Cleaning garbage disposal (foaming tablet?)

netarcJanuary 8, 2006

I've heard rumor of some sort of foaming/fizzing tablet-based product that will reputedly do a good job at cleaning the garbage disposal. Does anyone know of a product like this? Assuming that's a lark, what other techniques do an effective job at cleaning a disposal?

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Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, even orange peel makes it smell nice. Shouldn't really need cleaned.

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I've used those tablets. As I recall, the tablet is in a small paper sack and you run the disposal with the sack and tablet both.

I agree with lizql in the previous post. You really don't anything special to keep the disposal clean. I've even used ice to clean it.

The only time I've ever had trouble with a disposal smelling is if it's not being used. Then food scraps can collect in it, and they don't wash down like the regular drain.

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Run citrus peels through it.

Running ice cubes also helps.

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I've seen the tablets next to the disposals at the hardware store, never tried it though. My owners manual actually recommends running ice through it though I haven't yet. I do drop in a piece of citrus peel whenever I have one.

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They are called Plink, about the size of a marble and I get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Be sure to pull out the rubber thing at the sink drain that protects you from splash back from the disposal. Just yank on it--it will come out. You will be amazed at all the gunk stuck to the underside of that black rubber sink drain cover and to the sides of the drain hole. That is where most of the smell comes from. Once you clean that all out, you can pull out anything still sitting in the disposal that has not been ground down enough to wash through the disposal. And then use the Plink or some hot, sudsy water.

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I used to run lime peels through my apt disposal but the blades were dull or something because it never really cut them up and it jammed and that's what the repair man found.
Dump baking soda done (1/2 a regular box), then pour 1/2 cup or so of vinegar and let it sit. It will foam like mad.

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I pour a small amount of bleach 1x month in my garbage disposal, add a hot water and let it run for a minute. Smells fresh.

Eggshells are good for sharpening the blades.

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Christine: Glad you brought this back into view. I have a similar brush to that one. I rarely use it because when you pull it out of the disposal it FWAPS tiny splatters of yuck all over the place. I always wear goggles, but that doesn't help the sink, my shirt, etc. LOL! I must need training to use a simple brush.

I've tried to cover the thing with a towel, but I still make a mess.

Does that rubber divided splash guard thing really pull out? I might try that--hope I don't destroy it! Because that is definitely where the unreachable gunk and smell come from. I think so because after I use all my cleansers and stuff, the smell is sometimes still there till I work on the underside of rubber flaps--the only place the cleansers don't reach well.

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