It's February 2014, how is your build? Part 3

mommytotyFebruary 21, 2014

Wow, we are on Part 3! Lots of activity this month, which is great!

Thought I would share some of our paint selections :)

Bali for Master Bath:

Edgecomb Gray as our neutral throughout the house (and one of our doors off to the side--LOVE!):

Sporty Blue for son's room:

Palm Coast Teal (3 walls) and Feel the Energy (1) wall for daughter's room (talk about bright!!) :)

Wythe Blue for office:

Sea Salt for Great Room and Kitchen:

And here is a pic of the beams that are being installed off our ridge beam in the Great Room (all will be painted white):

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Great minds think a like I guess with starting the thread :)

Can anyone tell me how to put those Powerpoint pictures in here? I tried to load the whole thing but it doesn't work so I am guessing you convert each slide but how does that happen?

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MFatt16 - Just an FYI .... you can ask GW to remove your thread in total so no one gets confused which is the active thread. Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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MFatt, re the power point pics.
I save the power point file as a pptx, which is the normal file extension, Then I go to File, save as pictures....and it saves each slide as a separate page# as a jpg.
It's the jpg that you can upload here.
So you click on the browse, then open the "presentation file x, slide #?" and click on it to display your slide. Or upload to photobucket or Pinterest or whatever web addy you use to insert it into your posts here.
hope this makes sense

Carol, (Ontario), the elements on my board are a soapstone slab, the Cristallo white slab which is a natural quartzite, not a man-made quartz composite slab; and the natural marble and azul blue stone backsplash by Jeffrey Court. There is no grey tile. There are two paint colors, which are so close as to be almost indistinguishable.
When I first started looking at lighting I posted a slide with my lighting choices for the house on the Home Decorating Forum, and honestly got a bit more feedback than I was comfortable with. But it's all good...made me rethink some of my choices.
I still haven't made decisions on the sconces for the main stairs.

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Thanks! I am not quite ready to expose them to public critique but I want to be ready to, LOL.

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Hi all! I haven't checked in in a while because, well it's been slow. After sitting undisturbed for a couple of weeks, the slab was finally poured yesterday.

You can tell in the picture it was pretty overcast when they poured yesterday morning. The rain held off for a couple of hours then it started drizzling, then it started raining pretty hard for about an hour. My husband drove by that evening after the rain had stopped and the workers were brushing the water off the concrete. Does anyone know if it's a problem that it rained so soon after foundation was poured?

I went by today and it looks smooth with no standing water. I couldn't detect any pitting but I don't know what I'd be looking for anyway, to be honest. Just hoping for no problems. Forecast is sunny and cool in the 70s this weekend and framing is scheduled to start Monday. So happy to be making progress.

Can't wait to catch up on everyone's homes now!

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We went to pick out granite today at the main warehouse, and man, what a long day!
We picked the following for our master bathroom, to coordinate with the marble tile we are using for a beautiful design in our master shower.

Below is Option 1 for the kitchen: Surf Green Granite

Option 2: Forgot the name, it is a "verde" quartzite with AMAZING sparkle and movement. The pictures don't do it justice, it just sparkles...

Any thoughts/input on the kitchen selections? Our kitchen cabinets are antique white and the island is a creamy light green, hence trying to pull green through the granite selections.

Input, help, thoughts???

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Lori, Thanks for the details on what you are doing for the drapes and rods. Very interesting and different idea. Have never seen something like that. Please do post pictures when you have them. Budget is a concern and I need to see if I can buy pre-made drapes at least to start with.

Mommytoty, Great paint colors. Love the sporty blue and we may do something similar in my son's room.

Aprilh, Not sure on the rain and concrete pouring. Hope everything will be fine. Once framing starts things will be moving fast until the drywall stage.

Uponthe hill, The master bath selection is great. I love the "verde quartzite" is just beautiful. What are your cabinet colors/stains? I like the option 1 also but love the Verde.

Cabinets were delivered today but no pictures as they were totally boxed up and DH did not want to open until we were ready to install :(. Killing me not to see them.

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Hilltop - love your MB choices and I like slab #1. No real explanation as to why.

LoriB - the natural wood in your house is beautiful.

Aprilh - good to see things are underway. Our slab was also rained on. No one but us seemed to be worried and all seems to be ok.

Mlweaving - I have to repeatedly remind myself that "thou shalt not covet" when I look at your house under all those shade

Bluemoon - thanks for the picture, looks like y'all are thawing a bit.

Akshars & Autumn4 - the entire world (oh ok maybe just me) is dying to see cabinet pics!

Mfatt - how can you have windows in already? My peeps won't put ours in until the roof is fully covered. Is this a "it depends on your builder thing?" They did put one in under the already covered porch.

It's slow going but it's at least going. They are putting OSB on everything, or so it appears before finishing the roof and they framed in the upstairs bonus room before closing it in and losing that daylight. We have to make a window decision. We have a vaulted ceiling in the LR and the plans had a plant ledge along one wall. I had asked that it be removed because I am not a planter and I thought it would just be a place to collect dust. Well, it turns out that the second story window in the LR has to have the plant ledge for support or it can't be in the middle of the gabled exterior portion on the front of the house. So, we could have no plant ledge and no window up there or we can have our window and just move it over so that it's off-center or we can have it in the middle if we keep the plant ledge. Ugh! At least we have the weekend to figure it out. Got a couple pics earlier. I all of a sudden can't add pictures to my photobucket. Operator error I'm sure.

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My one window that's been put in.. :)

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Thought I'd post a before and after. This is a picture of our floors when we first started...

After being cut into rough lumber we took them to the kiln to be dried and cut/milled into hardwood flooring. I had the boards sawed into 3, 4 and 5 inch widths. I cut the saw logs into 12' lengths, so we had lots of long boards to lay into the floor. I had them keep as many knots as possible...

Here is where we are right now... one more coat of finish to go and we'll be done.

Keep at it and good luck all...


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It's snowing.

It's still snowing.

It snowed.

And my wife thought they'd fall off in the snow.

Lonely bunny tracks through the vineyard.

House from the driveway, looking over vineyard.


Making my pregnant wife do all the work.

Flooring is dusty work.

Saftgeek, the flooring looks great! We're using a bunch of rough walnut I found air dried for over 20 years in my grandpa's shed.

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Lori, your house is looking great. Love the colors, especially your daughters room!
Saftgeek, what an amazing floor. Just beautiful.
JDez, thanks. Come summer though my only solution to the heat and humidity is to be outta here!

Upon, do you have cabinet door samples in your chosen colors that you can take to the stoneyard to look at with the stone. Not just a 4" sample but a whole door, even if it's a different door style? That will probably answer your question for you. We took both our custom blue door sample with us and the marshmallow white cabinet door from the KD showroom, and automatically some stones we thought were gorgeous were bopped out because the tones didn't work well with the cabinet colors. Both stones you've picked above are beautiful. The greener one, the first one, may or may not work with your green cabinets and you won't know until you put the cabinet sample next to it.
The second one is gorgeous too. We ended up choosing a Cristallo White quartzite last week, and the sparkle will take your breath away, and you're right, it doesn't photograph well. But it is a very cool white. If your white cabinets are very creamy they may or may not work iwth the quartzite.
What brand of cabinet are you going with? I don't remember if you've said.

OK, off to my all day workshop in HiltonHead. Have a great Saturday everyone.

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A suggestion to all of you who are getting cabinets delivered. Most everyone sounds like that they don't want to unwrap or unbox the cabinets until they start installing. At least open one piece to make sure that it's the correct door style and color. This way if it's wrong you can start to get the problem resolved right away instead of having the install of them delayed because of the problem discovered later. I would also make sure that you're not missing any either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Feb 2014 part II

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LAwPAW- So pretty! Congrats on the incoming baby! :)

Soliciting help or a weigh in on my window issue that I posted a separate thread about- please , and thank you!

Grrr on more winter. I see several days in a row next week with temps around 10 degrees.

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@JDez, it might be a weather related thing. Our really cold snap is over but it also may be a preference thing. Our windows aren't really sealed in permanently yet, just set. I asked about caulking and GC said they don't seal the windows until the roof is on so different strokes I suppose.

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We passed the final inspections last week and are moving in!

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Saftgeek- What's your main interior paint color? You have probably said it before but I missed it :)

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congrats, jrldh! Good luck with the move!

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Yay, jrldh!!!!! That is so exciting. Another one bites the dust :)

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We have drywall! I finally have some pics to share. The drywall is hung, and the first round of taping and mudding is done.

Looking in the front door, through the foyer to the living room:

Living Room:

Looking through the house from the living room to the dining room and kitchen:

The kitchen. The sink goes under the big window on the left; the range goes between the two smaller windows:

The basement stairwell. You can see the angled window returns, which I designed to reduce the tunnel effect of the thick ICF walls.

Opening to the master shower:

It sure makes a big difference in the feel of the house! Just FIY, the ceilings are 9' 6"; the tops of the windows are 8'. The plywood on the kitchen ceiling is to nail the tin panels to.

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Marji- Thanks, we do not have full door samples. We made all selections EXCEPT for the kitchen and our builder is going to order extra doors for another job and we can take those with us in a couple weeks.
I completely agree and was rather distressed trying to use a tiny cabinet sample! Thanks for the great advice, as always!

Mush - WOW! Look at that sheetrock, just lovely! When did you guys break ground? So, does the sheetrock help the space feel larger to you?

JRLDH- Congratulations!!

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Jdez, meant to say earlier that "if it were me" I'd be inclined to center the window, even if it means a shelf you're not liking.
IMHO, an off centre window will forever give you balance problems and furniture arranging challenges, and no window would simply be unacceptable.
We have dormers just to bring natural light into our living room and entry, because the wrap around porch obscures so much light. I've never loved vaulted ceilings, and swore I'd never have one, but the alternative of a dark house is more onerous than the vaulted ceiling.

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Thanks for the congratulations! That's very nice :) !!!

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Mushcreek - wow! You accomplished a lot this winter. I love your window design.

Mfatt - I got the scoop on the window situation. Our builder doesn't trust his guys not to drop anything or stick a board through a window, so no windows until the roof is on.

