GE Slide-In Induction Install Issue - Thanks for Heads Up

AnnaAMarch 15, 2012

Countertops were templated today, and the laser measuring guy was baffled by the construction of the GE slide in induction range. He described all the elements that made it function more like a free standing oven. He called his tech guys to see if anyone has measured around this thing.

I immediately went to the thread on this oven, originally asking about how people liked its function. But lots of pictures as you have all worked around its inability to slide into the standard slot and how you worked your countertops around its sides and back. HE LOVED THE VISUALS and explanations.

Meanwhile, I was already prepared to accept that it would stick out a bit more than I expected. We shaved about 3/4 inch off by slicing the quartz backsplash a bit thinner than typical.

Thank you everyone for great information! I'll post pics after install.

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Cool. Glad that thread helped you out.
Did he leave a 30" wide counter-top strip that would be behind the cooking surface (like other slide-ins), or not (like free-standing ovens)?

When the counter/backsplash and over all done being installed, please post some pics in the main GE Induction thread below.

As you can see in this pic, saltimbocca did leave a small counter-top strip behind the cooking surface. But without one, the range would be more recessed into the counter and cabinets (which I think is the correct way)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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He and the GC thought it best to push it up against the backsplash, treating it like a free standing oven. I was hoping for that slide-in look with a bit of counter behind the oven, but sacrificed it for a bit less hanging out.

Yes, will post pics and this original message in the original thread once installed.


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Ok. When my kitchen remodel was done in 2006, I already had new free-standing range from a couple years before, so the granite counter top and backsplash was made to fit a standard 30" free-standing range. I know that on the Electrolux Induction slide-in that you need that counter-strip on the back, or buy their "filler strip". But on this GE Induction slide-in, it doesn't need it, and sort of has it with that stainless oven vent in the rear.

How much did you pay for yours?

I'm still waiting to see if any local dealers will have get one on display before I buy one (which wouldn't be until later this year - or next year).

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That was the consensus today - that the back vent, since it is level / straight as it sits against a wall, precludes the need for a filler bar.

During the new year appliance sale frenzy in stores and online, HD price matched it for 2240 with an online vendor, @ 500 cheaper than anyone else, and $800 cheaper than what hd was offering. They just verified that the company would ship to my state without adding more to the cost, and away I went with a deal. Will be another 2 weeks until it gets plugged in and taken for a test ride.

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The lowest price I've seen it for was $2199 on the Sears web site in Nov-Dec. On occasion they still place it on sale in the $2300 range. I wouldn't get it from Sears because their extended warranties are way to expensive. The store I buy from in FL (BrandsMart) does price match and has more reasonable prices for extended warranties. Though would still like to see it in person first.

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Just wanted to check back. Has everything been install, or still waiting?

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Thanks for asking fauguy.

The installer called me the next day (after templating) and recommended that we initially plan on just pushing the stove up against the back pony wall so we can see how much of it will stick out. From there we can decide if we like it or want to install a bar behind the stove, letting it jut out a few more inches. He went back and dug up Internet pictures and called a few people, and thought this might be a safer way to go. No extra charge if we decide to install a counter strip on a second trip.

Meanwhile, my GC is installing a metal plate behind the oven as we're concerned about the steam blowing on a backsplash.

Install is this Thursday so we'll see how it goes. Will definitely post pictures. A bit concerned that the initial plan might look tacky. We'll see.

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I have granite counter and full backsplash as well, but our current GE Profile free standing range's control panel cover-up alot of that backsplash. That is why if we replace it with induction, I was looking to get a slide in model so more of the backsplash would be visible. I hadn't thought about needing a metal strip or something back there for steam?

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I left a strip of counter behind mine (photo above) when I first got it as I just slid it into the existing space. I have since removed that strip and moved it back flush to the wall. It looks better that way.

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Would you be able to post a picture of how it looks without the rear strip on the main thread that has your other pictures?

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Yes, I'll post some pictures Thursday night after counter install. I don't think I've posted any pictures here of the space yet, but will put it in this thread.

Saltimbocca - very interesting to hear that your stove looks better without the bar, just pushed up against the counter. Your 1st pic looked very promising from the back, but I realize it's the front protrusion as well.

I expect my countertop will overhang a bit, and I don't like the idea of steam constantly traveling under that ridge. I will be curious to see if my GC comes up with an attractive way to deflect the steam away via the metal sheet he's placing back there.

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That last post of mine was actually for Saltimbocca as they've removed the rear strip on the counter top. Any pics are it are welcome - the more the better.

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fauguy - new pics posted on the other thread.

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