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lniaFebruary 23, 2012

Hello Again,

Based on all your wonderful input, we have made some more changes to the layout, specifically the 2nd floor. I think we are close and would once again appreciate your feedback. Any thoughts you could provide relative to the details (i.e. door swinging in/out, etc) would be appreciated as well. Also, I have a few questions related to windows. Do you think it would look nice to have 2 window's in the northwest corner, but one facing south, the other east versus just the two windows on the north wall? Also, i am thinking about eliminating one or both of the den windows on the east wall.

As always, thank you.

Renovator, I hope our stairs pass your inspection now.

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I think it is going to work great with the way you re-configured the bonus and your bath! I would put a window where you noted in the master bedroom, but I would actually put 2 on that wall, rather than one...I think it would look "off" to have one lonely window when there are 2 on the other wall. You could configure it so your bed fit between those two windows. I think it looks pretty to put a bed between windows, and I like windows on more than one wall in a room. Some people will say they don't like walking through the bath to get to the closet....but ours is like that and we made it our dressing room....I really like it.

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Why would you want the closet door in Bed 3&4 and master to swing in instead of out?

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Love the reconfiguration for master suite & access to bonus room. I agree with nini that if you put 1 window on the left hand wall of the master bedroom, you should put a second to balance it. One thing to think about--how much space will you leave between the windows & what size bed do you have? If you leave enough space for a queen, then later decide you want a king the windows will be off.

As far as closet door swings--there are clearance issues/wall issues with the master closet & bedroom 4 closet doors. Additionally, I think the door swing for closets is a personal preference and there is no wrong way to do it other than if the swing creates a clearance issue or there is no wall for the door to "rest against" when open.

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Since your master closet and laundry are back to back now, you might want to consider adding access between the two. Would save you walking all the way around with clean and dirty laundry.

I like having windows on multiple walls if at all possible and if the view outside is worth it. Ie if I added a window and all I would see is the side of the neighbors house then I probably wouldn't.

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Regarding those closet doors - first of all, mine all swing into the closet and I like it - you don't always have to close the closet door (it's not floating out in the room) and you can hang stuff behind the door on the wall. However, you can always use a pocket door wherever possible and save yourself the issue completely.

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Thanks everyone! DreaMhome, how can you tell there will be clearance issues?
I am thinking about moving door from bedroom 2 to the side with closet if I can work it out . That way this room won't be so far away from the bathroom.
Do you think an archway will break up the feel of long hallway further or do you think it won't add anything other than expense?


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Love what you did with your master suite!

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Hi lnia-- Responding to the comment on your bedroom closet doors swinging in vs. out...Typically, closet doors have swung out because there was not enough space in the closet to swing them in. That is not the case in your plan for your bedroom closets--they are nice size walk-in closets with plenty of room for an inswing door.

Here are the clearance issues with the closet doors I was referring to that you requested:

Bedroom 4--If the closet door swings out, then you could have the bedroom door & the closet door banging into one another. Keeping the closet door the way it is drawn eliminates the possibility of a collision.

Master Closet--If the closet door swings out & is hinged on the side shown, the door has nowhere to rest--it will just float out in the bathroom and partially block the path to the toilet. If you hinge it on the other side & it swings out, then you risk the doorknob and possibly the door itself hitting the glass of the shower wall. I would leave this door as drawn on the plan.

Bedroom 2--I like the idea of moving the bedroom door, but you will again encounter a clearance issue with the doors. I would make that closet an inswing door and change the side it is hinged on so the door rests against the right hand wall as you enter the closet.

Bedroom 3--We have a similar entry setup into DS2's bedroom. We opted to move the closet door to the wall on the right hand side as you enter the bedroom. This frees up the wall where your current closet door is to allow greater flexibility for furniture placement.

Secondary Bath on 2nd Floor--The entry into the toilet/shower area bothers me. I would worry about one of the kids getting sick and their body is now inadvertently blocking the door so you can't open it to help. Or one of the kids is using the bathroom & forgets to lock the door and another kid swings the door open and bangs it right into their knees. Ouch! An easy solution would be to make that door an outswing. Alternatively, you could steal a little space from the laundry area to make a bump out for the toilet along that wall, so the toilet would now sit next to the window vs. under it.

