Miele vacuum worth the $?

stbonnerJanuary 14, 2008

Hi all. I'm rather new to this forum, although I've been reading it for a while. I'm considering buying a Miele vacuum (Capricorn model). My husband has terrible allergies, and for the last six or eight months has been having a pretty severe allergy flare. I'm wondering whether going to a better vacuum will help any. I currently have an Electrolux Oxygen canister vac that seems to work okay, but it feels cheaply constructed and I question whether the air it is putting out is completely allergen free.

Has anyone here upgraded to a Miele? i would love some feedback on whether or not it is worth the extra expense. Thanks in advance.

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If you REALLY want to eliminate allergies check out the Rainbow E2 vacuum. They can be purchased through in home demonstration or found on E-bay (E-Bay has better deals).

Also the Dyson canister DC21 I just got seems to do a good job at filtering. Out of all the vac's I have it's become my daily driver.


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Your Eureka Oxygen should be doing fine for filtration if you are changing the bag regularly and cleaning and changing the filter regularly.

Your husband may be one of those who cannot even be in the room when a vacuum cleaner is running. The exhaust air can also move the pollutants that are already in the air. Or, he may be having a reaction to something seasonal in the air.

There are quite a few vacuum cleaners that will filter very well. You really want to look for a vacuum that says that it filters with a 100% sealed system. Miele, Riccar, Simplicity, and Sebo are a few to look at.

The Miele is a very good brand. They filter and clean very well. You will want to make sure that you purchase the right power nozzle set-up that would clean your carpeting very well.

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"You really want to look for a vacuum that says that it filters with a 100% sealed system. Miele, Riccar, Simplicity, and Sebo are a few to look at."

This is really the point of my question, I think. From what I understand, the Electrolux does not have a 100% sealed system. Would using a vacuum with a sealed system be beneficial enough to warrant a new vac purchase?

BTW, I actually have a Rainbow vac, but I find it very cumbersome to use, especially when I have to go up or down stairs with it. Thanks for your opinions.

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I'm sorry, I thought you said you had a Eureka Oxygen. AB Electrolux brought their Oxygen to the US as the Eureka Oxygen. Later, it became your Oxygen. I did not care much for the Electrolux model. Your Electrolux does not have a sealed system, if I am correct. They would put it on the later models.

The sealed system will not allow air to escape around the final filter. You do not want air to escape out of the seam of the vacuum body, from the power cord rewind area, or any other areas of the vacuum cleaner. All the air, of a sealed system, will go through the final filter cleaned. Turn your vacuum cleaner on and feel for any escaping air between the seems or the cord rewind area. If you feel any, then dirtier air is escaping.

Below is an example of a vacuum that has a sealed system. Click on the link, then click on the "specs".

Here is a link that might be useful: Simplicity Verve

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YES! The Miele is probably the best all around canister available today. You can save a few dollars buy not getting the Capricorn but rather an Aquarius or a Gemini (sold only by select dealers) or ask your local shop if they would trade the small powerhead packaged with the Callisto and for a few dollars sell it with the large 236 powerhead. They are all the same vacuum just with different features (mostly control location). The Simplicity Verve probably gives you the most value (depending where you buy it) for your money.

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Well, I did it - I bought the Miele. I ended up buying the Aquarius model, as I didn't really like the tiny button controls on the handle of the Capricorn. At the age of 50, I figure my eyes aren't going to get any better, so I decided that the bigger control buttons of the Aquarius would suit me better over the long term. I have to admit I also like the blue color of the Aquarius over the silver Capricorn. I've only used the vacuum once but I'm really impressed. It feels like a different machine than the Electrolux I have been using. Thanks everyone for the advice given.

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I think you made the right decision getting a Miele. Just remember to change that special HEPA filter regularly. The other think you should consider to control allergies is, if you have a forced air heating/AC system, make sure you get the MMM filters that are endorsed by the American Lung Association. They cost a lot more than regular filters, but they last 3 months and very effectively filter out allergens.

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Personal reviews on these machines are hard to find so I thought I would throw my opinion in with the mix. I just convinced my husband to get the Miele Capricorn a couple of weeks ago. I decided to wait and see how I like it before I wrote anything. Well, so far so good! I just love it. I am already noticing less dust in the house. With 2 dogs and 2 cats who all shed, this is an accomplishment! I like how easy it is to handle (our last machine was a Royal upright, very powerful, very bulky!)and how I can now clean under the beds (where the pets sleep) with the power-head attachment. The bag is way more than 1/2 full and I haven't noticed any reduced suction. I know it's a pricey vacuum but I really think it's going to be worth it in the long run.

