Valentine Decor on a Blizzardy Day( Pic Heavy

jeannespinesFebruary 1, 2011

A good day to be indoors ... blizzard warnings, more snow, & now an even more windy blizzardy wanted to do something , so worked on Val decor. Here's the right side of the buffet:

The red glass heart was in a Secret Santa pkg from our frou here on this forum...we SS'd on the GJ forum.

Here's another view w/Val vine tree:

On the left side of the buffet I put one of my Boy/Girl pottery vases & added red roses the apothecary jar of buttons...4 cotton napkins & rings made from silverware (Made in India):

The table centerpc is that hammered aluminum stuff ... each pocket has a glass insert (for dips or whatever)...I've put glass candleholders, buttons & a bit of red glass-lookin' garland in each...a pair of love birds are snapped to the top:

Here's a full view w/Val vine tree in bkgrd:

On the vine tree I added a new strand of glass berry garland that I got before Christmas ...& tucked in faux berries here & there...I love the white birds ... so moved those in from porch tree & removed the red ones from Christmas:

Still use those red stained glass hearts I got many yrs ago from "Tenderhearts" ... a sales catalog...& a added a couple new birds that are a bit smaller (hard to find these resin clip-ons):

Here's a full view of the tree lit up by the buffet:

It does look lovely all lit up this evening.

And, of course, Dollbaby...can't forget her...I dressed her in the same crocheted pink dress & jacket & bonnet that I posted last was mine as a baby & my G'ma crocheted it for me. Added some new white booties from a TS in MN on some goodies up there for 25 cts!

Here's a closer view...she is holding a porcleain doll kit that I had sewed & put tog for my Mom a long time ago:

Her placesetting on her tray this yr has glass hearts in a depression pink bowl, plate & a placemat I crocheted. Also the pewter frame holds a snapshot of my wedding kiss...blush

Here's a full view of the buffet, Dollbaby & Val tree:

And, this is a WIP yet...the corner of the countertop where the silverplated teaset will be for V-decor ...but the counter is still full of spice bottles & more V-decor as I'm cleaning cupboards, too! But, I'm liking the "work-in-progress" so far!

TFlookin' ... Feb is here ... blizzard & all! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Lovely Valentine post Jeanne..
What I love about your buffet is the different looks you create each time . The white tea set and the vignette with the little boy/girl and the button jar is very sweet.
Also, your vine tree (my all time favorite)..looks so 'Valentiney'! The white birds and the glass hearts are such a nice touch. I won't leave out 'Baby Doll' and her crocheted outfit your DGM made for you ...such a special treasure to still have. The porcelain doll you made for your mother is lovely - another treasure.
Not to mention the little photo of 'your wedding kiss' sweet is that!!
On a night like tonight, with the weather many of us are experiencing..your home has a nice, warm and cozy glow to it.

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Just the right touch of sweet! I am crazy about your birdy valentine tree, and your silver tea set vinette. Oh, and to have your little baby outfit full of memories and the little photo.


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Jeanne S - Your valentine decor is lovely. I agree with everything already said. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Jeanne, Your Valentine's decor is great. I love both Tea sets. The boy and girl figurines are adorable. The white birds on your tree are the perfect touch. And of course, there's Dollbaby. She looks so pretty as usual. I always look forward to seeing her all dolled up She is a sweety!

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Jeanne I'm so glad you were able to use the heart inside too. I love all your Valentine decorations, the tree and doll baby are favorites of mine. I used to collect hammered aluminum, but got rid of all of it. I have the children planter in either pink or blue, can't remember. Your buffet looks great, love the white with the red. And yes your wedding photo is lovely, we need to see a bigger one. All the hard work on your silver tea set sure paid off, it's lovely.

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Love every little touch you have put into your vignettes - so pretty and so sweet. Babydoll - well what is left to be said that we haven't already said - she is as much a part of this forum as us 'real' people. I always look forward to seeing how she is going to celebrate every season - TFS ......