Mlweaving - I am in complete agreement on the window. That gable would look ridiculous without a window from the outside and we would lose light from the inside. We are just trying to figure out cost issues now because there were some things that were not initially built that will now cost more to add. We can still have a window up there without the plant ledge but it won't be in the center of the gabled area, it would be right of center if you are looking at it from the outside. I'll attach a pic so you can see the window I'm talking about.

LawPaw - I love your outside pictures. Your driveway is so pretty.

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I'd live with the plant ledge in order to keep it centered.
If you move it over enough to center on the front door your gable will look extremely odd. If you move it over only slightly to avoid a support indoors it will really mar your exterior balance.
I honestly don't think you have a choice.

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Mlweaving - Thanks. I was hoping to get my way but it appears that I will have to relent this time. I just didn't want that plant ledge. Well, maybe I will learn to like it.

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JDez- I am glad to hear its just personal preference on your windows. My GC and his partner do nearly all the work themselves at this point so they trust themselves I guess. They have a few worker bees but so far no major mistakes. As far as the plant ledge, I would just leave it empty and dust a lot. Its far easier to dust an empty ledge from down below.

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@Maggie: Thanks for posting your lighting choices. You have done well. Love that you got the dining room chandy for so much cheaper than your original inspiration.

@mlweaving_Marji: Thanks for clarifying your choices in terms of counters, tile etc. They are simply gorgeous. I will keep those choices in mind as I am selecting tile and bath counters now (usually the names we use in Canada don't match up though). I will look for your home decorating forum lighting post for more inspiration. I appreciate your tutorial on using PowerPoint for mood boards.

@MushCreek: Way to go on the drywall. I believe you are also a DIY so I can only imagine how much labour you have put into drywall. We are not quite ready for drywall here, but DH will be doing ours too. I am going to show those basement window pictures to DH as we have ICF on our basement level too and would love to avoid the tunnel effect too.

@JDez: I am not an expert, but I would want a centered window and keep the shelf. You would not have to put plants on it (you could put a good quality fake plant or another decorative item on it).

@Mommytoty: Love those colours. I can't wait to see all your choices come together. I like the same colours you do.

@Saftgeek: Congratulations on finishing and completing such a huge project yourself!!!

We are trying to choose our ceramic tile. That is also a challenging choice. Still have not finished up the lighting choices nor the drawer heights.

Sorry to my American friends, but it seems our boys and girls have stolen the Olympic hockey medals from your players. LOL.


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Love all the posts, pics, and terrific advice. We're just starting, no pics yet.

Bluemoon_1, where are you located? We're in MD, with crazy snow, then rain for days, then freezing temps. We haven't been told about waiting to pour driveway next year, so I'm worried that we should.

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Our build is slowly moving along, but things are finally happening. Cabinets got installed last week, tile starts next Thursday and counter tops on March 3rd. Can't wait for that.

We found out two days ago when they went to fabricate our counters that one of the quartz slabs we ordered was sent to someone else and that Ceasarstone sent us the wrong slab and color. So our two slabs do not match and the receiver at the fabricators didn't notice last month when they were received. It is now too late to order another as no slabs in our color are available till mid April. Which in the end turns out it was a blessing as for the last couple of weeks I've been kind of regretting my counter choice and was wishing I would of picked Super White instead. Well guess who just picked out Super White Extra for their new counters? Me, yay!!! I'm so excited, lol.

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@Ontariomom- We are mostly DIY, but decided to hire out the drywall. They accomplished what you see in 2 days- would have taken me months. It really gives the project a major boost; we can start to focus on the fun stuff now!

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I just love checking in with this thread -- everyone is making such great progress... except for me, LOL.

@xc60 -- your kitchen is AMAZING! Love it so much!~

@LawPaw - is that your driveway? WOW!

Went to the local builders' association annual home and garden show yesterday, and I'm glad I did. Was able to get some special discount coupons only given to home show attendees that will give me a nice discount off of stuff I was already planning to buy. Cha Ching!

I've been through four banks so far for our loan. 4th time is a charm. Should close loan in a couple of weeks. The financing stuff has been dragggggggggging on. I kept cancelling banks because they were overcharging us as owner-builders. I'd rather be a couple months behind schedule, because my closing costs are $8K less than the first bank. Silly origination fees!

In other news, I just bought my double oven. I guess that will sit in the middle of my living room floor, LOL



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peony23 -We are in SE Wisconsin- the builder has told us several times to wait a full winter before we pour our driveway (cement-not blacktop)- he said the frost-thaw will result in additional settling and if we install it yet this year we could run the risk of having issues.

jrldh -congratulations- how awesome for you!!

MushCreek-tin panels!! cool! cant wait to see photos when they are installed-great idea.

saftgeek-your floors are beautiful- the story of where they came from make it even better!!

We are patiently waiting for our basement walls to cure. meanwhile I'm officially overwhelmed with all the choices! I manage detailed projects for my job and this house building thing is kicking my butt!

When I picked out my cabinets I second guessed my paint and when I picked out my tile I second guessed my cabinet color---picking out my lighting made me change the plumbing keeps going in a viscous circle!!

Some of our choices are due to the PM in a few weeks -it might as well be all of them because they all work off of each other...yikes!! Breathe in breathe out...breathe in breathe out...

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I hear you bluemoon on every decision impacting on another and making you rethink decisions you thought you had already made.

I am now rethinking the off-white colour for my kitchen and great room built ins. I am going to go to the Ben Moore paint store and see what off white colour they recommend. Most of my house is cool tones (greys, blues, etc). The kitchen does have some warmer colours (i.e. island is a dark stained brown).

How did the rest of you solve the white cabinet debate assuming you had them custom painted?


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Well is sure doesn't take long to get behind!

We are now chanting 60 days, 60 days, oh would that be wonderful! The electricians came on Friday and put the plugs and switches in so we have light. It is so helpful, love it! I was able to get the upstairs trim sanded, walls sanded (rough spots after priming due to over sanding by drywall mudders, don't get me started, but at least it's not a difficult job). Dh finished trimming all windows and cement board down in all areas that will have tile. I think he's going to tile the boys bath TOMORROW! YES! Irritated that now with my job sitch I can't take tomorrow and Tuesday off to help as I had planned. Oh well. Things are on the move and it's a great feeling.

jdez-I'm with you on the plant shelf - annoying but if you've gotta have it you've gotta. I have no idea why I dislike them so much but yeah, they are kinda strange or unnecessary? Love the progress pics!

aries-yes, we did unwrap or sorta pull the wrap out to see the cabs to make sure they were right, they are but good call on that one. At this point I think I'd have a meltdown if they weren't. I am at the point with everything coming all at once - or should I say all of my work coming all at once? :D

upon-well my very first thought was you posted 3 pics of the quartzite and only one of the other which made me think you clearly like #2. I think they are both beautiful but oh do I like a little bit of shimmer so I'll vote #2.

mommy-Love your paint (esp the master, love it), even the bright colors for your daughter. :)

saftgeek-those floors. They are so beautiful. I keep looking at them....

mushcreek-you have come so far! It looks great! Love your cool shower opening!

bluemoon-yep, I think most of us can relate to the chain reaction choice change. :/ We did make a change to the shingles at the last minute (as in the day we ordered) and I am so GLAD! It really looks good and the other selection would definitely no have!

jrldh-ohhhhh yay! So let us know how long it takes for you to get 'settled'!

carsonheim-can't wait for you to get started!

xc60-love your kitchen and your superwhite!

illini-can you believe that weather on Friday? NUTS! This week is going to be so cold again. I am over it so over it. I think Alaska is warmer right now. :(

carol-did you choose? I need to choose grout for the slate tile. Thankful I at least already chose it for the master and laundry. That seemed easier since it doesn't have so many colors in it like the slate.

Back to job searching, had to pop in and check the action. ;)

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Autumn: Wow 60 days. Good job. Seems the DIY part of your work is going fast for DIY -- good for you and your DH.

We chose some of the tiles. I think I need to find something better for the ensuite shower. We went to two mega tiles stores this weekend in Toronto. Lots of choice which was good. I will go this week to the counter place and see if I can match up tiles with counters. I will then post pictures of my finalists after selecting the counters for the baths.


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OntarioMom, we painted our trim and our kitchen cabinets the same color. To the naked eye it's just white, but on a color card is a few shades softer than pure white. it's called "Delicate white" by PPG.

but then again, i refused to carry white flowers on my wedding day with my white dress because one white would be whiter than the other and the "less white" would look dirty. so maybe i just have issues. :)

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jrldh - So exciting!! You are moving in and we are just getting started! It seems so far away for us.

Mush - Drywall! I bet you can really start to envision your house now. I love your shower entrance.

xc60 - Your new counter choice looks FAB! I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. I am still far away from making my counter choices but I am leaning more towards white/gray with our white cabinets.

carson - Great news about the loan! Enjoy your new oven!

bluemoon - I totally hear you! I am feeling so overwhelmed with all of the choices I have made and have yet to make. Now I am starting to wonder why we went with a custom home. The closer we get to starting the more I don’t even want to think about it!

We are supposed to start our build the first week of March. For some reason I am SOOOOOO nervous. Is this normal? First of all, I am 3 states away. I will be there by the middle of the build when the finishing choices need to be made but I am just scared I’ll make the wrong choice over the phone or internet. Good thing I trust my builder. I’ve seen his personal home and the homes he built that won the People’s Choice awards for the Parade of Homes. Most of them are my style so I don’t know why I am even worrying. Just tell me I’m normal and I will be happy. lol! :)

We are flying to Utah this weekend to meet with some of our reps before the build officially starts. Wish me luck! I am already changing out most of my flooring choices. Haha! We have decided to go with Wood Porcelain Tile in the kitchen and dining area. I’m super excited for that!! I’ve seen it in person and it is wonderful.

Robyn in Oklahoma soon to be Utah!

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Wow the thread is moving fast  but glad to see all the activity.

Aries61, I think you have good point about checking the cabinet for the door style and paint/stain choice. I have not yet done it but will check tomorrow. The builder has started locking the house and I did not realize this until I went to check the cabinets today.

Jrldh, Congratulations. How exciting after all the work you put in. Good luck with the move.

Mushcreek, Drywall is looking good and impressed it took them only two days.