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I'd used my Miele canister for probably twenty years -then I decided to go with an upright with onboard tools because I was tired of dragging the canister around. We bought a SEBO because the Miele had taught me that a well-engineered, well-manufactured albeit expensive vacuum was well worth it in the end. I intended to buy another Miele, but the vacuum store I went to convinced me, as did lots of online research, that the SEBO might in fact be even better. Well, I'm here to say.... NOT! It has never been as good a vacuum as the Miele. One of my pet peeves is that the Miele vacuum never, never, never smelled when exhausting. The SEBO does.. not the first time you use it with a clean filter, but every single time after that. It just annoys me because somehow Miele managed to make a vacuum that doesn't do this. We paid $600 or so for the SEBO, so I'll just have to make the best of it, but it still ticks me off that I didn't go with another Miele...


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The smell is the main reason I wanted the Miele. We still have our Royal because my husband likes the suction better but the smell is terrible. I just knew that every time I vacuumed the dust and allergens were going right back into the air. We all have allergies and I have asthma so the Miele was partly a medical decision.
I also wasn't sure about going back to a canister since it is a pain to lug around. I'm glad I did though because it's so much more convenient to be in a room, stop and pop on a attachment and then just keep going. The Royal didn't have attachments so I would have to use one vacuum to do curtains, comforters, cobwebs on the ceiling, etc. I could only get under the beds with a hard floor attachment so I know they never really got clean. Now I'm just hoping my Miele makes it 20 years like bestyears did!

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I bought a used Miele canister (Blue Moon) from a vacuum dealer. It was $450 (new, I think around $900) and have been very happy with it for the 2 years I have had it. Very quiet, very well made. I have hardwood floors and oriental rugs - will never go back to an upright.

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I bought a Miele cannister when my husband started allergy shots, back in 1992--it was the cleanest filter I could find at the time, before HEPA vacs came out for the home market. I've had it serviced once. It's still going strong in 2008. We got rid of all our carpets about ten years ago, but we have four dogs. The only thing I'm thinking about changing is getting a parquet brush.

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After realizing how many years I've had the Miele, I decided it was reasonable to get the parquet brush, maybe just as an update. I do not have parquet floors, but my house is almost 60 years old, with hardwood floors. I love the brush! It's lighter than the combo tool that came with the machine, and its bristles are at least three times as long. It has gaps in the brushes that facilitate moving dog hair into the suction path. It's easier to maneuver than the combo brush. I did run the wand over the bristles every now and then--they released the hair that had gathered on them much quicker than my combo brush. It cost just under $70.

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We've been using Miele for years in mixed use (wood floors) area rugs/orientals. Area is 1900 sq ft apartment. We are "shoeless" in the home but this being a city, there's plenty of grit and East coast winter particulate (from oil furnaces in bldgs all around)to stay ahead of.
No pets, tho occasional pet visitors.
Now need a new one (because am taking our 15 year one to a cottage house) but the choices are dizzying. Surprisingly the dual function nozzle comes on the (newly released?)Carina but it is described as Straight Suction vs one model "up" Capela air driven turbo suction.
I cant get to any REAL information on the differences

I like Miele re: low noise and encapsulated filtration
IT IS EXPENSIVE but my old two Electroluxes and a Royal have been disappointments with more frequent issues of belts and needs for servicing over a similar 10 -15 year period. Only downside on all the canisters, INCLUDING Miele, is that the hoses can separate from the interconnect housing.

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I think I've narrowed it down to three Miele models:
1. S5380 Venus (Garnet Red), for some reason not shown on MieleÂs website
2. S5380 Gemini (Java Green), also not shown on MieleÂs website
3. S5280 Callisto (Black)

All have the same amount of suction power and HEPA filtration and come with the SBB300 parquet floor brush.

Venus and Gemini are the same except for color and type of powerbrush.

Gemini and Callisto are the same except for color, power adjustment control/overheating indicator, and warranty (4 years parts & labor and 9 years blower vs. 3 years parts & labor and 8 years blower).

Apparently the smaller #SEB217 powerbrush that comes with the Gemini and Callisto is better for homes that have both carpet and hardwood (or tile/linoleum) floors. The smaller head can get under furniture more easily and is lighter and more maneuverable.

The wider #SEB236 powerbrush comes standard with the Venus and is available as an option for the Gemini and Callisto. It has a headlight and five height adjustments and is better for homes that have a lot of high pile carpet (not ours - we have hardwood with oriental rugs plus some stone tile).

Lower models come with the air-activated #STB205 Turbobrush. MieleÂs website says it is "ideal for cut pile and gives the carpet an excellent finish". I'm not sure how it really compares with the #SEB217 powerbrush in day-to-day/year-to-year use. While appearance doesn't really matter, it certainly looks less advanced.

I'm presently leaning towards the Gemini ($50 more than the Callisto), partly for the longer warranty and partly because I think its light blue-green color will show less dust and fewer scratches over time. Your view?