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It is all wonderful! You put so much thought into all the different aspects of your vignettes and it really shows! Doll Baby looks darling as usual, and it is even sweeter that it was your baby outfit. I love the "kiss" picture.
It is perfect for the holiday!!
I have a similar silver tea service (say that fast 3 times!) so you got me thinking about my Valentine decor!

Wun a ful, a wun a ful ( Lawrence Welk reference)


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Thanks, holiday-ers! 'appreciate you lookin' & commentin'!

...meant to say wanted to do something "fun" because of the blizzard! And I did have fun! (while the wind & snow roared around outside!)

Looking forward to seeing some more Val decor's Feb! ...and Phil did not see his shadow today! Yeah! Now we can "Think Spring!" Jeanne S.

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Late getting to this post, but so glad I didn't miss it. Love all your pretty touches for Valentine's. Doll baby looks so sweet sitting there in her cute outfit with her doll and dishes and the sweet pic of you and DH! The heart from Frou is just gorgeous! Love both the white and silver tea service pieces and all the goodies you've put with them. Your additions of the berries and birds to the tree are just perfect--it looks great. Glad you had some fun decorating while you stayed inside all warm and cozy! Luvs

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Thx,'re not late, just posted yesterday

...yes, Frou certainly sent that unusual pc & I wanted it close to the tree so the lights could play off of can see thru the red is pretty! Hope your CA weather is being good to you...since the rest of the U.S. seems "under the weather!" Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I think you could make anything look great. If you ever get bored will you come visit and give my home a new look? I keep going back and just love all of this.

How's the weather tonight? Blizzards are so scary. Hope you stay warm and safe!


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Everything looks so warm and pretty.
I love the pic of the Border collie and sheep above your
shelf is it an old pic? I have a Border collie so of course I'd notice it. thanks

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So pretty! And DB has matching dishes, :)
I too love that tree. I forget, did you make it?

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Marlene Kindred

Everything looks so pretty Jeanne! Love the heart that Frou sent you! And all of your other things too...the birds and the centerpiece and your tea service....just really nice!

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Jeanne, you already know how much I love Dollbaby and your vine tree. I really like, and agree, with what Lynne said about her being one of our Forum gang.
The heart from Frou is just beautiful and looks perfect by your white tea set. ( Add that set to 'things I love at your house'. Its just wonderful.)

I'm still trying to get in a Valentine decorating mood, gosh its just around the corner too. If you guys can't inspire me, I must be a real dud this year.

Oh, I really thought all the little vine tree birdies were super cute. Can't have too many birds!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for commenting, punk, sorie, kathleen, marlene & purplemoon ...

punk..blizzards are over & "sunshine" just makes all the diff in the world! Very cold yet tho...but do-able! I'd love to visit your home...from what you share, it's just downright SWEET!

sorie ... that print is by Robert Duncan called "April Storm" ... by his signature it says 1980 ...but I bought this print at an frame shop & had it framed 7 or 8 yrs is one of my favs!, the tree I bought on an after Christmas small town shopping a specialty store...they had used it in their display decor...& had it for sale...I was in heaven! I'd been wanting one for some yrs since I saw the grapevine handmade ones at a craftshow that sold for lots of $$$. It would be fun to try to make a "small" one.

PM...hey, next mo (March 20th) is first day of maybe you can decorate for that! You'll be bringing out all those beautiful bunnies!! You've got alot going on right now, woman!

Thanks, gals! Jeanne S.

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How lovely, Jeanne! I really like your vine tree and how you've decorated it for Valentines Day. The buffet itself looks so pretty. Love the white sheep up above there, too. You've created a very balanced and wonderful area there with the red, white and wood. Wonderful!!!

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Thank you, lynn...your compliments are so welcomed ...coming from such a beautiful decor person as yourself...I always LOVE seeing your home. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, how pretty it all looks! I love how you've decorated your buffet and the tree looks wonderful beside it. Love the little white birds! And of course, Dollbaby is the crowning touch to all of it!

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