Anyone familiar with Electrolux Maximus Canister Vacuum ?

heidizJanuary 21, 2012

Hi, I have been reading the vacuum cleaner postings,and would love to hear if anyone has an Electrolux Maximus Canister Vac. I haven't been able to find reviews or very much info on this vacuum, but after visiting my local vacuum store,I am considering buying it and would love to have more "reviewers" info. Thanks, Heidi

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I would have to ask you, what is it you like about this vacuum cleaner? It is a canister vacuum cleaner with a high price tag. You could find cheaper costing brands or even a cheaper Electrolux model. That is why I am asking why this model.

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I have a TriStar canister vac. It is also a high end system. I am not sure what the retail price is but I do know it is in the thousands. I got mine near-new for a fraction of that! If you love this vacuum might I suggest you check E*ay, craig#list. You will find great deals and save tons of money.

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Thanks for the responses. I actually went ahead and bought the Maximus after I posted this question. I have mostly hardwood floors and a bit of low pile carpeting. So far I've enjoyed using this vacuum and like the attachments. It cleans both types of my floors well, and I was able to get it on sale at my local vaccuum store with a good warranty. So this being said, I would recommend it to others, who are looking for a canister vac. This vacuum does not have a "powerhead" attachment for carpets, but I didn't need that for mine.

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I had an old Electrolux canister I loved, thirty some years ago. It was given to me by my former MIL who was getting a new one. It worked great for a long time, then I noticed the hose started clogging. Had it professionally repaired a few times, but it kept happening more and more, so I threw it away.Actually, I put it in the trash and someone took it before the garbagemen. Fine with me. Bought a succession of other vacuums, hated all of them. Hoover wind tunnel (the worst,no suction), a Bissell,can't remember them all. I wanted a Dyson but Consumer reports pooh-poohed them. Then for Christmas hubby gave me a Shark Navigator Lift off that cost about $200. He saw it on TV. I love it. Has all kinds of attachments, good on all kinds of floors,from linoleum to pile carpet. I'm very pleased , at least for now.

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