Guest Room Bed...Made or Un-made?

chuffleJanuary 31, 2010

Hello all:

I have a question that has been bugging me, and while I know that it is rather trivial, it is still important.

What do folks here do with their guest room beds in between company visits?

I like to keep the bed made, as that way, it is ready for company, and looks good from the hall. The downside of this is that I have company once or twice a year, and a made bed gets dusty after a few months of not being used.

I have thought about keeping the bed made or not keeping the bed made and then covering the whole lot with a sheet, to protect everything from dust. That would drive me nuts, as I would see the bed every time I walk past the room. I could also close the guest room door (so that I wouldn't have to look at the bed), but then my hall would be far too dark. do folks keep a guest room bed dust-free, ready for company, and looking nice?

I appreciate your time and comments.


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I keep the bed without sheets and covered with a pretty, but inexpensive and washable bedspread. The "real" bedclothes are stored and the bed is made up a day or two before the guests arrive. The everyday bedspread at that time either goes into the dryer on air to rid of the dust, or washed if needed.

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Thanks for the great idea...I'll pick up a washable bedspread this week.


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The guest bedroom bed is unmade. Pillows are naked, the bed has a quilt on it which is large enough to cover the pillows. Before guests arrive I toss the pillows in the dryer to fluff, make the bed up fresh after vacuuming the mattress, fluff the quilt in the dryer, put the quilt back on, and put wrapped chocolates in a small bedside dish.

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Chuffle, do you have a big problem with dust in your house? When I had a guest room, I tried to keep it ready for unexpected guests with the bed made. I never noticed excessive dust in the room.

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No problem with excess dust, as there are no heat vents on my second floor (no moving air in the rooms). I do keep the windows open through the summer, and the road across from the house is a dirt road and cars do kick up dust clouds every now and then. I do dust the room and vacuum it as I would any other room in the house. I am just concerned that since six or seven months pass between visits and use, the made bed would collect a bit of dust.

I think that I am a bit obsessive about some things...


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I think it is a reasonable concern. If you left the nightstand undusted for 6-7 months it would be pretty dusty. The bed probably has the same. I wouldn't want to breathe that when I was trying to sleep.

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