getting grout off glass tiles

bonnieg011March 8, 2008

I have 1/2" mosaic on the walls The pattern consists of 1 stone, 3 polished glass and 1 rippled glass square. Everything is perfect except that the grout has gone into the grooves of the rippled glass and i'm running out of clever ways of getting it out of the grooves.

I'll continue working at it, but didn't know if I was missing a simple way to do it. I washed it with water, picked at it, buffed it, worked it with a toothbrush and tried a little windex on a q-tip so as not to get anything on the fresh grout.

Suggestions? There are a lot of these little ones on the wall. Thanks

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Go to either Lowes or Home Depot, to their tile aisle. You'll see several grout haze cleaners there. You want the NONACID grout haze remover. Use that and a white scotch pad (they should also have that in the tile aisle, called "doodlebug pads", or on the back of two sided sponges). That should clean it up very nicely.

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Thank you so much, Bill. It's been a little comical going after each one of these 1/2" squares on a full wall of this stuff, I'm looking forward to getting the job done right. Again, thanks.

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I'm very interested to know how this cleaning goes for you. I have little glass squares inserted in my floor tiles. The grout is in the glass grooves, as well. I had thought this was to be expected, even though I don't really like the way it looks. After reading Bill's advice I went to Lowes, and found some grout haze cleaner. It didn't say it was safe for use one glass tiles and said it should be used as a follow-up to the initial grout cleaner.
I was concerned about using it on glass, especially several weeks/months after the grout was laid.
Have you used the product? How did it work for you?
Does anyone have experience with this product cleaning set-in grout in glass squares?

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I did go to Home Depot and Lowes but all their cleaner had some acid and the instructions said to let the grout cure for 10 days. As there is still some grouting to be done, I decided to wait a bit and I'm going to have the place I ordered the tile from get me what I need. For now, I've been carefully picking at it with..a toothpick.

My tile installer (contracter) told me that 'this was to be expected', but I'm not having any of that. It hurts my eyes just to see it that way.

I'll get back to you, Annie, as I move ahead with this cleanup. (And there are several hundred of these little suckers).

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No, it's NOT to be expected. Why HE'S not doing this, I have no idea. After all, this is what he's getting paid for.

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Dental tools help a lot when I have this problem with mosaics.

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Get a straight razor in a handle (I forget the name, but basically a utility razor--see below). That will take the grout residue off. The installer should do this, and it will take a while with this, but it will come off. I just took some off ceramic tiles that had been there for several years (hand't noticed it).

Here is a link that might be useful: Razor at Amazon

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OK, all is calm, all is bright. After all the dust is settled and everything is grouted, he'll get it off. It looks like a little no scratch scrubbie pad and some elbow grease will do the trick. In any event, he'll do the work. He's a great guy and very detail oriented. It was bothering him too. I just jumped the gun in needing to have it done right then and there.

Heimert, thanks for your post, but I would be hesitant to use a razor on glass tiles.

Thanks, all

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Do you happen to have pics of your tile? The reason I'm asking is I am having the same problem. My tile guy said it's to be expected too.
I bought a special haze remover that the tile manufacturer recommended to be used after they grouted but it didn't seem to do the trick. I tried hot water and a nail brush and it seemed to work but I have quite a lot of tile and thought there might be a better/easier way, but your tile installer is doing basically the same thing, right?

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I've attached a link to the tiles. There is still a lot to do in the bathroom, so that will probably be the last project. I did one entire wall in the mosaic then used it as a 2 1/2" border throughout the rest of the room. Some areas cleaned up quick, fast and easy, and some are just a mess.

With a lot of buffing, I've at least got them to shine; I'll worry about the grout later. Just killing time, I've used toothpicks, golf tees, nail brush, tooth brush, q-tips, my own nails......but the GC wants me to just leave it alone for another week.

Here is a link that might be useful: mosaic tiles

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Just an FYI-- The curing of any cement product, including grout, is a progressive thing. The longer it sits, the stronger it gets.

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Thanks Bill. I get the message. Perhaps it will be a project to be done much sooner than later.

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I viewed a site that said to use nail polish remover??? alot of work... is there something simple and easy???

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Tried the nail polish remover but it didn't work. I used a Brillo pad (without soap) and some elbow grease. I thought about it because I use steel wool to clean my glass Pyrex dishes and it didn't scratch. Didn't scratch the glass tiles, either. Wear a mask because the grout comes off as a powder. Use a vacuum to clean up the powder then wipe the grout with a damp sponge and finish with cheese cloth to shine!

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As per an inforgraphic found online, you may remove dried grout from glass tiles using "kaboom", a non-scratch pad, and chop sticks. Weird... I know, but it seems to work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Removing dried grout from glass tiles

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