My Love is like a red, red tulip..table

kathleen_liFebruary 3, 2010

I couldn't find a poem to match my tablescape, so I wrote one...:) (apologies to Robbie Burns)

Your love is like a red, red tulip,

I found at Michael's, really cheap.. ( 9 cents)

I sorely wanted live ones,

But the price was way too steep!

The plates and bowls from Horchow

By way of TJMAXX,

The swirly candles so pretty..

Of course they're made of wax!

The inspiration from the placemat,

From Pier One and made of felt..

On sale for a dollar fifty,

That's not a lot of gelt!

Those pretty heart shape dishes

A bread plate with no dents..

I think I bought a boat load

Each was 40 cents..

Lions head bowl with the tulips.

Is a covered soup tureen ..

It is made in France by Apilco,

At a price that was supreme! ($13)

Wine stems are from Pfaltzgraff

Flutes by Luminarc..

Napkin rings from Dollar Tree

Where it's always hard to park. :)

Deep red cloth is underneath,

Snowy white on top,

I think I am about finished,

You're begging me to stop! :)

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LOVE IT!!!!!

All of it...including the poem.

I've been a lurker for a looonnng time and this is the first time I've posted.

I LOOOVVEE decorating for holidays and have been inspired so many times in the couple of years I've lurked.

Thanks, ladies.

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I love your dishes!! And your writing skills are pretty good too. LOL

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I saw this and commented on your blog last night.
I must comment again and tell you how impressed I am by your 'Multi Talents'!
I love this table and all its lovely details, from the Centerpiece...stemware, layered tablecloth and napkins..and those DISHES!
You are an amazing shopper and I would love 'hanging out' with you for a day. I'd allow you to drag me around to all
your 'Shopping Haunts'...and I'd be your happy 'shop-along slave' !

By the way...I'm waiting eagerly, for your first published book of 'Kathleen's Poems' !!


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Oh, Kathleen, your tables are always such a joy to see, and you're a poet, too! What multi-talented people we have here on this forum! Those red heart placemats were such a great find . . . they're wonderful! And I love your dishes and napkins and tulips . . . oh my! That arrangement looks incredibly pretty and fresh.

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Thank you Wanda, and welcome..Hope you will join in the fun!

Gardener, the poem was a joke...many of the bloggers pick a poem to go with their tables, so I thought I would have some fun with them..and thanks..

Jane, I think we would have a great time know it has to be a BARGAIN or we pass it by!

Thanks, Lynn...I hope you are feeling better!

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Wow! Kathleen, you excel at both poetry and tablescapes! Very talented lady you are! So much to like about the setting - the placemats are perfect, as are the napkins, the plates (Oh, my), the flowers, and I love your frilly beeswax tapers - did you make them yourself?

The cutwork white tablecloth over red is very subtle but sooo effective. TFS you are truly inspiring.

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A perfect balance of color.
The placemats are adorable , the plates divine and the tablecloth/matching napkins fabulous.

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Funny poem and beautiful table. I love the dishes and the placemats. I know what you mean about the real flowers, I adore them, but very seldom buy any.

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You are way too CUTE and SMART!! and the table is lovely!!
Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face!! Everyone is wondering what I've been up to :^)

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I love it! and the red tulips are a very nice change from roses! (your poem was nice too :)

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Kathleen, your table is so pretty and I really like those plates. That poem had me sitting here giggling. Also, you should be very proud of yourself, looks like you got a long time Lurker out to play with us. LOL.
And welcome, Wanda. Its great you joined in here.

hugs, Karen

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Kathleen, I always love your sense of humor--and you truly are multi-talented! What neat placemats, I love those. Everything looks very festive, and I really love your plates.

Wanda, why have you just been lurking all this time? Can't you tell we are a friendly bunch? Just hop right on in here anytime and join in--we'd love hearing your comments.


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Pretty the flowers, the cut tablecloth & the TJMaxx dishes! Everything looks very V-tine-ie! Lovely! Great rhymes to go with the festive table! Love TS'ing, too...looks like you got some great bargains! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Lovely,I already loved the red color.Now I love it more.I also have a link to share
Its a tulip table link that I came across while I was looking for one on the internet.Hope that helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Regency Shop Tulip Table

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It amazes me that the Spammers will search out one of our old posts so they can add their link to it! LOL

Oh well, it was nice seeing Kathleen's pretty red/white table again--and her original poem! LOL


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Thanks, Luvs! I was wondering how this got bumped up!

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