Cleaning fireplace castings

fenestrationmanJanuary 18, 2010

I have an older home that has 4 coal burning fireplaces that have been sealed off. Covering all of the fireboxes are heavy ornate casted plates(my guess is that they heated up from the fire and help heat the rooms). They appear to be of either brass or bronze.

My question is. What can I use to clean the tarnish off of these to try to bring out the detail in these.

I belive that they are original to the house circa 1889.

Thank you in advance for any feed back/remedies.

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If I were you, I would post this on the Old House forum.

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Use Lime-Away. This takes years of tarnish off copper, brass, or bronze in seconds.

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Thanks to both. I did list the question under the old house forum.
Is lime away available at grocers or home centers?
Thanks again.

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Lime-away is available at grocery stores--usually along with the bathroom and kitchen cleaners.
Before you clean the firebacks, consult with a local museum or house restoration firm. You need to know what the metal is before you put anything on it.
You may be dealing with soot build-up, in which case a good brushing with a stiff plastic brush will bring out the detail (and make a mess, so spread plastic sheets and wear a face mask and goggles. Believe me, I know!)

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