Old Way to put a Little Light on the Subject!

jeannespinesFebruary 15, 2011

The other day DH found an oil lamp for $6.50 ... a real steal (he thought) ...so we added it our our mantle on the basement wall downstairs. The mantle is 35+ yrs old & was a pc of raw lumber ...we used to have a fireplace & had it over it...then yrs later we got a few standing wood stove so he moved it to the wall...I love it...the other 4 lamps we've gathered over the yrs.

...so here's an old way to put a little light on the subject!

The photo is a sunset on a lake in MN ... & the pheasants are ceramics I made bk in mid-70's for DH for Christmas. Go ahead & hum it, you light up my..yyyyy life..

TFLookin! Jeanne S. (hope you share some, too, slinkey jane)

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Oh, I forgot to say...I'm posting this because "days are getting lighter around here!" A good thing ... think Spring! LOL!

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You're right Jeanne...days are lasting longer now and I'm beginning to see the 'Light At The End of A Loooong Tunnel' known as 'Winter' too!!
Speaking of Light..you have quite a nice display there, and DH set them up nicely on the neat piece of raw lumber. Great deal on your last oil lamp. I see besides many other things, we have some lamps in common too. I also love them and what's nice is they DO come in handy when the power goes out! By any chance do you collect old Rayo or Aladdin Nickel Plated Oil Lamps?...seems You & I took Ceramic Classes around the same time in the 70's too! lol Oh...and in our 'This Old House' (before this one) we had a Vermont Castings Wood Stove..used it during the late 70's to heat our house during the Energy Crisis...wish I had that little beauty today.. I was born in the Midwest and brought to the NE at 3..do you think we were seperated at Birth??? lolol

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I love the oil lamps Jeanne, They look terrific with the pheasants. That is a great photo. Is that an oxen yoke hanging beneath your wonderful mantel?
The days are getting longer and it has warmed up enough to start melting the ice and snow. Everything is dirty looking and muddy. But as I heard someone say the other day, I'll take slush over ice and freezing temps any day.
I think there are 32 days til spring. YAY!!

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Jeanne, that certainly does put A Little Light on these days. It all looks wonderful together. Love the sunset picture on the lake with all your oil lamps and pheasants. Did you take the picture? It pulls this setting together nicely.

The yoke and shelf are perfect in this setting also. It's great that you kept the mantel. I'm singing You Light Up My Life now. However we are being dumped on with wet heavy snow right now. After all it's only Feb. so we could get alot more of this!Ohhhhhh Noooooo


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This is very rustic and the oil lamps are perfect on your old mantel.
I made that same ceramic male pheasant long ago. I wish I stll had it now, but when I remarried and moved, I got rid of lots of things and he was one of the items I did not keep. I had a yoke like that too, also gone. : (
Your vignette brought back lots of memories.
Oh well, It just gives an excuse to get new things!

It all looks wonderful together and I especially love that your DH goes shopping for treasures. Mine has no interest and won't go with me on my quests.


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You did a great job on your pheasants, did you do any other painting or just ceramics? They look great with your mantel and yoke. Not too long ago I bought a very large yoke like that at a GS for $10.00. I thought DH was going to complain, but he loved it and hung it in the garage with his hunting prints and rustic things.

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Thanks for your comments jane, nana, punk & candy,

Funny that some of us were in ceramics about the same time...think we've talked of that before...nice "adult get-away" time.

Jane, I don't have either of those type of oil lamps...Googled ...& the closest I come is a brushed nickel finish on one in my computer/craft room on a shelf w/some of fav collections/books...it must be a replica...not old & very light wt...I bought at GS some yrs ago. But from the pics I've seen, your's sounds wonderful! Can also relate to your old wood stove...our very first was a old pot-belly one (from a farm sale bk in early 70's) we put in our unfinished basement & would love to have that one now!

nana...DH & I brainstormed (ya know you forget these things) & he remembered it's called a "single tree"...so Googled...not for oxen, but an old horse drawn buggy or wagon single tree yoke..also in his antiques below the mantle is a horse collar...thanks for asking.

punk...we're having "thaws" here, too...but know that the snows will yet come...it's only Feb. (as you said)! LOL! But I'm so ready to start Spring decor..>I may earlier this yr as winter seems it's the longest right now!

candy...glad you enjoyed...& DH does like to TS w/me sometimes...sometimes I smile to myself when he holds up something he thinks might be of interest to me (dishes, esp)(& I may think it's not ME at all!) LOL! YES, always nice to have an excuse to get new things!

Pardon my rattling...I know it's Spring Fever (waaaa-y too soon!) Jeanne S.

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Oh Yesssssss......May I copy on my mantle????? I have several old lamps, a nice (ginormous) rough cedar mantle...no pheasants, but I regularly see Posie sitting up there ;^). I do have a small Remington who could take the place of the pheasants.....
Y'all and inspiring me to get busy....
Thanks for posting your lovely mantle/wall, Jeanne!!

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frou & jay ... thanks...

frou...I tole-painted a bit over the yrs but not much...besides ceramics...fun. Neat that your DH loved your GS buy...& a great place for him to add it!

jay...your mantle sounds WONDERFUL...I know I would love it...please post a pic! And oil lamps are just a pc of art in themselves, aren't they!

punk...I did take that pic many yrs ago ...was out on the lake in a boat w/sunset & clouds...good memories! (that was our vac, 1X a yr forever!) Thanks!

Here's a pic of my DH's winter project of the electric fireplace cabinet he built ...which we are using now since corn/pellet prices have risen so much & we don't cut alot of wood anymore. Our 70's home was built w/all-electric heat so it working out for us so far...he needs to poly it yet but must have warmer weather, windows open for that.

Hmmmm....more space for holiday decor! LOL! Jeanne S.

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The lamps are super. I have a couple too. Wish I had saved more of my dad's lanterns. Didn't have sense enough at the time.

Once again, I am jealous that "your man" is so talented when it comes to woodworking. I'd love to work at his side and learn a thing or two. He can do the real fine work that makes a piece stand out. Hope he passed a little knowledge on to your son.

Keep warm.

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Your mantel decor is awesome, Jeanne. Of course I'd love the pheasants...but it all came together perfectly.
Your DH is also awesome :o)

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, OA & PM ...

"Wish I had saved more of my dad's lanterns. Didn't have sense enough at the time." ...boy, been there, done that, OA!

yeah, DH is a keeper! (I guess he must be, 46 yrs next mo!) LOL! Anyway, yes, he helped DS remodel DS's bedroom last summer...so DS is learning some tricks of the trade!

PM...I'll tell him you think he's awesome! LOL! Jeanne S.

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