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Ok, so I am about to post a review of my brand new Miele Callisto. I was lucky enough to purchase it off the showroom floor for an extra savings. Let me say I read countless reviews, and no one was telling me what I really needed to hear. After visiting one showroom, I was a bit miffed at the salesman who showed me the top o' the line Capricorn, and wouldn't even turn on any lower model. I did my research and found that my new honest saleswoman said you don't even need an Aquarius or Capricorn unless you have 4000 sq of wall to wall carpet or more. I have 2000sq feet of mainly hardwood, tile and some very low pile carpets, and low pile floor rugs. I really didn't think I needed that high tech SEB 236 powerbrush. My saleslady concurred telling me the Callisto was the perfect machine for my needs. She didn't try to sell me the priciest machine! ( And was upset at the guy who tried to do so). My needs were such... I absolutely needed a true HEPA system, not a 'Super Air filter' deal... Callisto- check. I wanted an electric hose- again Callisto. I wanted the SEB 217 AND the twister parquet brush- Check Callisto. I did not need the 236 (which comes w/ the Gemini, Aquarius, Earth (the new Aquarius) and the Capricorn. I got everything I needed with the Callisto. I also have 1 very long haired Maine Coon cat, and this machine needed to be equipped to handle years worth of fuzz/fur which has accumulated due to my previous P.O.S. vacuum- again Callisto.
The only thing that caught my eye from the super money hungry salesman w/ the Capricorn was the beautiful high tech buttons, colors and a few other gadgets. I'm telling you, you really don't need those push buttons... If you're vacuuming you want it on the highest setting anyways... if you're going down to upholstery cleaning.. you will be removing the power brush and putting on the upholstery brush (included on board the machine), all you do is poof, switch the dial to lower setting.. It's really no big deal to switch the dial- especially since the push button option and nice color options will cost you a mere 200.00 plus! Figure out your needs, go to a showroom... have someone show you the machines.. get the Miele brochures... take them home, study... and figure out your needs THEN find a decent showroom that isn't selling you on the sleek Capricorn... believe me... they may try.. and then your perception gets scewed . The Callisto is the perfect machine for me... I have spent nearly 3 hours with it since purchasing yesterday... you will get a work out, but so will your new allergen free home!
Good luck with your research... but yes it's worth it. The Miele (with the HEPA system) is a MEDICAL INVESTMENT - (the perfect thing to tell your hubby when you are about to plunk down 850.00 for the next 20 years of your cleaning life)!

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And...that would be tax deductible...right? P-)

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I have four Miele's. The new Earth model (I had to have that color), the Solaris, the Platinum Limited Edition, and the White Pearl. I love all my Miele cleaners and think the world of them.

I think what Miele means by 'sealed system' is that the air after the motor goes through the Hepa, where the Electrolux Oxygen does not pass the air after the motor through the Hepa filter - so carbon brush residue escapes the Electrolux.

ALL Miele cleaners use the same Vortex motor with a 7 year warranty from Miele. Miele's only obligation is the 7 year motor warranty and a one year warranty on the rest of the machine. Any 'extended' warranty is up to the vac shop. My cousin bought her Miele Naturelle for $229 and loves it for her hard floors and area rugs. I have three different power heads with my Miele's (217, 226, 236) and I like them for different things. If I had only one to choose, it would be the Earth model with the 236 power head.

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I posted on this thread right after I got my Miele. While I'm still satisfied with it, I would not recommend it to anyone with animals that shed a lot. I have 2 dogs, one is a golden-lab mix, and 2 cats who shed constantly. The Meile just doesn't seem to get all of the hair out of the carpet. When I use the parquet brush on the wood floors I have to keep stopping to clean the brush because of the hair. For the price of the Miele I'm sure there's something else out there that would do a better job of removing the hair.

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I'm sure for less money you could buy a parquet brush that doesn't collect the dog hair on it and leaves it on the floor...Excuse the sarcasm but the brush is doing it's job. The fact you have to clear it means it is collecting large amounts of it. As for the powerhead which one do you have? Are you maintaining the roller? You have a difficult home for any vac the amount of hair your house has would give most any vac fits, whether it be clogs, bound rollers or stretched belts.

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I understand that the brush is doing it's job. I am simply letting people who have pets know that this is not the best machine for them.

I have the larger power head and after just a few months I took it in thinking it was broken. When I picked it up I was charged a cleaning fee. I have since learned to take it apart and clean it myself but it's no easy feat. For $1200 I expect a bit more performance-wise.

If I had to recommend a vacuum for pet hair it would be a Royal. It doesn't have the filtration of the Miele but the suction is incredible. I still have my Royal and use it at least once a week to pick up what the Meile leaves behind.

If you are looking strictly at filtration this is a great machine. However, many people looking for that feature do so because they have pets. I wish I would have read something like this before I bought the Miele because I would have looked at other options.

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Hmm, I just bought my second Miele canister and it picks up my dog's hair better than any other vacuum I've used. Also rather quiet which I appreciate. For rugs or carpet, the powerbrush is set at 2 or 3 and I go over the area a few times. I dunno; each their own. I always made a mess emptying the Dyson but people love those.

The miele upright (dunno the name) is pretty sweet too if you've got lots o' carpet. I hated using it on hard flooring and was too bulky, apparently, to get under the bed. Lol.

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