hardest decision. I still haven't decided.

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That brick looks like it has a pinky beige undertone. I would avoid it. When we re-sided our house recently, we opted to remove the pinky beige brick rather than work with it; my experience makes me hyper-aware of anything pinky.

The front elevation of your house looks lovely! I love a black roof and black window frames. I understand the choices being terrifying. Quite honestly, I've wasted a lot of money picking out my own finishes. Next time I'm hiring this designer:

Here is a link that might be useful: roof and brick color blog post

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JDez, I checked out those two bricks and did really like the look of them! Thanks!

Benjesbride, it is so hard to make these decisions, isn't it? I didn't even see the pinky undertone, so now I'm totally second guessing every "possibility" I've been considering! Back to the drawing board!

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we really struggled choosing brick as well. i'm a visual person so we had to photoshop the heck out of our plan (in 3D) to help us decide. even then it was a hard decision!

so i did a little mockup for you. someone else suggested old bayou, but i mocked up "Brown Birch" by old texas brick for you. it's got some brown tone but it also has a dark brick in the mix that would tie in the dark roof.

you could go cool tone or warm tone with your shutters and accents. below is the same brick and roof just with different color shutters. totally changes the look of the brick.

here's the brick:

here it is with warmer shutters:

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and here's a cooler set of shutters/door.

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We just chose Savannha River from Palmetto Brick. We are like you and wanted more of a Brown tone, but that also had some creaminess to it. I also really like the suggestion of the Brown Birch.

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Maggiepie!! OH MY! Thank you so SO much for taking the time to do that!! You just showed me what I have had so much trouble visualizing!!

Would it be horribly imposing of me to ask to see if with a darker mockup as well so I can compare the two looks?

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i still have it open angela.

what color shutters/door are you thinking with the darker brown brick? it makes a difference so i want you to see the full picture. :)

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I love the doors and shutters from the first one the best (the warmer set).


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i'm not sure about the brown on brown, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the brick you originally liked.

it's totally a matter of personal preference, but i think you lose some of the elegance of your beautiful elevation with all darker tones. the contrast between dark roof, light brick, other accents really emphasizes all the beautiful detail on your design. just my opinion!

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AngelaZ, Maggiepie is right, go lighter with the brick so that the accents stand out. It looks awesome. I wish I had a good picture of my house...dang it!

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Maggie, you just don't know how much I appreciate your help!! You have made this decision process sooooo much easier for me. If you're anywhere in the middle Tennessee area I'll take you out for a nice dinner!

And I totally agree- you confirmed what I suspect in that too much detail is lost with the dark brick.

I sent your first mock up to my brick guy and he sent me a picture of this job he recently did. This was using the darker brick (that I showed in my first post of this thread) but doing what he called "slurring" the mortar over it. I'm kind of digging the look. What do you think? (just to clarify, our house will be brick only and no stone)

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