Zote Laundry soap?

linnea56January 26, 2011

I saw something while in the laundry detergent aisle. A big bar of soap, labeled "Zote" laundry soap.

I have always used detergents, but I wonder what are the advantages of using soap? Is it better for pretreating or handwashing? My teen daughter has many delicates, and she often spills. Thus far, the pretreatments like Spray and Wash, etc. have not been very effective, often taking many treatments and washings to work. By the time the stain is out, the garment has taken a beating. Same issue with my husband's dress shirts, the spray ons just don't work very well. I use BIz to pretreat too, but it changes the color of a lot of things. My son is in Med school, and his white lab coat gets very dirty (with: you don't want to know!), I'd love to find something that would work. He's been taking it to the dry cleaners, but I hate to think of him wearing all those toxic chemicals all day. It would have to be both effective, and easy, for him to do!

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The basic natural ingredients used in the manufacture of ZOTE are the same used to make bath soaps; therefore, these are non-abrasive ingredients, which make ZOTE the ideal product to wash delicate garments which may be damaged in the washing machine (such as sweaters, knitwear and underwear), preserving them in good conditions and extending their life.

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I bought some great laundry soap on line. It's called Charlie's Soap. Sorry, I don't know how to post a link. But it's great for laundry, a powder, use only one tablespoon per load. It's not cheap. But it dissolves instantly, makes loads of suds, smells nice (vaguely like coconut) gets out dirt and odors, and rinses out beautifully. I heartily recommend it.

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