Help, I need any info on the Maax living air tub TODAY.

lilloMarch 21, 2013

Quality bath is running a promo on the Maax that will end tomorrow at 9 am. So I need any feedback on the Maax brand in general or if you know anything about the living model 66 x36x23 air tub. I am concerned about the noise level when functioning and reliability . I have a budget of $ 2000 to work with . That is why I didn't consider the Bain ultra . Thank you.

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I ordered a tub from Quality Bath. Don't get stressed. I believe the promotion is ongoing.

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I have noticed more than one website with sales that end the day you visit or discounts "this weekend" and suspect they have suspected they are always there. That's a marketing cheap shot and would make me want to find a more honest seller.

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Thank you for the information, but does anybody have any feedback on the Maax air tub ??? I found a Bain ultra floor model in a show room next to us going for $ 2520.00 should I go for it instead of the Maax. it's a thermal 55 66x36x20. Thank you

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Have you hear it or another Bain running? I saw a Bain demo tub and thought it was on the louder side, but that was just one. It was only half full and didn't have a person in it, so I'm not sure what it would be like in actual use. I don't know either of these tubs, but from what I've read about the makers, I don't think either one is a bad choice. I have seen more people commenting on Bain though. Make sure they will honor the warranty or that the discount is great enough to cover any lost warranty.

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Thank you lascatx for the advice. They will be honoring the warranty on it. Yah the sound is another issue . I will have to take my husband to hear it before I buy it. Thank you

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