Which FD Refrigerator is More Reliable? LG or KitchenAid ?

sarapamelaMarch 5, 2012

It is hard to generalize, but which of the following brands of refrigerators have you found to be most reliable? I think we've finally narrowed it down to a French Door KitchenAid or an LG. We don't plan to get water in the door, as I know that is often the most common service call... People seem to like the Samsung, but their 20 cu ft one is not laid out well for our use (shelf options are very limited, not much space for half-gallon tea, milk, juices, etc...) SO.... we would love to hear from folks who are particularly happy with (or miserable with!?) their KA or LG refrigerators.

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We have a FD KA with no ice/water in the door. It has functioned very well, but I don't much like the layout. For a full depth fridge it is not very roomy.

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Never had a Kitchenaid fridge. Our LG French Door works great, but we have a dispenser model.

There have been no problems to speak of, the occasional ice jam that has to be cleared by hand, but that's pretty much it.

I have to say that the LG seems to keep produce fresher much longer than our old Frigidaire or Whirlpool units could.

We ended up with the LG when my wife informed me that she liked the looks of the LG best and that she wasn't interested in doing any more searching. This was 2.5 years ago. At that time, LG had switched all of their refrigerators over to LED lighting. Their older, incandescently lit models, had had a rash of problems with light fixtures getting stuck with the lights on even with the door shut. This had caused meltdowns of the fixtures and LG had not done an impressive job getting the faulty units fixed. There were tons of complaints on LGs at the time and if it were left up to me I would have chosen something else based upon the poor service record. But I have to say that our personal experience has been trouble-free.

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I have had the 72" KA FD, counter depth, no ice in the door, for about 18 months. It was a bit spendy in my mind but it has the upgraded interior and I liked it a lot better than the shorter counter depth version so went for it anyway. We have been very pleased with it, especially the freezer layout. It seems pretty quiet too. I thought they were a bit stingy on the number of adjustable door bins but I added a couple more after purchase for a nominal amount. Good luck!

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Ditto to what buffalotina said...we have the KA 72" DC refrigerator, which replaced the 30 KA fridge that was there when we bought the house (and it's still running in my sister in laws garage!). The 68" CD seemed so much smaller for some reason.

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Thanks for the feedback! This may sound stupid, but is a 72" fridge really that huge? I'm looking to get a narrow one to fit in our small kitchen... maybe 33" wide. Now wondering if, due to space considerations, we should "let go" of my desire to get French Door and just get one with a freezer on the bottom with a regular door. Both LG and KA have them, though, so I am still interested in hearing others' experiences and opinions about their reliability. Seems like a "tie score" so far : )

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Sarapamela, my kitchen is only 10' x 11'...36" wide fridge, 72" high. It's 22 cubic feet.

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That makes more sense... What is 72" DC mean, though? Is that the height of the new one? It looks great in there, and I'd never guess your kitchen is only 10x11. Ours is even smaller, so I need to get it right! What kind of countertop is that? Great look : )

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Unless LG has changed its design, it closes gasket to gasket and tends to leak in time.
Went with Elux FD and love it!
Plucked it during a big rebate!

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have an LG fd. standard depth, 25 c. f., wonderful layout, slide out shelves, no water or ice outside. bought it becuase it only extended 34 1/4 depth including door handles. My custom cabs were designed around this thing and they fit beautifully. It doesnot stick out, which was our big concern. It is not as deep as other full sizers. We love it so much. It will be a year old next March or April. not a second of concern.

It was an unexpected bonus that it was $1500-1600.

We investigated it fully, in light of previous tales of fires. It's fine.

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Sarapamela...DC means TYPO!!! Sorry, it should read CD which means counterdepth! The KA CD fridge comes in either 68" or 72" height. It's 36" wide. It has internal filtered water. We love it. We are a family of 4. We find that everything is easily accessible and in view. My husband who does all the food shopping especially loves the full-width drawer under the veggie bins for the kids snacks.

Here's another view, maybe it won't look as huge.

Our countertops are Belvedere Soapstone. We're very happy with them. Here they are naked, but occasionally we oil/wax them to make them darker. It's all about the look, the oil/wax serves no other purpose really.

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fivefootzero - what brand range and mw do you have? Like?

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I have a kitchen aid too. mine is the full depth version that is 32 5/8" wide X 70" tall. I was going to get a narrow SxS to fit in the smallish corner that is provided by my kitchen lay out but decided a french door would do better with some help in here. At the time I wanted ice and water in the door but found that to be an expensive idea in this type and size. I ended up with this KA because we found it at HH Gregg as a floor model close out, they were not going to carry this size any more which is near 22 cuft. this one has water and ice but the water is in the fridge which work fine and stays cleaner than on the door might. Mine looks like Fivezero's but it sticks out more from the cabinet and the left door is narrower than the right. I have no issue with gallons in either side, the bottom left door shelf will only hold one being not as wide but I still have room for a katshup bottle next to it. The right bottom shelf also often has two tea pitchers. I like the crispers and the bottom try that we use one side of for deli meats and cheeses and the other side for other small snacks. I have made the layout work well. I like the freezer too the bins are nice, I think its easier to find items than the top freezer model I had, a 29 year old Frigidaire that was still running and running.

I had the KA since April 2012 so far its been running well. the only fault I can find is that if its humid you will need to use the moisture control option and sometimes I have seen condensation on the center bar that makes the seal between the doors and t drips down to the freezer gasket and needs an occasional wipe this summer, but then I don't have central ac in my old house to keep it more evenly cool than window units to so others my not see that small issue.

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I've had a KA side by side 72" tall unit since 2006 and would like to replace it with a 72" french door. But doesn't look like anyone makes them with ice & water dispenser in the door. I've looked at the LG counter depth, and even though it is nice, the location on the water dispenser on LG is very poor. I've tried a friends, and the water can so easily get on the floor. The new GE Profile has a much better dispenser, and the counter depth PYE model is due out this year. But all are still shorter than the 72" unit I've got.

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Lindy Fivezero's range looks like it is a Kitchen Aid slide in gas model, the over the range microwave looks like it is KA as well, both very nice!

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My range IS a KA gas w/convection slide in...as well as the OTR microwave. Thanks Mike. Don't ask about the dishwasher though...NOT Kitchenaid.

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Thanks fivefootzero. Do you like your KA range and OTR MW? We are doing a kitchen remodel and torn on what range and MW to get!

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