Saftgeek, Love your floor. So glad you use them and that is a great story to tell. Looks like you are almost done? When is your move in date?

Lawpaw, Your driveway looks beautiful with the snow. So great that you are able use the walnut from your grandpa’s shed.

Jdez, I am not an expert on the window/plant shelf but I would want a window and it to be centered if possible (I like symmetry) .

Bluemoon_1, I hear you on the choices. I have been trying to knock room by room and not go back and change stuff if possible. I tend to over think so trying to avoid it. Kitchen choices were the toughest though and the open concept makes this decision even more crucial in our case.

Peony_23, welcome and good luck with the build.

XC60, kitchen is looking great and the super white counter top will be lovely.

Carol (OntarioMom), for the tile selection for the bathrooms what helped me was finding one tile or accent tile that I loved and matching the other pieces from that.

Autumn4, Yay! 60 days will be great. We are supposed to get an approximate move in date next week. Looks like you and your DH are making great progress.

On our front tile and trim work is going on slowly. We got a surprise on the trim. For some reason I missed that window trim was not included in the contract (only the window sills were included) so now we have to pay unexpected extra for the window trim . Not sure how much yet. We are supposed to get an amount on Monday. A little mad at myself for missing it.

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robynstamps , Yes what you are feeling is normal (at least for me). I was similarly excited and nervous at the same time. I still feel nervousness when a major decision we made is going to be installed/built. Right now I am nervously hoping the kitchen comes together as I have hoped :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I guess I didn’t realize I posted the 150th post in the last thread :0) I should have started the next one.

Mommytoty ~ you have your very own Sweet Tart room too!!! I truly love my dd’s room. It makes me happy :0) I know we’ll be repainting it several years down the road, but that’s ok…
Love all your selections. I kinda wish my décor would have let me do a soft green like your Bali. I especially like that! I can’t afford to change all the decorations tho :o(

Oh how I love that beam…are you sure you can’t leave it wood? I love the contrast.

MFatt ~ public critique?? Come on, it’s just us… (and the entire internet) no biggie! LOL

April ~ good to see some progress! I think your slab should be fine…but I’m not an expert

Hilltop ~ I love the Surf Green! Sparkle in the other is pretty cool but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t find myself trying to “clean” off those spots by mistake.

JDez ~ thanks for the compliments on natural wood. I really love it. I’m still having a love affair with my doors. I should probably share the love with DH soon, he’s worked very hard! Lol
I love a plant shelf (ledge) it doesn’t have to be for plants! We have one that spans our great room in our current house, and I tried to fit one in like it in this house. What I did wind up with is a small area over the back door, and the big window ledges in the gable, so I’m pretty happy.
I do agree that it’s a dust catcher, but I just sweep what I can with the extension poles and a couple times a year get the ladder out and do a good job. It kinda bugs me, but not really lol I’d go for it!! Oh, and usually what I put up there, if I can I use sticky tack, or something on the bottom so I don’t knock it all over with the sweeper poles. This house I think I’m going to try the command strips, since they come off clean.
I would have to keep it centered for my ocd … :0)

We have a cute little window like your one installed one in our loft. Dad was all kinds of tickled when we realized we had room for it on the shed dormer lol

Saftgeek ~ I’m literally swooning over your floors. What an amazing thing to be able to do!! Just awesome! I’m drooling…

LawPaw ~ and I’m swooning again, what beautiful pictures! And that floor, what an awesome find!! Cute wife :0) I def didn’t look like that while preggers. Will you be in before baby?

Illini ~ crap…we usually get whatever weather you’ve had a couple days later. I’m with you. Saturday was gorgeous here…why oh why couldn’t it just stay???

Jrldh ~ CONGRATS!!! Keep us posted and pictures!!
I’m really going to start missing people as they drop off the building track….

MushCreek ~ Yay for drywall. Isn’t it amazing, how happy that can make you? Ha…

Ontario ~ funny, I thought of you when they were talking about the hockey game.

Welcome to the chaos Peony :0)

Xc60 ~ funny how the counter top mix ups have come to be blessings in disguise. I’m a firm believer of all things happen for a reason. Lucky you! Beautiful kitchen, it will look wonderful!

Carson ~ bank stuff just sucks. Ours took forever at the beginning. Every time I thought I had everything they needed, I’d get another email…btw, we need …. Ugh. I’m dreading closing. I had a sink for a coffee table for a while, and right now there are so many boxes I’m afraid to walk thru in the dark. Welcome to the “transition” ha!!

Bluemoon ~ I’m a pro at decisions. Send me your choices, I’ll whip them out for you! :0)
Just keep swimming…

Autumn ~ I’m chanting for ya girl!! Hopefully it has worked for us. We are less than 20 days, and have so much to do!
I’m a little aggravated at the drywaller mudders too, they’ve come back a few times to patch things we had to move for one reason or another, still missed a couple spots that were there originally. Re-did d a few ceilings over the weekend and got mud all over my PAINTED walls…. Argh…..
I’m going to have soo much touch up to do, and we haven’t even moved yet. I’ve never been able to move without nicking a wall or 12.
Good luck on job search. I’m afraid I’m going to need to be doing that myself after this house is done. I love love love my job, but I work for the county, and just don’t make enough money. I know I’m between a rock & hard place though. DH is pushing me to look for something with more money, more money, but I’m just thankful to have a job, with benefits. I just don’t know what to do…

Robyn ~ Nervous is normal. Esp 3 states away!! I can’t imagine. We’re here for moral support!
So, not to be nosey, but why the move?

Akshars ~ bummer on the trim, but don’t beat yourself up for missing it. There are so many things!!!

So busy weekend… Friday eve my dad came up, with the plan to work on closet shelving. We were going to make a late night run to Lowe’s for materials so we could get a good start on Sat. As we’re wondering around the house with DH, we get to talking about the metal that still needs to go up on the kitchen ceiling. Um…hello…cabinets are scheduled for this week sometime that HAS to be done before. And, closet stuff can’t really be done until after flooring. Wow. Good Lord, I’m glad we re-routed our plan. That would have been a real bad deal. It took most of Saturday for them to get the metal down to the short rows. Several can cut outs and ceiling speakers. It looks amazing though! I just love it. (Pictures below)

Let’s see, while all that was going on, a friend of mine and I went to get the last door that was ordered wrong…oops. I thought the light switches were going on the other wall, so now I have an exterior door to sell. Crap.
We made a quick (ha!) stop at Lowe’s and then headed to the house to install outside lights and finish up the sound system b/c we had to move one of the wall pads, and cut another one in, that the electrician forgot to put a box for. Thank goodness the wires were there!! We got all my coach lights, and flood lights done. And I’ll be danged if I forgot AGAIN!!! To take outside pictures. Even as much as it made me smile to see it all lit up from the driveway. I’m losing it, y’all!

Sunday we finished the metal ceiling, and installed some lights!! I’ve got pictures, but they’re all wrapped up, b/c we still have some trim to spray once it’s done. We’re trying, probably in vain, to keep the huge amounts of dust off them.

Dad built me some shelves in the closet under the stairs, which is my media closet. Yay!! The sound system has a place!

Installing the dining room light…and yes that’s my DH that looks like grizzly Adams. He’s decided to become a part of the “Fear the Beard” club lol Thanks Duck Dynasty. Actually I kinda like it, so it’s all good.

The tractor seat light in the entry. Sorry about the plastic….I’ll have more pics after the spraying is done!!

Bar light

Metal ceiling and sink light. There’s an island light also that matches all these, but It won’t go in until the island is set.

Posts are wrapped!! Before the metal ceiling...

Sheew… I’m tired….

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I love the light fixtures! I hijacked my pendants from someone on GW but am pretty undecided about the rest.

Ok, I am ready for a little critique. I played around in PP and my paint color and granite seem to be too cool for my flooring choice which is staying. Revere Pewter and Cold Spring granite.

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Well, I can't load anymore....user error I am sure but that slide has the basics I am carrying throughout. I would've like to put the stone for the fireplace up for debate and also the bathroom tile but alas, I must head to work.

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Oh my goodness! I love your lighting Lori! I also have a vaulted Great Room so it gives me great perspective to what mine might look like. Right now we just have the cans planned.

We are moving to Utah because both sides of our families live there and we have been away for 16 years. We moved away for schooling when my first child was only 3 months old. Now we are moving back with 5 kids in tow ages 7, 9, 12, 14, & 16!! My husband is an Endodontist and will be building his practice from scratch again at the same time we are building our house. I am doing all of the decisions for this house and he is working on his practice. That is why I will be asking all of YOU so many questions!


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Lori- TRACTOR SEAT LIGHT!?!? Well, now I have to have one! Actually, I have an old hay trolley that I plan to make a light out of. Either one would go well with the antique barn door rollers that are going on the powder room door.

We're having fun collecting old stuff to use on our build. I've bought several antique lighting fixtures, including pairs of porcelain sconces for the bathroom and powder room. The kitchen drawer pulls will be old type-drawer pulls from the printing industry. I bought ten 5 panel doors which I'm going to use throughout, including as 'paneling' in the mud room area. I also have an old mantel, if we can decide where (or if) to put a fireplace. I might just use to make a faux fireplace.

Almost all of our furnishings are antique, so we don't want the house to seem new.

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Wait a minute, Are you guys making your lights? I am very intrigued.

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MFatt - I'm a cool color girl, so be warned. :) I agree that the warmth of floors and even more so your ginger cabinets don't seem to gel with the cooler selections.

I'm feeling like they're both super neutral but one is VERY warm and one is VERY cold. i've had good luck mixing cool and warm by mixing in some color (whereas you've got all neutrals), and in my last house i used a backsplash that had both warm and cool to tie together warm cabinets and counters with cool appliances and wall color (and all the textiles not shown in this photo). pic below. maybe you can find elements that tie both together?

i'm usually of the mind that picking what you like for each element will generally be a good thing, but i do agree your mood board is missing something.

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Well, I can't load anymore....user error I am sure but that slide has the basics I am carrying throughout. I would've like to put the stone for the fireplace up for debate and also the bathroom tile but alas, I must head to work.

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I don't want to mix warm and cool. I want warm definitely. Any suggestions? The stone I chose for the exterior and the interior fireplace looks cool too now I think. Hmmm. Let me see if I can post that one.

