cleaning Corian sinks and such

gibby2015January 15, 2011

I've noticed that my Corian sink started to stain more easily after about five years of use and not as easy to clean with softscrub. I have a housecleaner and noticed she always got it perfectly clean so I asked her what she uses and she said Clorox Cleanup. So I got some and it does work very well - just spray on and let it sit for a couple minutes then rinse. Didn't even have to rub it.

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Good tip! If I recall one benefit of Corian is that it's non porous. I think Dupont suggests some pretty (comparatively) strong cleaners for regular maintenance.

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I just bought some Bar Keepers Friend and I'm amazed at how it cleaned my porcelain sink. I have a white porcelain sink that I have "pads" on the bottom and for some reason they turn the sink yellow plus you know how any metal that hits the sides makes black scratch marks...well I just used BKF and the sink is as white as new. NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING else I tried made a dent in the stains. Warning...whatever you do, don't have porcelain sinks put in your kitchen. I absolutely hate them! They stain like crazy, they break dishes(reason for pads in the bottom).

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