An Evening With Cupid !

slinkeyFebruary 8, 2011

After seeing so many lovely VDay tables and Vignettes here...I finally got inspired to do a table.

I bought a tablecloth at CTS - after Christmas Sale,

marked down 90%. I thought it would work nicely for VDay...See if you agree.

Outside of the tablecloth and a few other items, I pretty much had everything already, to put this TS together.

The CP is a large Pillar- Candle Holder - I turned upside down. There was a hole underneath that I inserted the Velvet Roses (Walmart).. into. I used two Cherubs (I had) and just propped up one on ea side.

The Red Stems - CTS... Red Hurricanes are CTS - which I elevated on Red Candle Holders from Michael's.

Different Lighting...

I layered two napkins together. The Red Flatware - CTS..

Red Chargers - Home Goods...White Plate - CTS..- Pink Johnson Bros Old English Castles - Ebay....- The Red/Gold Dinner Plates - Flea Mkt..and the two smaller plates -from a Thrift Shop in town.

Hope you enjoyed spending some time with Cupid ...

Thanks For Looking.


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Wow, that tablecloth is perfect with your cupids that you added to your rose CP!
It looks lovely and I like the layering of the dishes and the napkins. The hurricanes on the candlesticks look like they were made that way!!
Very elegant and beautiful, and that tablecloth was a real score!!
Glad you got into the mood to create this wonderful table.


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Jane, I agree with everything Candy said. I love your red stems, they are so pretty too. Your pictures are lovely. Did you use different lenses or lighting to achieve all this?

Love it that you was inspired and set a beautiful table to share!


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Unique use of ur candleholder in the centerpc! & the red hurricanes light up your table! Good to see those red plates you got last summer...look gorgeous in amonf your staced place settings! Very Valenyine-y! jeanne s

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Rich reds, golden glow from candles, crisp napkins & beautiful centerpiece matching the cupids & ribbons on the tablecloth, & lovely dishes make an eloquent TS! Jan

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Oh yes, that tablecloth is perfect for V-Day, and if you hadn't told us, I thought that was a V-Day vase in the middle of the table, looked like the cupids were totally part of it!

I especially am ga-ga over that flatwear, I am on a huge quest to find some with colored handles this year at garage sales!!!

I also love the layered napkins!

Waaah, wish we had a CTS here!! You & Kathleen wow us with your finds from that store!

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Slinkey you are one creative gal! The 'cupids' do look like part of the vase (which isn't even a vase!) And then your elevated candle-holders too!
That tablecloth couldn't be more perfect!

What a really beautiful tablesetting!! WOW.
hugs, Karen

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Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Don't you just love how everything works so perfectly together. It's like you bought a matched set of everything all at once. That tablecloth is just too perfect. If you went looking for a cupid tablecloth, you'd probably never find one. But there is was, on the Christmas sale table.
Your entire tablescape is beautiful. Like yachter, I love the flatware. I've seen the pattern in many colors and liked them all.
Just send the whole set up to me. I'll pay for shipping.

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CTS strikes again, what a fantastic find and the centerpiece is too perfect. I'm loving all you red dishes and glassware and silverware. Your roses look great, I bought two bunches to use this weekend, I wanted real ones but Walmart took up all thier $10.00 dozens because of Valentines I guess and we are supposed to get a snow storm here today, so I guess I will use the fake ones. Your centerpiece makes them look so good.

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Jane I love your Valentine's table. Clever center piece!!
The table cloth is terrific. Who'd think it would be with the Christmas stuff. You layered everything perfectly. I love the the flatware. The lighting gives the table a romantic feel. You were lucky to find so many neat things at CTS, except for the white plates, the one in my area didn't have any of the things you found.

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What a beautiful Valentine table. If I had seen the tablecloth first I would have thought it was too busy, but with the dishes, etc. it is perfect! Isn't it amazing how you can repurpose a piece by just turning it upside down.

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Thank you ladies...I'm glad everyone was in agreement on the Tablecloth..

Punk..I just changed the setting on the camera to get the different lighting effect.

Jeanne..I'm amazed you rememberd those red dishes I got last summer! I finially got to use

yachter...I've said this before...CTS could be on it's way to your town as I write!! lol...They are branching out all over...keep checking their web site...ya never know!

OA..You're right..
I wasn't in the market for a 'Cupid T/C'..but that's when you find things...When you're NOT looking!

Frou...the Walmart Velvet Roses actually look better IRL.
I try to buy faux florals that look the closest to real as possible.

Nana..I find that CTS will carry most of the same things...but they also will have something Different from ea other. I usually shop EVERY one on Cape Cod when I'm there in the Summer..and had found that out. I think they do that on purpose.

lovemydishes..I don't think I welcomed you.
I thought the same thing about the Tablecloth when I first saw it. In fact I picked it up and put it down several times because I felt that way. Glad I decided to go for it.

Thanks again everyone..


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Marlene Kindred


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Your tablecloth couldn't be more perfect! And you set it off just right with the centerpiece, candle holders and pretty dishes. I love your red/gold plates, they are so pretty in this setting. You do take wonderful pictures. Love it all. Luvs

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wow, Jane, I can't believe you were able to assemble such perfectly coordinated (by size, color, and pattern) stacked place settings! It's simply amazing. I love your red flatware every time I see it used and your napkin arrangement is perfect! Beautiful table!

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Thank You..

It was nice reading your sweet comments.
Glad you liked the T/C and the layering of the dishes.
It's fun to do when you have dishes in colors that work together and sizes that a 'puzzle' ! lol


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