You asked about the arch--How wide is the hallway? If it is between 42-48" wide, then I do not think an arch is necessary. I personally think arches add character, so if you like the character it would bring, I say go for it. If you're thinking of doing it to break up the length of the hallway only, I say don't. The jog you have in the hallway already helps with breaking it up.

Hope this helps!

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I would take the door away from the kitchen and mudroom, maybe an archway? Also I would shrink the pantry.

I would put the master shower in the existing closet 90 degree area. I would make the closet a rectangle and move the toilet. It will affect the diagonal lines in the hallway but you could have more useful space there too.

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It looks like a very well laid out, comfortable, gracious home.

Out of curiosity, how high are the ceilings?

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I'm usually on the Home Dec Forum but happened to stop in here today as we consider a possible build. IMHO your pantry is a nice size--not at all too big.

I like windows on both walls of bedrooms if possible for air circulation as well as appearance, as long as you can place them so as not to interfere with bed placement. I'd definitely leave enough room for a king size bed in the MBR, because even if you don't currently have one, ALWAYS remember you MAY someday be selling this home even if it's your dream home. (Been there and done that)

Regarding the arch, have you considered adding it just before the master bedroom and after passing the doorway into the bonus room. You'd need to move the MBR doorway toward the bedroom more and lose that bit of entry hall after entering the MBR. The reason I suggest this is that having the arch before the bonus room makes it appear that the bonus room is part of the MBR suite to me, whereas having it after will set the MBR off as a more private area.

Lovely interesting floorplan! Good luck with your new home!

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Thanks for all the constructive feedback peyton and dream home.
Everyone is definitely having us think through all the pros and cons of every decision and we are so appreciative.

Birdgardner, we are doing 9 feet 1st floor. thanks!

So...I am second guessing my bumpout for dining room now because i think it makes difficult to do a tray ceiling or crown molding because of the interruption in the wall.

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I just want to agree that the door swing into the 2nd bath should swing out. It just looks too tight in there to go in and try to shut the door or open it for that matter. That was the main thing bothering me.

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I didn't read everything others posted, so some of this may have been said. I love the first floor layout, the flow is nice. Where will you be when you want to do laundry and can there be some multitasking, i.e. cooking, homework, etc. while doing laundry. I understand the convenience of the 2nd floor laundry room, it could also be incorporated into the mudroom, freeing up some space upstairs. You'd have space for a chute to the laundry room. If you have guests, will they be using a bedroom upstairs? If not, the powder room on the 1st floor can be expanded to a full bath and given access from the library. I like that all the plumbing is generally over-under other plumbing, this is a money saver.

Fridge to sink distance seem like a trek, even to the penciled in second sink on the island, which faces the other sink and requires a walk-around.

Of minor concern to some designers and to Feng Shui enthusiasts, you have a few 90 degree walls on the 2nd fl. The most notable results from the placement of the door to the master bedroom. Moving it further in to be co-linear with the wall of the master bath would solve this issue. Not sure what compass direction the house will face, but there are only 2 windows represented in your 16x16 master bedroom. Unless those windows face south, you may note get that much light. Also, your master suite is located over the garage. Given what we know about indoor air pollution, that vehicles are constantly off-gassing and that the best protective measures may not keep out poisons and pollutants, this is not a good place to sleep. I would reconfigure the upper floor, eliminating the open-below and leaving the over-garage space as future bonus area. It will be easier to heat and cool a space over the already conditioned-grate room than over the unconditioned garage.

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I don't think that niche will make it hard to do crown in the dining room...it would just follow the ceiling into the niche.

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Thanks. Based on the feedback I am now considering eliminating the door in the 2nd bathroom. Not sure if it ever really would be used anyway. I'll just flip the toilet and tub.
I like the idea of eliminating the door into the kitchen from mudroom. We would just need to make sure not to let this space get too messy.

Thanks for the 90degree comments from raised cottage, I might make thAt master bedroom change. Never thought about polllutants from garage but hopefully we will take appropriate measures to minimize.

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