Smelly Rubber Mat

rivkadrJanuary 7, 2007

We have an exercise room that also does double duty as a guest room on the rare occasions when people visit us. The exercise bike and other equipment get carted out and stored in the garage on those occasions, but the very heavy weight machine has to stay in the room. It's just too heavy to move. It happens to sit on a rubber mat, that quite frankly smells very strongly of rubber. It has to stay there -- it's protecting the wood floor underneath.

Can anyone think of anything that I can clean it with to make it not smell so strongly? Or something I can put in the room to mask the smell somewhat?

Makes me feel bad for the people that stay in there. Once you're in the room for a minute or two, you no longer notice it, but when you first walk in, it's quite noticeable.

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I had a step stool with a rubber tread that smelled like rubber for many months. I tried many things to get rid of the smell. The one solution that worked for me was to put the step stool inside of a garbage bag full of kitty litter. After two weeks of being inside the bag the smell was completely gone. Also the smell never came back. Maybe you could spread some kitty litter on the mat and put plastic on top of the kitty litter. Just a thought!

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