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Another piece of the puzzle. All our woodwork is stained, not painted as seems to be the trend. I am sort of a bland decorator so I am looking for input. I was planning to take a darker tone of the floor and match the cabinets and trim too that. Too matchy? Need different trim, floor, and cabinet stain?

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Lori-- Love the metal ceiling!

jrldh-- Congratulations! (He's being very modest about this milestone-- he rarely mentions it, but he has basically built his entire house himself-- while working full-time!) Hope to see some pix soon-- or maybe you're saving them for the magazine article? Not a bad idea!

Great to see all the progress here.

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MFatt - i know you're SAYING you want warm, but you've chosen an awful lot of cool, like very very cool. don't fight it. let it be. LOL the expression "warm and inviting" doesn't mean you can only incorporate warm colors to achieve an inviting space. :)

that said if you truly want warm and only warm, i'd say your fireplace stone, granite and paint need to go. i might also suggest you look at materials other than glass for your backsplash, as something with more texture would add warmth. for your stone that should be easy because it's actually harder to find cool colors from Boral than it is to find warm. check out colors like chardonnay, bucks county - almost all of their cultured stone has gold and rust tones in it.

and paint is easy too - just choose a similar color but with more red-brown or gold-brown undertones instead of the green-gray of the revere pewter. Grant Beige comes to mind as it has the same muted contemporary feel of the revere pewter, but has more warmth.

i'll let others weigh in on matching trim to cabinets with stain - it makes sense to me though!

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Thanks! I love the "don't fight it" comment. I usually gravitate towards warm but you are seeing exactly what I am, a lot of cool choices.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

MFatt ~ I think the cold part is coming from the granite… could you maybe find something with more browns instead of blacks & grays?

Well I didn’t make my fixtures, although that was my original plan. I actually had them made from a company I found on Etsy. They were awesome to work with, and they make them all the time, so I knew there would be no trial & error involved as it would be for me. I have a little exp, but it was worth the $$ to pay for them, and know they’d be awesome.

Robyn ~ Thank you! Wow, 5 kiddos!! I’m barely capable of keeping track of our one, and my step-daughter! Lol Sounds like you seriously have a full plate. We’ll be here when you need us!

MushCreek ~ yes, tractor seat light lol only me. I ran across a picture a long time ago online, and have saved it forever. When I found the people to make my other lights, I sent him the picture and he recreated it for me but even better b/c it has the barnwood canopy, and the wire from the ceiling down is wrapped in hemp rope. It’s amazing!!! I don’t think we’re supposed to share businesses on here, but if any of you want more info, email me at I’ll gladly sing their praises!!

I have always wanted to restore an old farm house…..sort of. But long ago, my dad said, let’s just plan on building you a “new/old” house. So the pictures started forming in my head. I’m not an antique collector or anything, but I am all about rustic. I heavily considered doing a faux fireplace b/c we took the real one out, and I have reclaimed barn beams to do something with! I’m still hoping we can use them on the front porch.

Maggie ~ love your colors! Well done  Awesome advice to MFatt!
Totally agree with the “don’t fight it”.

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loribug--Love your lights! I am sure they will look very cool when they are lit up. I went back and forth on whether to paint the ridge beam. Since our house is coastal-style, you generally see white woodwork (unless you have the reclaimed wood look, which we are planning to do for our fireplace mantles). Still, I was thinking the contrast could be nice and then one end of the ridge beam was damaged after delivery and they had to patch it up, so that kind of sealed the deal for painting it. I love my Bali color too. :) I chose it to coordinate with my accent tile in that room, so I am super excited to see it when it all comes together!

MFatt--I agree that the combo of warm and cool is not really working. I think changing the paint and backsplash to something warmer will make a big difference and you may not have to change anything else.

Ontario--On the white cabinet debate, I arrived at the right white based on the stone/tile selections. I am using quartz on my island and Pental only makes one white quartz big enough to cover my island with no seams--Super White. I then coordinated my white subway tile (they came in three different whites) with the quartz and Carrara marble I had selected. Once the stone and tile had been selected, I had my cabinet guy provide samples of several whites. I originally thought I wanted BM White Dove, but it was too warm against the Super White quartz and made it look dingy. So, I ended up going with SW Pure White, which is still a bit warm (no blue undertones) but goes perfectly with the quartz. Since all the cabinets throughout the house are painted Pure White, I am having all the trim work and ceilings painted the same color for cohesiveness. Hope that helps!!

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Warmer, no?

The appliances are already purchased so they are a given. I have the option to change all the rest though since we are just framing now. My budget limits me to the "basic" stain choices from my cabinet maker but there are 9 or so to choose from. Maybe the lights are a bad fit? I thought about colored pendants in my accent color but I can't pick one! The house is open concept so I thought perhaps the couch cushions, window treatments, rugs etc could all be more vivid green or yellow or something to jazz up the neutrals. I am so blah/neutral it hurts :)

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mood board is definitely warmer now! does it feel better to you?

i might keep looking for pendants - unless they come in an ORB finish... the chrome and glass combo might not be a great fit. they're really pretty though! i love them which means you probably shouldn't. haha

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Ha ha, I saw those on Spottycat's? I think build and they are too $$$ for me. I actually have been looking for something similar in ORB and the fact that "cool" people are digging them means I should keep looking. I do think it feels better. Thanks for all the input. I will likely post more when it gets closer to actually deciding final choices.

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Can I ask how I make a Mood Board? Are you just using your own Photoshop or is there a website? Thanks!

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Powerpoint and google images. Someone here suggested it and since I have the program already I just went that route.

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I am soooo excited. Yes people, I have my very own garage door opener. I am gushing I am so excited. AND, dh is laying he boys bathroom tile as we speak. Eeek. Euphoria! I will take pics tomorrow!

lori-hold the phone girl look no further! I've GOT IT! We need to make a 'what to cook while you are building cookbook' and sell it to the would be cheap to print since it would only be a few pages long. We'll be rich! LOL! Love your lights and wow what a great wall of windows. So dh and I think we might just drop the kids off at grandma's after we move in and spend one QUIET weekend alone at the new house. Oh me oh my would that be fabulous!

robyn-I think most people use MS powerpoint (that is what I used). Yes, totally normal. Every costly decision about made me want to hurl. I actually felt nauseous waiting for the cabinets to be delivered even though I had settled on them MONTHS before. :(

mfatt-you are doing great with your boards! I can totally relate to: "I am so blah/neutral it hurts". I like some pazzaz but I don't know where to introduce it. Currently backsplashes 'hurt'. We both like pretty traditional stuff for that and linear is everywhere - too modern for us. I find color combo's I like but not the shape or the shape and not the color combo. Ugh! I am totally over done today - I was looking at your board thinking 'wonder what's with the football guy', ummm, duh it's the TV! OMW!

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Linear is too modern for me too. Our original plan was to continue the granite up the back to the cabinet line but in reality it was too busy for me. Would be a dream to clean though.

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Hi Everyone!

So excited! My builder e-mailed me yesterday and told me that they would be digging next Wednesday!! I cannot even believe this is happening. We bought our land almost 3 years ago so to see it really starting is mind blowing.

Question for you all…. I have decided that I want Crackle Subway tile like Encore only problem is that Encore doesn't have a rep and does not distribute to Utah. I talked to my flooring and tile guy and he said that I could order it here in Oklahoma and have it shipped here but then I would have to turn around and send it to my builder. Ummmmmm, no thanks! Does anyone know of another tile that is similar to the Encore crackle?

Thanks so much! I will share pictures next week when they break ground. For now here is a picture of our lot. We have 3.5 acres right next to TWO mountains. It is rectangle and the only trees on it are the 24 fruit trees that we planted almost 2 years ago.

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Here are our fruit trees right after we planted them. They actually produced some fruit last year! Too bad we weren't there to eat them! Haha!

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These posts just get filled up so fast!

robynstamps- OMG OMG that view. Totally jelly. It's beautiful!

bluemoon- The choices are so difficult! We also did that, kept changing things as we picked other things. Returned lights, picked out different hardware. We had originally wanted everything to be brushed nickel and ended switching everything in the open areas to brushed bronze. In the end it all comes together. And a shoutout from the southwest side of Wisco!

We are getting closer... I think we'll be moving in about 2 weeks? Electrician is finishing up, supposed to get countertops and appliances this week. Painting is done except for a few artist touches in the nursery. The ceiling fan is in and working! Outside lights need to be installed. It's really coming together, the closet organizers I picked out are FREAKING the best things on the earth. Looking forward to having closet space.

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Robynstamps-Amazing view, just amazing! Enjoy this process on your beautiful land.

Kellithee, wow, only 2 weeks! Moving seems like such a daunting process right now.

Nothing new to report. Insulation should be starting today. I'm at home with two sick kiddos (they were up most of last night with a stomach bug, and I'll leave it at that). Waiting for my turn to get hit with it. ugh.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

MFatt ~ better mood board, like it! I’m in agreement with the pendants. Kichler is probably my most favorite light company though! Majority of the lights in my current home are Kichler. My new coach lights are too.
I didn’t do mood boards, but I’m suddenly having the urge to, just to see what people say. It’s all decided already, but it might still be fun! :o)

Autumn ~ well now I’m jealous…they still haven’t installed our garage door openers, so I’m trudging around to the people door :/ (it’s not really that big of a deal, but…) ha…
I positively love the cookbook idea!! When do we start?
Dropping the kids off is an amazing idea too! I may have to mention that to dh. Although, ours are 19 & 12, so there will be a night soon enough when they abandon us on their own. It’s a pretty common occurrence these days. I’ve let dd stay at friends’ more lately just b/c I know this is kinda stressing her out, and she has severe anxiety, so I’m just trying to keep the worry monster at bay. SDD comes and goes mostly on her own schedule anymore anyway!

Robyn ~ holy moly…what a view. I’m drooling… I will definitely be keeping up on this thread after we’re done to see your view! (and to check on everyone else of course!)

Kelli ~ Ok we’re about the same spot, I’m hoping to be moved by April 1. We’re supposed to close March 18th.
Do share your closet organizer choice. We’re building ours, but I’m always trying to look at different “configurations”. Getting close girl!!

Illini ~ hope the kiddos get better quick :0( I sure hope it skips you!

