Shower Stall for New Construction (basement bathroom)

milesbellaMarch 11, 2014

We have an area in the basement that is already plumbed and framed for a bathroom. We're finally biting the bullet and getting it finished off. After receiving several quotes to have a tile shower, we've decided on the good 'ol fiberglass insert instead.

The area is 36 x 36 with three walls and one opening. We're looking for a 2-piece unit (to be able to get it in the existing area). Does anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at Home Depot and Menards but it doesn't seem most of them have reviews.

This is what I've been looking at:

Does anyone have any recommendations? Things we should look out for? Avoid?

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Just wanna suggest an alternative to the FG stall as we took one out of our old BR and I find that there is a fair amount of space wasted in the curved corners/shelving, etc of these units. We put a cultured marble shower in our basement guest bath. We love it! It is so easy to care for, and after 4 years of heavy, constant use it still looks just like new.

We had ours custom made, but for a 36 X 36 size you may be able to find one pre-made. Standard sizes can be quite a bit less expensive. Just a suggestion, as it offers the convenience of the FG and takes up very little space, ie walls are only about 3/8" thick! As you would be dealing with 3 separate sheets, you should be able to get it into your BR quite easily.

But, if you still want FG, I would also look at a plumbing supply place. I noticed some stalls in my local one, and I have found doing these renos, that they are often lower than HD, and/or will match a lower price.

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Thanks for the information Raehelen. It sounds perfect - where would I purchase/look at something like this? I've done some general online searches but only a few websites have come up. I will also ask the contractor I'm working with - it sounds ideal.

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I live outside Vancouver, BC, Canada and in our whole large metropolitan area there is only one manufacturer of cultured marble. I have ordered for two bathrooms from him, and though he is a great guy and makes a lovely product, I feel I have to pay a premium because he has no competition.

I would google search, yellow page search and then even check Lowes or Walmart or HD or any large home hardware store. I think there are far more choices in the US. Because you are looking for a fairly standard size, you may be able to buy stock and not have to have it custom made, thereby saving some money. On the other hand, the advantage of custom is that they can make it exactly the way you want it, For my current Master BR reno I had a 3' X 5' shower base made in a BM colour to match perfectly with my colours. In my basement I chose a very subtle white on white pattern and had them finish it in a matte finish, so it doesn't look plasticy at all. I have had many compliments on it from guests!

Again, since it was custom made, I had them make an 8" deep shelf along one wall (It actually extends 10', the entire length of the room). That shelf is one of my favourite features in the whole BR!

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