Single Wall Oven, KA or Bosch?

shmealMarch 29, 2012

I'd done my research and was all set to buy the Electrolux 30" convection single wall oven. BUT the appliance store that we are going to purchase our DW and induction cooktop from don't carry Electrolux. They have told us that Bosch (500 series) or KitchenAid (KEBS107SS) are comparable in function and price to the Electrolux. DH wants to purchase all of the appliances from one place, It seems silly to fight him on this issue (although I will if necessary).

If you had to choose between Bosch or KA convection oven which would you choose? OR would you get the Electrolux and not worry about purchasing all the appliances from the same dealer?

We bake a lot but have never had a convection oven before. The KA is a little pricier than the Bosch so DH prefers the Bosch. I just want an oven that works well and does everything I expect it to.

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I have the bosch 800 series single oven 30" and love it. It works great. But not sure that's helping you.

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I have not read much that was good about KA. We ran into the same issue and I ordered the Electrolux oven and speed oven from AJ Madison. Easy breezy - would do it again in a heartbeat.

That being said, I have read good things about the Bosch and that would be my inclination over the KA.

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From all we have seen, at least here in GW, the Bosch has a much better reliability record that does the KA.

Maybe the new KA's are better, but many of us folks here are turned off by the way KA Addressed the problem, and as far As I know, KA still denies there was ever a problem with self cleaning the oven, unlike Elux, that did have a few problems in 2010 but so have all the others.

The Elux problem was no where near the magnitude of KA), but they admitted it and addressed the problem (Except) I would have liked to seen them pay the whole $300 for the replacement of the reset button on one that was 13 months old, instead of just paying $100, but that is still better than most companies do, with few exceptions.

In your case, since you are buying a single oven, your chances for oven failure after self cleaning is probably unlikely with any of the 3 ovens your are considering, but due to the above, and many positive posts about the Bosch Ovens I would lean that way, but myself, having owned an Elux Icon Oven for more than 5 years, and loving it (trouble free and quiet), I would buy one again in a hearbeat!!


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Thanks for your comments. I do appreciate it. I am going to try to convince DH to purchase the Electrolux oven separately from the other appliances and if that fails then I will get the Bosch. That's how I was leaning to begin with and it helps to hear that from others who have personal experience with these manufacturers.

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