HELP!!! I'm about to give up!! Need a 60x30 tub.

lisaj1354March 5, 2013

I'm about to cry. Seriously!

I am about to finalize my tub choice and found out that I am practically down to millimeters...

I can only have a tub 30 inches wide. Code is that the tub can't be closer than 15 inches from the center of the toilet. Anything more than a 30 inch tub will have the toilet sitting in the middle of a doorway!!

And it can't be too deep because it will throw off the proportion of the bathroom terribly - which makes me sad.

I'm not looking for cast iron - they have to carry it up 3 flights of stairs. I am looking for something that while short in stature, has the maximum soaking depth possible.

And hopefully not pricey.

Can any of you lovely people help me find a tub? PLEASE????

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I just did a very quick search on efaucets and 30x60 seems to be a very standard size, so I'm not sure why you're having trouble.

There were at least a few dozen 30x60's.

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We ordered an MTI whirlpool airbath combo tub from and in the process found a very knowledgeable and helpful person named Koren who patiently answered our many questions. I'm not affiliated with the site but, since we had such a positive buying experience, I do recommend them. Their site is very easy to search by size and it has quite a few 60 x 30 tubs.

Here is a link that might be useful: The tubzlady website

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Sterling tubs, available at lowes among others, come in that size and are very affordable. Ours has been in for a year and we love it! It's also deep. We never realized our old tub was not very deep until this went in. We kept joking we'd need a step stool, we laughed every time we carefully stepped in for at least a week.

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