How do you dust?

OakleyJanuary 31, 2009

I know, silly question but we added a new room which is over 625 sq. feet, wood floors, rock fireplace, and bead board. Plus, we live on a dirt road and it gets very dusty here all year long. The room is almost complete but it's going to be a room that will need to be dusted every other day, or at least a dry dust mop on the floor every day. And there will be a large beam going down the center of the vaulted ceiling. That will be a chore!

Right now I've been using swiffer cloths, but it's not going to cut it. I ordered some micro-fiber dust cloths for furniture, glass, and a micro-fiber dry dust mop for the floor.

Do any of you use micro-fibers for cleaning? I need something that won't blow dust from one place to another the way Swiffer does, especially on the beadboard and floor. The funiture I'll use polish most of the time.

And I have no clue how to clean a wood floor, but that's another topic. :)

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My preferred way to dust is with the round brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. If not that, then a microfiber cloth - I prefer it slightly damp.

To clean a wood floor, I prefer the vacuum cleaner using the wide brush attachment.

I almost never use polish on my furniture.

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If you are tracking grit onto the floors from the road, you will need to use a floor vac or something to remove the grit, which could mar your floor's finish.

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Thanks for the tips! You'd think I just got married and am only now learning to "home keep". lol. But this is a HUGE remodel we're doing and now I want to make sure the floors especially are dust free.

Vacuums. I'm stuck on this one. I have an upright because I got tired of pulling a canister around. Wouldn't dragging out a vacuum all the time eventually hurt the floor? What type of vacuum do you recommend for wood floors? This is all new to me.

I only polish the good wood furniture, only when it gets smudges on it, and it keeps moisture in the wood.

For the beadboard, I thought about going over it a couple of times a week (I say that now, lol) with a swiffer wand duster, just to get the dust off.

Weird, but I'm kind of looking forward to dusting now. Maybe because the new room is cheery inside, and new? :)

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Someone told me to use vinegar and water on my hardwood floors. Haven't had the nerve to try that yet!

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i like the swifer towels on the handle,quicker than using cloth ,I use endust,I use to use baby diapers till swifer came out,on wood floors I have a dry mop I spray endust on then mop,

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Cb, I'll look into the vinegar and water. Except I hate the smell of vinegar! lol

bulldinkie, (I like your name!), when you spray the Endust on the dry mop, does it show on the floor? Like I said, I'll have a lot of floor to mop so I want to make sure I don't leave unshined streaks. Does this make sense what I'm saying? lol.

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I have several rooms with porcelain tile floors and I use the 1-gallon size Shop-Vac. It is easy to carry around in your hand or put a strap on it and swing over your shoulder. There would be no wheels to scratch the floor or to try and guide around.

Is your beadboard painted, varnished, or what? Is it rough or smoothe?

Dusting beadboard twice a week would take all the pleasure out of the room for me. How about using the vacumn on the beadboard once a month and call it good? or use one of those silky, fluffy long handle dusters on it.

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"Someone told me to use vinegar and water on my hardwood floors. Haven't had the nerve to try that yet!"


Don't ever use water on HW floors.

Use something like Bona. It's what floor refinishers recommend and there are review here at GW on it.

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I ordered a Bona dry mop and the cleaning spray and it arrived today! No hardwood floor yet, but I have the Bona! lol.

But I thought it was okay to lightly damp a mop and go over the floors?

Now that I think about it, Vinegar is acidic, right? I don't think it would be good on floors.

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congrats on your new room, how exciting! I am a Bona user and I am happy with it. First I vacuum or use a bona dusting pad. (fluffy one) I dampen a bona applicator pad with water, this will not harm your wood floors, it is what the directions say to do...

have fun :)


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I usually vacuum the dust off first anywhere on the floor or counters or whatever areas has lot of dust with a vacuum brush.

Then I use a microfiber cloth - thoroughly wet and only hot water squeezed out tight, and I just wipe off the dust with it. I don't use vingear for dusting, only water. It reduces the movement of dust since I am allergic to dust. I must maintain it a lot especially living in Arizona and it pays off if I do it weekly or whenever needed.

As for the hardwood floor, it is best to vacuum, then use a damp microfiber cloth flat head mop (long one) and it works wonders for my mother in law. I have natural stone tile floors which is uneven surface, and I have to use the old fashioned mop but it works with Simple Green products.

Never use hot water or vingear on hardwood floors but okay for cleaning kitchen cabinets and or surfaces.

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I'm majorly allergic to dust mites so I damp-dust. I take an old terry washcloth (I buy a stack of them at WalMart for hardly anything, specifically to use as rags that I can toss away when they get too far gone), wet it completely. squeeze all the excess water out, and then take some spray furniture polish (I use Weidman's) and spray the cloth liberally. The damp cloth captures the dust so it doesn't scatter in every direction and then re-settle. The polish, well, polishes.

I carry a bucket of clean water around with me, so I can wring out the rag and start fresh when it becomes dust-saturated.

This method does not hurt the surface of good wood furniture at all. I use this for everything including lamp bases, ceiling fan blades, windowsills, etc.

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