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lodaladyJanuary 14, 2013

I searched the many posts, but most are outdated. We have Great Lakes hand scraped oak floors, approx. three yrs old. The floor has an aluminum oxide finish. Unfamiliar with hard wood, I'm only hand mopped and waxed. The wax was Quik Shine from WalMart, OOPS! Last week, the dog made a mess that required a deep cleaning. Everything, EVERYTHING, has gone down hill since then. I made a special trip to town and purchased the Bona products and now I have a film. What the heck? Now what should I do? I bought the cleaner and the polish. I'm now searching online for the Shark as I am getting desperate! Any suggestions or ideas?I've been on my knees more than standing this weekend, and I'm too old for that!

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I think you need to remove the Quik Shine. An ammonia solution should do it.

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I think you are right about removing the Quik Shine. In shear despiration, I went to WalMart and bought a Shark. I don't plan on using it all that often, and I will turn on the ceiling fans when I do, but will it remove wax?

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I love my Shark steam mop, which I use mostly on tile. My new one, however, has a very wide head and allows you to regulate the steam, so I do use it on wood occasionally with lower steam. You may need to use it 2 or 3x to get off the Quick Shine, which I'm not familiar with.

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Call the people who installed your floors. They should provide advice, and maintenance program from there. Ours is 16 months old, not nearly as nice a wood as yours, but site-finished white oak nontheless. They recommended Bona, and told me if if I used Murphy's mop (for example), that it would react with the wood sealer and make a big gummy mess if we ever wanted to have floors polished or re-done in future decades. FYI Good luck!!

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