A few pictures from last night, and from this am up the drive…
Loft trim is done, and I love it. Hopefully, we'll be getting railing sooon!!
Stairs are re-claimed barn wood. I am in love. Might have to wear slippers for awhile until they wear, but I'm ok with that. They are so awesome!

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loribug- We got rubbermaid Configurations 4-8 foot organizers. They came with telescoping rods and shelving that can be rearranged on a bracket system. They were on sale at my favorite store-- Menards! 70 bucks, down from 110. Your built ones might be better but considering we never thought of organizers, anything is a step up. P.S. My license plate on my car is Kellbug.. haha.

illinigirl- I know... all of our stuff is in such piles.. luckily we didn't "unpack" all that much so it'll be like christmas when we move and start to actually unpack. We have wedding gifts we still haven't used and we got married in August 2010!

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robyn, your view is to die for. Just beautiful. Good luck on getting started. In regards to the crackle tile. Encore is great but I have found "Pratt and Larson" crackle also to be good. They are a based of Portland so you may be able to find them in Utah.

Lori, love your stairs. I have never seem something like that. You are succeeding in the mixing of new house/old house feel well. You are getting so close.

illinigirl, hope the kids feel better and you don't catch the bug.
Hate stomach bugs.

Kelli, So close now. Hope they everything goes with out a glitch now.

Had to run to t.e tile stores a couple of times in the last day or so to order tiles we were short on. The marble tile we are using for master seems to break easily when cutting so had more wastage than usual.

My contractor has been a little out of the loop with our house as he is trying to finish up two other houses by end of the month so we are working directly with the tile and trim subs. Hopefully he will be back to paying more attention to our house when he is done with the two houses.

Not much in terms of pictures but here is the guest shower.

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I did it! I made a mood board! So proud of myself. :) Here are some of my choices for my kitchen. Some will change, some will stay.

P.S. This picture of the island is from GC. Thank you so much for the inspiration. My gray will be a little darker but wanted to show the idea of what we are doing.

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I like! Its fun to put together huh?

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Totally! I just used my Photoshop Elements. Can't wait to make one for each room. It really helps me to see them all together.

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Well I guess I'm going to have to try this mood board thing. Y'all are just making it sound like too much fun. I just don't know if I have pictures of everything I'm planning on using. Some of it is stuff I see in my head and it might not actually exist. Hmmm...guess it's time to find the stuff anyway. Everybody's builds seem to be going well. Those of you who are close enough to estimate your move in date in days instead of months just seem giddy and I don't blame you. I had made the call to put the plant ledge back into our plans. The builder called me this morning and put me and DH on a conference call (smart man didn't want to get in the middle of a major dispute) and I found out that DH put a stop to it when he found out what a plant ledge was and he decided no way, no how. So, much to my disappointment, my window will be off center on the front of my house. I have asked my lil brother to help me design something to make it less noticeable. He thinks he can probably build some kind of fake single-sided shutter to sit on one side of the window to balance it. I've found a couple on houzz, I just don't know if I'm too excited about how they look and whether or not this will work. I'm just bummed about the whole deal. Hopefully it will turn out ok and I can move on to a new dilemma soon. Now, back to my comfort food (cocoa puffs)....

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That view is incredible, and the mood board looks terrific. What counter is it? I might try a mood board too. I don't know how easy it will be to find Google images of all the products. Are some of your pics camera shots, or are they all from Google images?

JDez, I feel for you on the plant ledge/symmetrical window issue. I would be most upset, and probably insist they re-install the window and put the ledge in (yes that would cost). How much progress have they made since your DH gave the builder the word to skip the ledge? Hopefully you can find a satisfactory solution via your brother.

Lori, I too love your lighting. So many tall ceilings too to set them off.


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Robynstamps, wow! what a view! Love it! I am also interested in a crackle subway tile. Something affordable would be great! Not much $ left at this point for backsplash tile!

They tell us that the house is likely to be done within a few weeks. I'll believe it when I see it. The tile hasn't been started yet and there is a bit of trim left, still some light fixtures to put up and the plumbing fixtures aren't connected yet. Appliances come next week. Kitchen still needs some tweaking, some of the pulls on, some not.
Then there's the backsplash…. OMG, I can't take another decision! A hard one too!! HELP! Need simple crackle subway tile. Ideas anyone?
Here's a few kitchen pics….

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Not much time but here's a quicky:

Love everyone's mood board!

robyn - oh my that is a stunning stunning drop dead gorgeous view. Wow I bet you cannot wait to get out there! I have wondered the same about encore - prat and larson I have seen in person and they are so pretty but there price tag matches their beauty which is too high for me but check them out! I like your board too!

jdez-hop to it! I want to see your board! Sorry about the window, that is a bummer. I've had to let go of a few things myself - even after a pretty lengthy turned tense 'conversation' with dh. It is what it is sometimes.

carol-I agree on the back splash. Tough, I will be of no help but I love what you've got going so far! I chose white but I still love to look at stained kitchens equally as well.

mfatt-love your boards too - I think Maggie has given some sound advice. Do you like your last 'warmer' board?

Tiled almost all day yesterday (and I can say without hesitation it's much quicker without furnishings and trim to worry about). I woke up today thinking I was catching 'the stomach bug' and alas no those are just my abs that had a workout, ay yi yi. No grout yet but here are a few pics:


Laundry (same as master tile but we cut them in half and alternated pattern to give some texture):

Kids bath (will be the same as mudroom but we haven't tackled that yet):

Praying the grout goes fine, it usually changes the look so much that I am disappointed at first and have to get used to it. :/

Shingles - we had a teeny snow melt so I snapped a pic, it is snow covered already again though.

Still working on sanding trim and walls and more tile and grout. It's all coming along but not necessarily how it would (order of things) if we had subs for each thing? I suppose all is well that ends well!

Everyone looks great!


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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Awesome Kitchen, Carol.33. But I'm no help with backsplash...I don't have one. Love the countertops!

Robyn, Well done on the mood board! I fiddled with a few yesterday. Love the jar light, of course. And your flooring looks very similar to ours, what is it?

I am so tired, I can hardly think. I'm just brain dead. I really don't know why... lol

Stairs are in for good now, the other day they still had to be taken back apart and cleaned well. They will get a coat of poly when the last of the railing and trim gets it.

I think I *finally* have all of the plug & switch covers on, except one in the upstairs hall that I didn't notice until I was shutting off all the lights. I just left it. lol

Still have to get the electrician back to do phone/cable and a few odds & ends. He's waiting on the cabinets to be installed (aren't we all!!??) so he can wrap up undercab lights all at the same time and be done.

DH & farm help (adopted put the small tiles on our shower ceiling last night. Never laid tile before, it looks pretty good. Idk why the tile guy wouldn't or couldn't do it, but it's done now. All ready for grout!

I am a real nerd. I printed light switch labels on small clear address labels. I labeled them all last night. They peel right off easily, and all you see is the word. Already helped a ton. I have so many switches I don't know what to do with them all. I also have a few mystery switches. I guess that will get resolved when the electrician comes to finish!

Vanity & laundry room cabinets are going in as we speak. DH is there and has called a couple times. I'm having a hard time sitting still, knowing that's what's going on. I'm just hoping & praying it's all easy.... nervous....

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The mood boards are looking great! I wish I had steam left to make one, but at this point, I really don't!

Autumn--Great job on the tiling!

Carol.33--Your kitchen is beautiful and reminds me of the kitchen in my last house with cherry perimeter cabs and a white island. I also had a similar granite on the counters. I had a white glass mosaic with 1x2 tiles laid in subway pattern for the backsplash which really helped tie in the white island with the perimeter. Here's the best pic I could find. Doesn't show the backsplash in detail, but gives you an idea of how the white backsplash ties in the island.

On our front, I am really excited that we finally got power at the house so now when we go over in the dark after work we can actually see what's been done! Hardwoods are now installed and they have finished installing tile in a few of the bathrooms (no grout yet). They are working on the master bath tile today, so I can't wait to see how that turns out! Cabinets were delivered and are sitting in my garage. I think they will start installing them tomorrow or Friday when all the tile is done. Yay!!!

View of Great Room towards kitchen:

Guest shower:

Daughther's bathroom (will have accent tile in turquoise and white glass mosaic):

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Carol-I saw crackle tile when I was out looking this past weekend (Imperial Bianco) very pretty!! hope this helps your search

Kellithee- SW side of WI is a beautiful area. We are just north of Milw county in a little historical town- old stone grist mills and a creek that runs through it. My H keeps saying "our subdivision would be perfect if it wasnt for that farm..." haha you cant throw a stick in WI without hitting a cow!

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ontariomom - Thank you! I have Glacier White on my wish list but I am leaning towards a good gray/white countertop. I have some quartzites on my list as well as granite. We will have to see what they have in my area once it’s time to actually pick out my counters!

All of my mood board are just pics I have in my inspiration folder on my computer. I have saved a lot of images from the computer.

Carol - Wow! How fun to be moving in soon. You will be surprised at how fast they can finish up (within reason!) Is your counter top River White? That’s on my wish list, too.

Autumn - I don’t have a huge budget for my backsplash so I will have to find something similar to that look. I am flying out tomorrow to meet with some of my reps in Utah.
Your tile is gorgeous!!

lori- The flooring is just a sample picture of Wood Tile I found online. I am picking mine out this Friday. I am changing half of my flooring choices already. :)

bluemoon - Thanks for the link to the crackle tile! I am going to send it over to my flooring guy.

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bluemoon - thank you for the crackle tile tip. I'll check it out. There is a TileShop fairly close to us.

robyn - yes, our counters are River White. I like it very much and it was fairly reasonably priced.

mommytoty - thank you for the picture of your previous kitchen…. the colors are very similar to ours. I think that white will be the best way to go for the backsplash too. Getting the right shade of white may be tricky though.

Autumn - love your tile! I really like how you used the same tile for 2 rooms but set them in such a way that they look totally different.

