Tub Reglazing-Anyone do it?

claudia_2010March 11, 2011


I am in a pickle. I am all ready for my bathroom reno when I got a letter from board saying that to replace my tub, the piping underneath tub needs to be replaced and can only be accessed from below. They would have to break the ceiling and part of the wall of the bathroom of the apt below. I first would need permission, and then need to demo and repair and retile their bathroom.

(WTF!) The couple below use apt as pied-a-terre and won't even be back to ask till June. Can not wait---contractor starting end of month. (anyhow, don't think I'd get permission and can not even fathom what that would add to cost.

My whole reason for the reno in the first place is dark glossy gray Kohler fixtures that I've always hated. So...my choice is just leave tub as is, or reglaze white. Reglazing---I'm afraid of hot steamy showers in toxic fumes, and also afraid of a cheesy outcome.

Leaving as is--don't know how good it would look with my limestone/marble tile though there are gray streaks in them.

Any advice?? Thanks!!!

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I had my tub reglazed a few months ago and it looks great. More importantly, I used a company recommended by a friend who has used them several times over the years in various homes, so I'm confident that the reglazing job will last for quite a while.

I live in the NYC area. The cost was $350. It took them a few hours. I wish I had known enough to plan to be out of the house for the day, because the fumes were really bad for the day. But once the tub dried it was fine. Absolutely no more fumes.

And I swear, you'd never know it used to be a hideous mint green. It just looks like a white tub. So much less trouble, expense and mess than replacing it.

I was warned that every once in a while, there's a problem and the glaze doesn't take quite right, but that, at least with the company I used, there's no problem getting them to come fix it and that the problem is entirely fixable.

So yes, I'd say if you can find a recommendation for a reputable company, it's an excellent option.

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Hi Marcia, Thank you for the info. I am in NYC as well. Would you please give me the name of the company? Do you have a photo? Thanks. Claudia

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We also had dark gray Kohler tub/pedestal sink/bidet in our 20 year old bathroom. The sink had to go for a vanity, the bidet for a shower. The question was what to do with the huge jacuzzi tub. Since it seemed a waste to cut out a perfectly looking and functioning tub, plus would have been a huge amount of $$$ to replace it we left it in there. I thought about reglazing, too, but was afraid that if it did not turn out to be perfect, I would always regret it. And now I am so glad that we kept it. It really blends in with our choice of tiling. We had black marble floor and side wall, and added a carrara marble tiling behind shower. The toilet is now white and the vanity, too.

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thank you-my neighbor is not giving me permission, so that will be my choice, keep dark gray or glaze. I also am thinking that changing the toiled and vanity will help lighten up the joint. I just think it looks like a coffin!! But am too afraid of glazing. Thanks for your input

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Hi Claudia,
I would not hesitate to glaze it. I reglazed a tub a number of years ago and loved the outcome. It was not cheap. I used the tub for a number of years with no regret. Just be sure to get a number of references from the service provider to make sure you get a quality job.

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Our tub (which is also our main bath/shower and used every day) was reglazed about 4 years ago, and it still looks like new.

They had a huge tube vent that they used to take the fumes to the outside. The installer used a respirator and a suit.

You just have to be careful and not use suction cup mats and only use certain types of cleaners (we use Scrubbing Bubbles), and they told me don't use hair dye.

I would not hesitate to do it again either.

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Hi SouthergalinNYC, I am in NYC as well. Can you refer me to your glazer?

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My glazing lasted about one week before it started to peel. I used someone from the NYC area, I will try to come up with their name.

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yikes! thanks

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modern life interiors

Count me in. I also need the name of a good bathtub reglazer. Another person from nyc. I also need the name of the bad guy so I don't call him..LOL

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We had our tub and the pink wall tiles done in Atlanta. It looked great and the tub held up for 10 years until we recently gutted that bathroom. The walls had chipped a little bit around the air vent and from the metal trash can hitting it (should have had a natural fiber one instead). I say go for it. We had no regrets.

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I had a tub reglazed many years ago. It looked great and lasted for years. You do have to be careful of not dropping things (like a wrench, not a shampoo bottle)because it can chip. It is also a bit more slippery to stand in, but maybe they can now make a textured bottom. I just replaced that tub but it looked pretty good for 20 years. I used Perma-Ceram. Not sure if that company is still around.

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Yes, we had our harvest-gold tub turned to white last November. 5 months, so far so good. A co-worker of mine had his done 2 years ago and has had to have the guys back twice to redo it, starting just 3 months after the first attempt. Were his guys idiots? Is his tub magically impossible? Who knows. It seemed to me (from articles and reviews on the web) that a national franchise will reliably do an acceptable job; an independent could be better, or much much worse. So we went with what seemed a reliably adequate chain (Miracle Method) and, like I said, so far so good. Looks fantastic, like a fully white tub, cleaning's been easy so far and it's still unchipped, unscratched, and unstained.

I'd say, just do it, unless you can convince yourself that the grey fixtures are really going to look as good as you want them to in your new design.

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We had our (also mint-green; I guess that was A Big Thing once) tub reglazed. It is glossy polyurethane similar to auto paint.

What differentiates a good job from a bad one is the prep. In painting, whether it is your house, your walls, a cabinet, or a tub, prep is EVERYTHING.

Pay attention to what the installer tells you about care afterwards. All paints, but especially this type, need a full 30 days to cure. Treat them with special care during this period. When he tells you to treat nicks IMMEDIATELY, he means exactly that. Allowing water to get in through a nick will lift the paint right off.

We had ours done in 2003. It is in perfect condition and I expect with minimal care it will remain that way until we go to sell the house in 10 yrs, and possibly be fine even after that.

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I live in NYC too & I'm also looking for someone who can do a good job with tub reglazing. I had it done & it's peeling all over. Please help!


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Have you asked your plumber? A good plumber could re-do the waster plumbing WITHOUT access from below -- its done all the time. I live in NJ and have used Gateway plumbing lots -- I know they have an NYC office as well. They are doing my master bath now and did my daughter's upstairs bath -- never had to open the ceiling below.

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I did mine almost 10 years ago with a kit from Lowes. Still looks great.

You MUST follow the directions. NOTHING is more important than cleaning. The surface must be absolutely clean and scuffed up (palm sander). It also must be absolutely dry. Dry to the touch isn't good enough. There will be moisture trapped in the surface pores. Let it dry at least 24 hours.

I also did maintenance for an apartment company and had no problems except when the tenants refused to allow the coating enough time to cure.

Here is a link that might be useful: tub reglazing

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