Bathroom Backsplash behind Vanity

milesbellaMarch 12, 2014

We purchased this vanity for our basement bathroom (new construction). We will have a similar layout as in the photo on the right; however, there is a wall along the left-hand side that it butts up to.

I'm of the opinion that a backsplash is always necessary - husband says no. What do you think? I think we need a backsplash up to the bottom of the mirror. I would even consider doing tile along the entire back wall and the wall to the left. I'm thinking a subway tile. My biggest concern is water splashing on the wall - husband says he's not worried.

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You're both right!

It took us 4 years to decide on a BS for our kitchen, so we just painted the walls with an extra coat of paint, and it was fine.

However, since you have such a neutral vanity and mirror, you could really add some punch with a fabulous tile and it wouldn't cost you much. I would just do the few inches between counter and mirror and carry it along the side wall. There are beautiful white textured/embossed/patterned tiles out there that you could really have fun with.

Here is a link that might be useful: textural white tile backsplashes

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Who's going to be using this bathroom? If it's just random people downstairs washing their hands, then I wouldn't be too worried about splashing. If it's teenagers with a facial routine who use it daily, then I might think differently. Either way, I think the tile would look nice, but a good semi-gloss paint would do the job.

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The bathroom is for my 16 year old son, active in sports, two showers a day, daily face washing routine...and messy. : ) I like the idea of the tile between the sink and mirror and I think we'll wrap it around the wall as well. Thanks for your opinions!

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