Happy Birthday Abe and George

christmascandyFebruary 18, 2011

I created a new table for Presidents Day.

Here's a surprise: most of the items on it are TS treasures!

I Googled images for George and Abe and put them in TS frames. I painted the plate in the center in ceramics in 1976!

The tankards, dishes, white chargers, red tablecloth, napkins, and the patriotic table cover are all TS. I found the fabric piece for the tablecover at a TS, and used red fringe that was a former TS find to hem/decorate the edge.

The red candles are TS, but the brass candlesticks are decades old. The blue star shaped dishes are holding clear star shaped votives and both are TS. The blue goblets are DT.

The plates and bowls are Galaxy by Sakura and came from Sal. Army. The napkins were ARC, and the flatware was a Christmas gift.

I contemplated adding my gold metal stars as table confetti, but decided they would detract from the tablecover.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Presidents Day. Maybe even get out and spend a few dead presidents, LOL!!



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Wow! Very regal,ah Presidential,that tablecloth is wonderful & I'm sure that both presidents would be honored to sit & dine at your table! The tankards & beautiful plates, everything just so patriotic & napkins are so rich looking. Glad you framed George & Abe, they deserve to be treated with respect, they did a lot to help this country grow! Jan

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Your table turned out wonderful Candy. Just can't get over all the good finds you come across! The tablecover, plates, pictures,--well just all of it are just right. Luvs

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candy ...I am so impressed w/your linens! That fabric pc for the table cover is just perfect for this President's table & the red fringe really brings CLASS to it! The napkins colors are so good & the flatware looks right at home there!...& both are wonderful w/dishes & chargers you've used!

The tankards are very impressive for the period! Everything looks GREAT! Always love to see pics added! & your 1776 ceramic's plate, WONDERFUL! (& that you still have it!...yeah!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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I have a pillow made with panels from your tablecloth topper.
Love the tankards. Your '76 plate is just super. And the blue star dishes with the tealights add something special.

I thought Kathleen was about the best I'd ever seen at finding bargains, but I think you are moving into the Queen position. All those things at bargain basement prices - WOW!

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Candy, wonderful job putting this birthday table together. Love your tc you made. How fun you still had your ceramic plate you made in ceramics and used it on this table.

I love the Sakura star plates you found at Salvation Army. Enjoyed seeing pictures on your table of Abe & George you printed and framed.


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You just pulled it ALL together! I love hearing about where you found each piece,etc.Festive without being gaudy.
That table cloth is so pretty, and your own talent shines through with the 76 plate.


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Wonderful table, Candy! So great that you could create such an elegant table with TS finds. I love your ceramic plate and the plates from SA. Actually I love all of it. It is so colorful and bright and very Patriotic.
The Presidents would be proud!

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Honestly, 'I can not tell a lie'...this is one of The Best
President's Tables I've ever seen!
It's hard to believe that mostly all was from TS finds.
It's like you went and 'hand picked' everything to create this look.
I love how you 'show cased' the Patriotic Plate with the two Presidents. Your TS tablecloth and napkins are just beautiful and such amazing finds. The Sakura star plates - blue stems and tankards are just perfect to complete the look, and add elegance as well.
I always enjoy hearing how you came about 'your finds' too!
Makes me feel I'm there right along with you!! :)


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Candy, I am totally blown away. It is beautiful! Love how you put it all together with ts finds. Your SA dishes are perfect and I can see them being used for so many other holidays, Mem day. July 4, Vetarns D and even at Christmas for the Three Kings. Love your table cover. Reminded me of a panel I picked up that had the Declaration of Independance on it that I intended to frame and have never gotten around to doing. Your '76 plate is wonderful. It makes your cp. The framed prints are great and I love the pewter tankards. I really enjoy seeing all the tables done with ts items. Janet

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Jan, the napkins are a wonderful quality. They are quite large and great fabric with a lot of body to it.

Luvs, that is the third table in a row, I've used that red tablecloth. Chinese New Year, valentine's Day, and now this one.

Jeanne, I found an entire card of that red fringe and it was only a couple of dollars. This is the second project that I have found a way to use it. Almost everybody who made that plate at the same time I made mine, painted theirs silver and antiqued it to look like pewter, but I decided to paint mine and glaze it and I am very glad I did. 1976 was the year my youngest DD was born, so the year has special meaning to me.

OA, I think that piece of fabric was originally meant to be pillow panels, but I was planning this table when I saw it and this is the purpose for which I decided to use it. Plus, I knew I had the fringe to edge it! I knew when I saw the tankards, they would work for a lot of tables. They were also Sal. Army.

Punk, I know I will be able to use those plates for lots of different themes. Maybe a Van Gogh "Starry Night?" LOL

Pat, I think the tablecover really pulled everything together. It has such a patriotic feel with the eagle emblems and the star borders.

Nana, thanks, I think it made a nice tribute to their memory.

Jane, I not only check the dish aisle at the TS's, but the linen aisle as well. When I see a good buy, I get it and then when I plan a new table, I just look to see what is in the boxes. I have the napkins folded and in shoe boxes by color. A red box, blue box, et cetera. And....all of this just since last spring! DH isn't so sure I should have found this forum!! He thinks all of this is accumulating "stuff" I don't need. Silly man. : )

Janet, I truly have become a TS addict. I do have to start being more selective now that my dish collection has grown so much. I just found a new GoodWill that opened fairly nearby, and "had" to go check it out. I found the dinner plates that matched the yellow border snowman salad plates that I used on the Groundhog table. And they were a half price color sticker!! Yippee, couldn't get them in the cart fast enough. LOL

Glad you all enjoyed it.


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I'm back. I was wondering, just how DO you get that great overhead shot??? Are you on a ladder? There doesn't appear to be a shadow either. Tell me your secret.

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OA, I stand on the chair and hold the camera out over the table. Its a digital, so I can delete pictures until I get one that shows most of the table.
The sunroom has windows on 3 sides, so I don't need the overhead lights on, as I take the pictures during the day. So, no shadow, not even for Phil, LOL


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Candy, I try to get those "Candy shots" but you do a much better job.

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what a delightful patriotic table setting - just love how you pulled all the elements together - you are so talented and I always look forward to your tablescapes and decorations - TFS .....


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Those dishes look like they belong in the White House, they are wonderful, like everything else on the table. I'm loving the Bicentennial plate, that is the year we got married and Bicentennial was every where. Your TS addiction has served you well, I really enjoy all your tablescapes. I wish I had more room to store things.

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Nana, I don't always get it right the first time. That is the nice part of digital cameras. I hit delete until I get a shot that I like!

Lynne, thank you. That piece of fabric just called out to me when I saw it and told me it was supposed to go on this table, LOL

Frou, Since I started here, I have "found" places to store my dishes in the cupboards in my garage, in my sunroom, and in my basement. I haven't had to resort to under the bed, which is good, because that is where I have lots of my shoes, LOL.


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