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Gee another snow day and we've already went past the allotted amount by 4....

mommytoty-I can't wait to see your daughters bath with the turquoise accent tile! Be sure to post a pic okay? For some reason I am rather taken with turquoise and aqua right now. ;)

lori-forgot to comment on your house pics (busy concocting more recipes, hahaha) - everything looks great! I love the stairs, our old mantle last house was reclaimed and it had so much character. Love the house pic from afar. Those are cool shots. I actually can appreciate your 'nerd' tendency as we have a few 4 switch configs and I'm not sure what/where they go without flipping them all either!

carol-thanks. I have come to realize that I like tone on tone and layers of texture. The master and laundry are separated by the master closet so I didn't mind they were the same tile. Cutting and turning them gave me some dimension and 'fun' that I wanted in there. Laundry can be fun right? Ha! I keep looking at your cab to counter, I can't wait to see mine. I love them!

robyn-safe travels! With that view I'm thinking it would be hard to come BACK! So let me know what you find on the crackle. I've looked and stared and oohed and aaahed on the kitchen forum over many crackle back splashes. I just have not found one that was within budget in the color we'd need. PLUS dh is really wanted a mesh backed tile for quicker install. I can't argue with that but so far our tiling has went smoothly enough that I might be able to convince him otherwise!

The plan is to grout tonight. DH is on a long work stretch so slower progress until his next weekend off.

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so i was going to wait to update with photos because i was so disappointed to see such little progress in the early part of this week. it seems 5 trades will show up and kick butt on fridays, as we have a standing friday meeting at the house. on tuesday i was convinced friday is the only day they show up! they started tile last friday, and our construction manager told us it'd only take a couple days, which sounded crazy but based on the size of the crew, i thought just might be possible. when we went to see finished tile on tuesday night, we were so sad to see the house in the same condition as when we left on saturday. nobody showed monday or tuesday. floors are done, and all the bathrooms except the master. the backsplash tile was all up, but not grouted.

our shower had 2 errors, and the backsplash in the guest house had a major error. so tuesday night i was really on a downer. come to find out, the accent tile for our shower is backordered. they asked if we want to reselect, but they've already installed the MATCHING accent on the floor in the shower. are they going to rip that out? duh! so now they can't finish our shower until mid-march. which means the plumber can't finish our shower until mid-march. we signed off on all our tile in october. it's not our builder's fault but i'm just so tired of hearing that the buliding industry can't keep up with demand right now in our area.

also, they mostly finished the stonework on our fireplace, but didn't do the hearth and haven't been back since friday.

the concrete for all our flatwork was supposed to have been poured tuesday, and they didn't show.

i'm trying to put on my optimistic hat today.

i haven't seen the backsplash with grout yet, but i am SO in love with it even as it is. this photo doesn't show its finished state but the tile was carried all the way up to the beams behind the range and where the hood will go. they did a beautiful job chiseling the tiles into the shape of the crown. these are a couple photos mid-process.

with spacers:

though the fireplace isn't finished, we're THRILLED with our stone choice! looks even nicer now that the mortar has dried.

also thrilled with our tile selections. we didn't splurge on hardwood in the game room because it's a big room, at a high cost, and it's going to take some major wear and tear for the next several years. that said, we're not from an area where you see big rooms of tile and were really worried about it, so we went with a checkerboard pattern to jazz it up and think it looks great! color is, as usual, messed up by the double blue plastic layer of window protection.

i'm TOLD that the electrician will be there hanging lights tomorrow, and the plumber will be there too! they're picking up our tub today that we've had in storage since august! so i'm very hopeful that tomorrow is a typical friday with lots of trades working hard to lessen the blow of seeing nobody at the house the rest of the week. haha

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Maggie, everything looks gorgeous, but I so feel your pain on lack of progress. It is so frustrating! Everyone warned me about these things but you always hope it won't happen to you :-\

So my new worry of the day... Slab was poured a week ago today. I was told framing would start Monday, which never happened. Here we are Thursday and still no action. My husband drove by the lot this morning and saw this:

And a close up:

Workers sweeping WATER THAT HAS POOLED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOUNDATION! This cannot be good. I don't know if they have pulled the tendons yet (we have post tension foundation) or if that would even make a difference but this worries me significantly. We have a call into the builder to see what's going on. Anyone have any experience with this??

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Long time reader first time posting. This forum is great, it has answered so many questions and given my wife and me so many things to think about. My family lives in Kentucky and we are building our first house. Yesterday was very exciting, we have a driveway and basement excavated! I’m documenting the house with a time lapse camera. The link is the first video. Hopefully many more to come!

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement and Driveway Video

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Maggiepie - too bad there's no such thing as invisible grout because your backsplash is gorgeous just the way it is. And I love your fireplace and flooring.

Lisa - awesome job on the tile! I absolutely love your floor choices. I think maybe I should copycat haven't even looked at floors yet, at least not seriously. Did you make a final decision on the island countertop, did I miss that? And did you find a backsplash yet?

Loribug - I want your stairs. I love them. The picture of your house as your coming up the drive looks so pretty. It looks like such a nice place to come home to.

Carol33 - your kitchen is beautiful. I love your countertop.It goes perfect with the stain color of your cabinets.

Mommytoty - we will add you to the list to of those who are in possession of their cabinets but as of yet unable to share pics with us photo hogs who stare at GW waiting to see pictures of updates....sigh....

OntarioMom - The builder had not started the ledge yet. He just showed it to DH on the plans. I am in Las Vegas for my job and haven't been on site this week. DH and I do not fight. We make compromises and have very heated discussions at times but when he saw that the plant ledge was a 3 foot wide ledge spanning the length of the entire room he hated it and felt he could not live with it. So that was that. I stewed about it for a couple days but I'm over it.

My procrastination has caught up with me. By Tuesday I have to finalize my cabinet designs with the cabinet guy and by Wednesday, we have to choose our brick. DH will decide on HVAC contractor tomorrow. We have picked out two paint colors. SW Jogging Path for Main Living Area and SW Cascade Green for our bedroom. DS wants red for his room. We haven't decided if we'll do that or not. I want to use something really wild like a real bright green or orange on some of the trim in the kitchen but I don't know if DH will let me. Just thinking out loud. I will try the mood board thing when I get back to the office and I have Powerpoint.

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JDez thanks, but the grout will be even better. the tile has a darker edge that you can't really see due to shadows between tiles now. once the pale grout gets in there the detailed edge will show up more! can't wait!!

april - no specific experience, but the water won't hurt the foundation if that's what you're worried about. when they pour concrete in texas in the summer they actually run sprinklers to keep the top from drying faster than the inside. don't panic - framers could just be stuck on another job. :) or maybe those were the framers sweeping off the water in preparation!!

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Thanks Maggie, I was more worried about uneven foundation. It rained yesterday and there was a huge puddle of water that collected in the middle of our slab. My understanding is that it should be completely flat without dips or uneven spots. This is arguably the most important part of building a house so I hope it is done right!

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@robyn - What was your granite selection? It is beautiful! I love that view too!

Lori - You are moving right along! I agree with JDez, I love those stairs!

Autumn - Looking AMAZING!

JDez - Our daughter begged hard enough that she is getting her pink bedroom :). I say let your DS have the red, you can always change it down the line.

I leave here for one day and simply cannot keep up with the progress! I am posting a few pics of where we are this week. We REALLY need to close by the end of April, and I am getting REALLY nervous!

Hope everyone is having good, low stress days!

Meg :)

Formal Dining Room

Brick - Nervous about this, but hopefully it will dry like it looks on the sample!

DD's Bedroom

Foyer! A HUGE thank you to everyone who encouraged the arches, I am in love with them!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

WE HAVE CABINETS!!! Well some… lol  AND you all can see them. B/C they’re local they didn’t get all wrapped up yay!!!

My Bathroom, and the Laundry room.
They are so awesome. Rustic Hickory, natural. So much color variation, they tie all my “woods” together. The knots in them are amazing. I am in love (again…) Hopefully, this house is going to make me smile for a long time!
I am starting to tire of everyone having an opinion, and making comment like “maybe you should have done…” or idk what. I think I’m just tired. These cabinets are awesome, yes! I walked in last night and oohhed & ahhhed over them. DH walks in & says “aren’t they beautiful, would look great in the kitchen too.” Ok…really. Why can’t anybody just say “Hey Lori, great job?” I wanted the d@mn red cabinets in my kitchen. That’s what I did. I also wanted hickory. That’s what I did, in the other rooms. Therefore, I get to enjoy them BOTH!!! Ugh, just ugh. I kinda took it out on him, but it’s not always him…it’s freaking EVERYBODY….

Boy sorry, just had to vent …

Mommytoty ~ I have to laugh every time I read your screen name, one of the girls I work with has a little boy named Ty 

Beautiful last house kitchen! Looks like it came out of a magazine! So much wonderful light!
Floors look great, love the guest shower. I am all about some turquoise, so can’t wait to see the other done!

Bluemoon ~ your town sounds beautiful! Tell your DH to go easy on the farms…some of us make our living that way  LOL at throwing sticks!!

Robyn ~ hope you have an easy time picking flooring. It’s probably the thing that I struggled with the most.
I knew what I wanted just couldn’t really find it in my price range and from a supplier we wanted to use (that was mostly the limitation).

Autumn ~ we’ve finally thawed out enough, the snow is gone. But 4-6 inches in the forecast thru Monday. Wth. Will this winter never end??? Thanks for the compliments.  I’m tellin’ ya girl, get some clear labels & print up those switch labels! Even DH was appreciative. Wow. Ha.

Maggie ~ sorry about the lack of work. I’m with ya. We should have been done at least 6 weeks ago, if I count the time the house sat with NOTHING happening. I’m still weighing quality over quantity and trying to not be mad about it. It is what it is I suppose. Either way it will be worth it in the end.
Excellent kitchen! Stone is beautiful. Well done on rec room tile!

Hobbs ~ welcome! I wanted to do time lapse too, but never got around to it  awesome!!

JDez ~ ha!! (I’ll fight you for ‘em) You can’t have my stairs, no way, no how. I’m too in love. Thank you so much for the compliments.

Meg ~ awesome arches! Very nice!

