Not Your Traditional Valentine Table

phonegirlFebruary 10, 2011

It's been so fun with all of your beautiful tables and decor posted here this year for Valentines Day. I was getting tired of mine so started putting it away last night. Then the light came on, I thought why not try a blue one for a change.

A lady here was cleaning house a few years ago and called and ask if DH would like a tablecloth his GGM Jose Martin had made years ago. BTW, she lived to be 105.

The lady said she had won it at a Garden Club raffle. I ask DMIL if she wanted it and she didn't so I've had it stored away. I have never used it because it has a few stains that I could never remove. But I decided I could cover them up! I think she done a beautiful job making this.

I set out my DGM carnival glass pitcher and my punch bowl on the old Singer Sewing cabinet for a little more blue. I had bought some white roses with hearts (DP) so put an arrangement together in one of my lg crystal vases.

The Cherub planter for the cp is one I found at a ys last summer. The flowers and wispy stems are all from DP.

The Otagiri Birds I showed you before from my treasure shopping spree. The other little girls were DM's. In RL they match pretty well. Do any of you recognize them and know who they are made by? The little heart votives are from DP. I've had the heart pie dish forever and don't remember where or who it came from at the moment.

The stems are all from Ross. I'm getting more adventuresome with the polka dots, plaids and flowered things, thanks to all of you and your beautiful tables. I still had a hard time thinking I could use four different colors on one table but I did. Set out our old china, Fair Lawn from Japan, Yumi Katsura plates from DD, white Pfaltgraff plates and the Generic Blue Heart Soup pots for the stacked plates.

I will post this close up of the tablecloth made by DH GGM so you can see more detail. I snapped this shot as I was setting it to see how much the stains would show. They do but I still wanted to use it. I used black satin under it.

Leave it to me to be thinking outside the box again! I know most don't think of blue for Valentines Day but I sure did.LOL


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That is a lovely Winter Valentine Table! Love how old the tablecloth is, I get so taken with things that have a family history. Its wonderful you could use it, I bet GGM would be so happy to see this!

Neat centerpiece, and glad you could use the lovely Otagiri birds you found. I think the soft colors of them are so pretty.

Have a HAPPY Blue Valentine ;o>
hugs, Karen

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Very pretty, and so nice to use so many family heirlooms. That is a beautiful tablecloth, too. I like the blue valentine idea so refreshing.


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Very pretty table, punk, and the tablecloth is gorgeous! Glad you're using it!

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Karen, Pat and PM, thanks for all your comments. The lady who had this tc must not of used it much. Wish is didn't have the stains and I'm afraid to try soaking it any more.

I will ask DMIL if she knows how old it is. I see I for got to post my last picture. Do you see what I see in this picture?


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Punk, What a terrific idea! The tablecloth IS gorgeous!!! I love being able to use family heirlooms. I think the dishes with the blue hearts are adorable. The Cupid Centerpiece is great. Your Otagiri birds are just right for this table. The carnival ware is beautiful.
I'm so glad you were thinking outside the box!!

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Punk..this definitely works for VDay.
The color is so soft and delicate looking.
You can say, it's a 'Table of Love' with Family Treasures!
Your CP and Otagiri birds are very lovely.
The dishes and stems are very pretty..and work perfectly.
I can't get over the condition of your TC..It's georgeous!
I'm not seeing stains..I love all your littl figurines..the're so sweet.
I think GGM and DM would be so happy knowing you're enjoying and using their lovely treasures.


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Punk, what a lovely tablescape! The first pic of the whole table is just beautiful. The tablecloth is such a treasure. I love the cupid/hands in the last photo.

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Oh punk, that t-cloth is just so WONDERFUL!...It is so pretty w/that blue cloth under it mind wandered when I saw your 'scape & could see those 2 linens on a small round table set up on the porch or in a garden! You certainly brought sunshine w/ your blue Val table! What a priceless keepsake you saved!

The softness of your precious DM's little girls & your birds & yes, your "do you see what I see" along w/pretty heart candles just makes me smile!

And, kudos, to you for being so brave w/trying diff ideas in t'scaping! I have serious "cupid/cherub" envy over your's lovely! The crystal filled vase in the backgrd looks beautiful, too...did you try that on your old sewing machine first? I like all the color you added to that! Would like a closer view of your DM's carnival glass...looks pretty!

I bet DGD will think this table is grand, too! Have a good wkend! TFS! Jeanne S.

And, Yes, I do see what you see...I recently printed this off to use on my cards. :-) Isn't this forum just the most fun with innovating ideas!!!

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Its beautiful. You have the traditional hearts, flowers, candles, and cherubs on that beautiful tablecloth!! It is perfect for Valentine's Day and the blue is a very pretty shade. The stains do not show up in the photos.

Who said blue can't be a valentine color??



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Oh, punk, I'm looking closer...the blue cloth that I thought was underneath is part of the t'cloth? I see the blue tating goes around the blue & the white edges! WOW, that is an unusual pc...gorgeous! I am glad you are using it & it's not just stuck away somewhere! :-) Jeanne S.

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I think it is so great that you honor your family by using these special family heirlooms. What a great way to pass along a little family history and make the items special to your DD and DGD as well. Hopefully, they will treasure them just as you do.

I'd not have thought of blue for Valentine's Day either, but you sure created a pretty romantic table using it! I really like both of your cherub pieces.


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Nana, so glad you like thinking outside the box. I'm so glad you are here with us! This is one of the reasons I enjoy it here. We can do what ever we want and someone always likes the new idea. Both cupids were fun finds and that's the way it should be.LOL

Jane, the tc is in great shape if it wasn't for a few stains that I covered up. The lady that won it was very distinct and I'm sure so was everything she owned. Glad you liked the colors on this table. It's fun to have so many different colored stems to use now.

LMD, so nice to have you here posting with us. I loved Jeanne's cupid with hands and the one I found it's as nice but pretty cute. Thanks for your comments on this table.

Jeanne, I haven't had this tc for to many years but glad to have it. I could see this tc used on a little round table on the porch or garden too if it wasn't for our kitty. He would probably jump up on it with one of his furry friends and that would be nasty.LOL

I did try that arrangement on the Singer cabinet but it didn't look right. After reading this I moved the SC over and itplaced it back on there. Thanks, don't know if I would of tried it again.

Your cherub in the hands is beautiful and a more expensive piece but the one I found it still cute. I loved that cp when I found it and will enjoy using it more. The innovating ideas are wonderful and it's ok to be a copycat!!! I would of never tried ts w/o all of this.

Candy, I like the way you think! I will probably try a different color next year.LOL

Luvs, I keep telling DGD she is going to get all my ts items. She just smiles. I tried to get her to make something while she was here this weekend but no interest. I asked how she liked my table cuz she hadn't commented and she just said it's ok. All she wanted to do is play and I learned all her new dance moves. It was so fun but my butt is dragging tonight.

Thanks everyone for all your comments. It's Valentines Day tomorrow so I will have to think of another ts to set. I will take some pictures of the pitcher and punch bowl and post later.

Happy Valentines Day All.


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