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I have a question. Right now we have our master bathroom counter set up with a tall storage unit in the center. Now I am thinking that I like standing in the middle of that area to do my make up and hair. The only thing I see that might be hard is that our counter top is 9.5 feet long. Is there a mirror that is that long? We also will have 10' ceilings in that room. I've attached a pic with the unit in the center. I know it looks nice but I'm trying to be practical and also cut some costs. We got our cabinet bid in. :)

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I am thinking the same thing Robyn. We planned a similar set up to yours with framed mirrors on either side. I think I would adjust to standing off to one side but we haven't had to make a final decision yet. I think mirrors are available in most lengths but cost is a factor in the larger runs.

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I wonder if long mirrors would be cheaper than the cabinet in the middle. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

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Nice to see everyone making great progress.

Autumn, Love the tile and great idea on changing the pattern to add more interest with the same tile. Sorry about the snow day. we are almost done with winter (lets us hope so :)). Good luck on the finishing in 60 days as you hope.

Lori, Love the cabinets and Good job :). I think having the red cabinets in the kitchen will add some interest so you did great. I can totally see you be tired at the end. Less than 3 weeks for you so hang on.

jDez, Good luck in making the Kitchen cabinet selections.

Maggie, Love you back splash tile and all the color selections you have made. You are really good at this :). Sorry about the delays and I am in the same boat right now with only tile work going on with two guys. When is your move in date?

Uponthehill, You are making great progress and with out any delays you can be done by end of April. Love the arches and glad you went with them.

Carol, you Kitchen is looking great. If you want to keep the back splash simple but add a little interest you can consider crackle or beveled edge subway tile.

Mommytoty, Your tile work is looking good and would love to see the tile when the accents are done.

Robyn, for the mirrors you can get a custom size from a glass shops. I have heard they are not that expensive if you want something simple but I have not priced them. In regards to you back splash if you were ok with the Encore crackle tile cost most other crackle tiles will be cheaper than that. Encore is one of the expensive tiles I found in my search.

Our refrigerator is being delivered today and the other appliances including washer and dryer will be delivered march 15th. So hopefully we will have finished painting and installing cabinets by then. Hoping the tile work will be done by Monday.

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robyn, i agree that center cabinet looks really grand.

however, if you are looking to cut costs, AND you don't really need the extra storage cabinets on top, why not just hang 2 mirrors over each sink? you don't have to do the 9.5' length of mirror if you skip the upper storage.

we had store bought mirrors over each sink in our last master.

the other thing, and this could be dumb - no idea, but i was always afraid of having wood cabinetry sitting on the counters so close to the sink as hubby is a sloppy sink user. :)

this is what our shared vanity looked like. it was about 7.5' long, so not as big as yours, but you get the 2-mirror idea.

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Thanks for the idea Maggie! I want to be able to have a mirror in the middle. That is why I'm having a hard time with the cabinet there. :) So, it's probably either a really looooooong mirror or keep the cabinetry and maybe add mirrored doors to the cabinets.

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lori-I forgot to add, each time I am up close and personal working I definitely find more work...fill this ding and that ding. :( It is a work zone that is for sure. I need to let go of thinking it will be perfect when we move in. Fat chance, not even reasonable! So regarding the cabs (which I think are fab and I can't wait to see your red and black kitchen) and decisions in general...we took aries advice and peeked at our doorstyles to be sure. DH looked and I said these are different to pick up the glaze. He wrinkled his face and said did I know about that? Ummm, likely no. You told me to take care of it and I did. If I asked you after the fact you'd just complain I made the wrong choice so I didn't bother. He smiled and not another word was said.

maggie -oh and the pattern with your tile. I love it and perfect for that space! It is hard to see little action. I hope tomorrow is a flurry of activity for you.

robyn-our master is similar except instead of the tall cab we have a window. Similar in that we have something in the middle that the mirrors need to work around. I think we will be doing something like maggie showed. Saves cost and I don't think we'll miss a nearly wall to wall mirror?

akshars-appliances already?! Wow - YAY! Are you excited? Packed? Feeling like being home?

jdez-the kitchen oh the kitchen. I am trying not to stress about it as I have so much going on that I am on the edge. ;) My hold went off a week ago and I have not been able to get back there with the weather and my work schedule. So, I am confident that when I can get back there either my Alaska White slab will be there or one very similar to it or one I love MORE. It will work out how it is meant to. Nada on the backsplash. It's on the back burner momentarily. I need to focus focus focus. So what is the sitch with the kitchen? Did you get updated drawings? Are you happy with the layout?

Preparing to grout tonight. My fingers are cracking they are so dry. I need to wear gloves tonight. Baby steps baby steps.

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robyn, i love that idea of mirrored doors - having the mirror closer to the edge of the vanity will be nice for putting on makeup etc. only problem is, instead of cutting costs, you're adding costs. get used to it girlfriend. you're still early in the process! try to pace yourself on finding ways to spend money. :)

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HobbsfamilyKY- congratulations! What type of house are you building?
I'm jealous that you got a basement dug in one day! We are just a few steps ahead of you. Our basement walls are up and they roughed in the basement plumbing today. Probably won't be able to pour basement floor until late next week because of the weather that's coming in. We are in southern Mo.

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wow, beautiful stuff going on now! love the tile choices, cabinets, lighting fixtures! Inspiring!

I haven't been out to our house in 3 days now. Sick kids (no I didn't get it-yet), and today a snow day. Thankfully they should be turning on the furnace after insulation. They've had portable heaters going (I should say blasting) in the basement- wowee those get warm.

Signing off on cabinetry tomorrow. Have to get serious about the tile, wood, carpet, counters.

WitchDoctor- congrats on foundation pour!

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WitchDoctor - We are building a modest 1800sf ranch with a walkout on the left side. We are worried too about the weather coming in, the footers should be dug tomorrow and if the inspection happens they can pour them tomorrow and Saturday. we will probably be at a standstill for a week with the walls due to the weather's just nice to see progress!!

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HobbsFamilyKY: Great time-lapse. Can you shar ethe details on how you made that? What camera setup did you use? What software you use to stitch the photos into a video? Can you keep those on site and produce multi-day long-term time lapses?

We're breaking ground soon and I'd love to make one of these.

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oicu812 - I'm using a purpose built camera for this. Here is the link to the model.

It uses a thumb drive for storage and creates an .avi file not individual pictures. you can use the software it has, or others if you know how, to get individual still pics from the .avi file if you want. The utility pole with our temporary electric meter is the perfect place to mount the camera in my situation. i made a bracket from some angle iron and bolted it to the pole. Its actually hidden from view of people driving by so i'm not really worried about someone stealing it.
I'm in IT as a profession so i'm actually messing around with an old android phone with some software on it to make a live webcam that i'm going to put on the pole too. We'll see if that works...

Here is a link that might be useful: Time Lapse Camera Link

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We had our appliances, table and chairs and couch delivered on Wednesday. Actually got a call at work that they can't leave the appliances unless either I or my husband sign off the contract. No one told us that even though we called in twice to the store and told them that our BUILDER would be there to have the place open. Oh well I just left work early and got to see them bring in our appliances. Our builder wasn't there and they couldn't get the fridge in. Thankfully he came back and adjusted one of the cabinets. IT was a tight squeeze, our KD definitely left nooo extra wiggle room. Everything is now hooked up except the dishwasher. The washer and dryer are stacked and hooked up except for the vent. The appliances are beautiful! can't wait to move in and start using them. Someone is coming on Sunday with our builder to check out the house (they are thinking of building the same size house). I'm excited that someone will get to see the great work our builder has done. I told him if anyone EVER wants to see the work he's done, send them here. I have no complaints. We did a quick walk through on Wednesday and he fixed all the things that were bugging me, just little stuff. All we have left is countertops and some trim work in the kitchen. I can taste the move in!

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kelli!!!!!! Where are the pictures??? I know you were working and all but not even a sneak peek?? ;) I can imagine just imagine 'tasting the move in'. So exciting!

witchdoctor-congrats on the pour it will change so quickly! I am admiring your blue skies and fields. Lovely!

hobbs-welcome and good luck with beating the weather! I hope it slows up for you.

Grout is in. I need to go do another wipe today but most of the haze was gone when we left last night. I chose a darker grout this time around (last house the one I chose seemed to lighten or I wiped it too much...operator error). I think it's going to be great and will hide dirt well. So we have a light switch in a totally wonky WRONG spot. Ugh. It's UNDER the banister. ??? Dh of course says well I don't think we'll hardly use it so I'm not that worried about it. Who is this man? So I have to talk to the electrician today and see once. It's lower than the rest of the switches, so weird. Otherwise they have done a great job.

Laundry tile we cut - 12x24's in 2 and they weren't all exactly the same size so it's not perfect but pretty close. My ocd needs to just let the imperfection go. ;)

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I'm so excited for everyone!

Autumn, your floors look great!

We've had a busy week.

Our painter and helper have just a few touch-ups on the staining, but otherwise, they are done! They are supposed to be spraying finish on today and stacking things in the garage to dry. Here are some of the interior doors.

And the stone guys came and made our columns look much better than the mess we created with our original design.

The tile guys came and laid tile on both bathroom floors. And we went through the design for the shower and shower bench. They are supposed to be back today to put the grout in. And, they are supposed to start tiling the shower next week. All the tile for the shower has been delivered.

Another crew worked on the flooring in the laundry room. Unfortunately, they miscalculated how much they needed (guy said it was a LARGE laundry room!) and they ran out of tile! So, they have to order more to finish it. Bummer.

DH is almost done building all our cabinets. Wahoo!!! And, as of yesterday struck a deal with the painter so the painter will stain and finish the laundry and kitchen cabinets and island. DH was going to stain them before he assembled them; but painter wants them assembled and he will mask what is needed. So, DH will start sanding in the next couple of days and wants me to help him assemble them and put them in the house - maybe in the bedrooms (?). I think we've run out of room in the garage with all the stained wood.

The trim carpenter said if all the trim is ready and our hardwood floor was installed within the next two weeks, he could be in and out within a week. If it goes longer than that, he is going to be tied up with parade of homes and won't be available for a long while. We have a back-up person who the painter works for and he said he could do the trim carpentry if the other guy can't. Our flooring is supposed to be delivered next week and we'd like it to acclimate it in the house for awhile before they install.

I also can't wait to see how my cabinets will look. I've seen the laundry cabinets DH made, but we never assembled the kitchen ones yet. All the pieces are made, but not put together. So exciting. And, I've not seen the ones we ordered for the bathrooms and window seats. They are in but the company is holding them until we are ready to have them installed. Then they will deliver. I hope they are okay. Scares me that I haven't seen them yet.

After today, we'll be moving to the March 2014 build thread. We went through our timeline with our son-in-law on Sunday and it looks like end of April/first of May for move-in for us. I hope so!

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Autumn- I know! It's awful isn't it? I never remember to bring my camera when I go to work at 5:20am and then I stop at the house on the way home. This weekend though for sure!

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Robynstamps: Where in Utah is your lot if you don't mind me asking hun? We're kindred spirits you and I. You're crazy enough to try and build a home here from Oklahoma and I'm crazy enough to build a home in Oregon from here in Utah. I feel your pain on your dilemma about ordering stuff, I've had to have things delivered here and drive 2 carloads of stuff up to the jobsite so far but its worth the money I've saved.

Got appliances purchased so we could take advantage of the Bosch induction cooktop rebate. They'll probably need to sit a while..still no sheetrock >

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HobbsFamily, Welcome and great idea on the time lapse camera.

Autumn, Floors look great with the grout. Can you believe you are doing a faster job than our tile guys here :). And I don't see any imperfections so great job. In regards to the appliances we had to have them deliver as we bought some appliances because a rebate was expiring and we need to get them delivered by end of this month. Still no where near ready to think about moving/packing. We are about 6 weeks away from finish.

Hoosier, doors and the stone work looks great. Glad to hear you are moving along and your Dh is done with cabinets.

Kellie, You must be so excited to move in. When do you move in? Its great that you had such a great experience with your builder. Pictures please.

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Autumn- great job on the tile, good choice on the grout too! (I am definitely getting darker grout wherever there is tile- not only is a good look but like you said it won't *look* dirty/stained)

Hoosier- love the door choice, stone looks awesome.

Looks like insulation is complete at our house and the drywallers are already their with the drywall and putting up the metal strip things (don't know the real name, lol) in prep for hanging drywall. They had their heaters on and it was still only 35 in there (15 outside). Ah well, they have it better than our framers had it with a roof and insulated walls over their heads!

I ordered my weathervane a couple days ago. I hope the guy shipped it as promised.... here is a stock image of it:


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HobbsFamilyKY Thank for the 411. I love that it creates the videos in camera and there's no post-processing required. I just ordered one of those Brinno cameras. Can't wait to play with it. I ordered the higher model that allows to make stop-motion vids too. I know my kids will want to make Lego movies.

illinigirl Nice weathervane. Where did you order? I'm hoping to track down one with a flying pig.

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oicu- OMG my husband will be so jealous! He totally wanted a pig and I vetoed. (well, he also wanted a witch). I ordered from Copper Tops in NH. I also checked out weathervanes of Maine, Ecoastweathervanes, and weathervanefactory (they make them to order on site, but I had no time to wait). A lot of the other places all have the same exact stuff. This guy was a little cheaper and promised me no more than 50 dollars for shipping so I went ahead. I spoke directly with him on the phone.

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hoosiers-YAY! We should be moving around the same time. How very exciting, love your doors!

illini - boys and bathroom = dark grout. ;) Love the weathervane. Our house at 62 is warmer than this rental at 68 - it's really only 60 in here. I can't take it. Spending as much time at the house as possible. Hands freezing, nose running. Ugh!

oicu812 - I have to say I smile at your user name, if it' cookies then it's oicu8 3 too for me. A pig would be adorable.

kelli-I get it. I figured you weren't planning on a stop home and I am an early riser also. ;) I can wait til the weekend....

akshars-thanks. Tiling isn't really difficult but it's time consuming. 6 weeks - yeah that is too far out to pack what you are using everyday. Dh said something about packing soon but we never unpacked what we didn't need right now. Nonetheless, that will be a process in itself.

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Hows this one, sorry didnt want to break their copyright and post the picture..but its sure cute!

Here is a link that might be useful: Flying Pig weathervane

This post was edited by niteshadepromises on Fri, Feb 28, 14 at 17:29

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Hi there everyone. I am in come apart freak-out mode complete with a migraine headache. Here are the pictures of our "hipped cathedral" vaulted ceiling for our gathering room, once it was sheetrocked. The windows are covered by sheetrock, they are full normal length. I am terrified that the ceiling is going to look horrible!
The gathering room ceiling is supposed to be vaulted to give definition to that space from the breakfast room nook.

What do you guys think? Do you think with the magic of paint it will be okay?

The fireplace sheetrock is hanging over a good section of the fireplace opening also, they are going to come back and trim all excess sheetrock this weekend.

I need a drink!

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OMG OMG OMG just got word from the bank that our owner-builder loan is approved! YAY! I've been through *FOUR* banks trying to get this thing going. The first two had ridiculous fees for OBs. The third really wanted to make it work, but we would have had to drive 3 hours round trip for each draw (long story, won't bore you). Fourth time's a charm, for this owner builder!

We should close in a week or two, then the fun begins. YAYYYYY!

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Congratulations @ Carson!!! Going to be a gorgeous home!

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congrats carsonheim!

wish i had better news from today. fridays are usually the big day at our house.

today we were supposed to see all the flatwork poured (scheduled for tuesday or wednesday this week), grouted backsplashes, finish plumbing, and all our electrical fixtures hung. we worked feverishly to have all our bulbs and fixtures up there timed exactly when the electricians were to arrive so that there are no products sitting around asking to be stolen. since we purchased ourselves, nobody will take responsibility for them.

so we got there at 1130. electricians were scheduled for noon. they strolled in at 350pm on a friday and literally wandered around until 4. they started unloading stuff from their truck and i'll be d@mned if the first thing they unpack isn't recess can bulbs that should have been pulled OFF the work order. as it is, the lighting vendor sent bulbs too (in the wrong color, which is why we didn't get from them in the first place) along with notes saying they should not include bulbs. i will never understand how anyone in the industry makes money when these trades insist on doing things the hard way.

and you guessed it. no plumbers, no flatwork, no grout, and not a single fixture hanging at 430pm when we left.

the pleasant surprise was that they finished our fireplace and hearth, and they built our cedar shutters and window headers! they won't be stained until the very end. i'll post pics tomorrow - we're going back up to monitor the lights being hung because they instilled very little confidence today. haha

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Oh Maggie, I would be so upset!!! What excuse does the builder give for the slow work? Maybe you should meet twice a week and see if that motivates the crews.

Carson Congratulations, that is soooo exciting! What a great way to start the weekend!

Hilltop I can't see the issue? I just see a really cool looking ceiling! I think it will look fine and remember you will have furniture in the room eventually to help define the space.

We are framing, woohoo! Regarding the dip in the foundation, the builder said no problem. The floor will be floated before the wood is installed so everything will be level. Whew! There is so much to stress about everyday! Here is picture from this morning:

And from this afternoon, because you know I'm stalking it everyday

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oh april, congrats! that first 2x6 that goes up is monumental! :)

our construction manager cites being a small building company for the subs not showing up. there are bigger volume builders who take priority in an insanely busy building market. the plumber, for example, has been scheduled for 2 weeks. the day they're supposed to show up plumber realizes they never ordered our water heaters.

the electrician just had a case of the "it's a sunny, 80 degree friday afternoon." no sense of urgency whatsoever.

and i think someone asked our move-in date. we don't have one yet. builder won't commit until 30 days out. they were guessing mid-april. hopefully that's still accurate and we're only 6 weeks out.

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@Maggie - Sorry you had such a rough time today! I am learning more about patience than I ever needed to know through this process... Hold tight though, you are getting closer to the end of construction and the beginning of enjoying life in your new home!

@April - I have stalked ours so much that they way when I drive by because they recognize my car, lol! Hope you are enjoying the process. We loved the framing process, so neat to see the house grow! Thanks for the ceiling input...I think furniture, paint, and so on will help. Right now, it puts off a "Beam me up Scottie" vibe, thanks to all the white sheetrock!

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Well the footers got dug today and poured too...i'm linking my 2nd time lapse video below. Now we will hurry up and wait...this weather coming in on monday will probably screw everything up for a week before we get walls poured..

Here is a link that might be useful: Footer Pour Time Lapse

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LoriB - absolutely love the hickory and I can't wait to see the red kitchen cabinets.

Hoosier - you've been MIA. Your doors and stone are looking beautiful.

Aprilh - Yay!!! Finally something to look at when you drive by. I think it's time to cut the fence and waltz right in there. At least that's what I would do.

Oicu812 - now you have to put a flying pig on your house. Pleeeeeeezzzzz! I would love to see it.

Carson - Woooooooohooooooooo!!!!!! Looking forward to your progress pics.

Hobbs & Witchdoc - welcome. You two have nice looking views.

Autumn4 - after I steal Loribug's stairs, I'll swing on by your place and steal your mud room tile. Will you and DH come install it for me? We'll boil crawfish and enjoy some warm weather after all your hard I'm just kidding, I am loving that tile though, seriously.

Hilltop - when I first looked at that ceiling I thought it looked strange but I think it's because the windows look so small. You should wait until they trim all the Sheetrock to see how the room feels to you. I think it'll be ok though.

Maggiepie - at this point in your build does anything surprise you anymore? I hope they at least do a good job with whatever they do.

I flew in from a biz trip today and there was some progress.

I love the windows. They had the doors inside the house but wouldn't you know it, the front door is NOT the door I ordered. Me too Hilltop. I need a drink. It is Mardi Gras weekend after all.

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@JDez - Yay for progress! Thanks for the input, guess I will give it through the weekend and see how I feel about it on Monday. The sheetrock guys are working through the weekend, so hopefully the excess sheetrock will get moved away from walls, and trimmed in areas, and they will CLEAN UP THEIR FRAPPIN' MESS, and THEN I will be able to tell more.

Time to hit the Boone's Farm...drinking on a budget these days...Just Kidding, or am I???

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Onceuponthehilltop, I don't see the problem with the ceiling. I think it looks fine, but I like vaulted spaces. The door on the other hand...

HobbsFamily: PUMP TRUCK!!!

FellowStalkers: I'm at my site literally everyday at lunch. I also come out almost every night after I put the little ones to sleep.

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Thanks LawPaw!! Which door? Curious :).

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