Installing 30" NXR

socalssMarch 13, 2014


We've narrowed down our list of ranges and the NXR 30" is what we are leaning towards. Since the delivery will be just to the curb, we need to install it ourselves. How hard is this to install? We have an older low-end GE gas range installed. And it looks like the location of the gas intake for the NXR is in the middle of the range towards the bottom so pretty similar location. Pretty straightforward then or is there something that I'd have to be careful about?


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If you are looking at the back, the hookup is on the lower left of the back. It is a standard connection. Use a flexible line. It is pretty much the same as on most gas stoves. Read the longer NXR threads and you'll find several that discuss installation from the curb into the house. The range is heavy so best to use an appliance dolly if you can get one and also have a couple friends to help. Once in the house, it slides pretty easily unless you have tile floors. Also, the oven door is easy to remove but fussy to put back on correctly. Again, this has been discussed in several threads in case you want more detailed info, For instance, the NXR owner's manual is silent on door reinstallation but the Electrolux Icon ranges use the same kind of oven door and have illustrations showing how to put it back on.

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To add, you may need to recess your electrical plug depending on how high it is. This will allow the range to slide back further.

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Thanks for the replies. We decided to go ahead with the NXR and it was delivered in 3 days!

It was packed really well as indicated in the other threads. I carefully looked at the inside of the oven (before signing off!) and didn't notice any issues with flaking or poorly touched up spots. Door opens and closes well and the general fit looks pretty good. No issues getting it in the house with my neighbor's appliance dolly.

However, I noticed that after removing the cover (no screws, just a plate) on the bottom of the oven that the oval burner was not fastened to the bracket on the back of the oven! It just seems to be resting on the bracket. Is it supposed to be free wheeling? In fact, it looks like the burner isn't connected to the "flare" gas feed that is close to the front of the oven. Shouldn't it be fastened somehow? The ignitor connection to the burner looks OK. I was able to move the burner so that the gas feed is inside the burner , but it seems like it should secure! Afraid to hook up the gas till I understand this.

I'll call up Duro today and report back here. But in the mean time, what do you guys think? Thanks!

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I called up the service company and they asked me to send them pics. Thought I would include them here.

Here's the picture of the back of the oven. This is where the burner is just resting on the bracket.

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Here's the pic of the front. You can see the gas flare isn't connected to the burner. I can move the burner so that the flare rests inside of it, but it doesn't seem to be a good connection. Seems like it should definitely be more secure than it is.

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The lower oven burner should not be loose. The back of my NXR lower oven burner looks like yours but the burner is physically connected to the rear bracket that is screwed to the rear oven wall. If it is loose on yours, you've definitely got a manufacturing mistake or else there has been some shipping damage.

Not quite clear what you meant by "cover (no screws, just a plate) on the bottom of the oven." If you meant the cover that is the floor of the oven, there should no be screws. It is meant to be lifted out for cleaning. (Much easier to clean it in the sink than to clean it in place.) If you meant the vertical plate just below the oven door on the front of the stove -- what I'd call the burner cover and kickplate -- I gather than the mounting may have changed a little since I bought my NXR but it defintiely should have at least a couple of screws to hold it in place.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I meant the cover that's on the floor of the oven, not the kickplate in the front of the oven.

So your burner is physically screwed to the rear bracket that is screwed to the rear oven wall? I don't see a screw hole on the burner for the screw to go thru? My rear bracket appears secure. As my front burner picture shows, the nozzle (or gas flare, whatever it is called) is not inside the burner as it should be. So I was thinking once that is corrected, the burner will be secure (without being physically secured to the rear bracket).

Adco said they will be dispatching a tech. Hope it's soon!

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>>> So your burner is physically screwed to the rear bracket that is screwed to the rear oven wall?On mine, the burner seems to have a tab projecting from the rear of the burner and that tab is riveted (not screwed) to the rear L-bracket.

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Thanks for everyone for their help. I just wanted to let everyone know how things are going. Adco referred a local appliance guy who seems to be very good. He ordered the burner and also an ignitor since he said it is a good chance that one is burned out.

A bit more drama, I got an email from Adco saying the part was backordered. I called them up and they said it could be 3 weeks. Decided to call up Duro directly and asked them about it. They claimed the burner that Adco ordered was the wrong size (17") when it should have be a 19" burner which is why it was "backordered"? Not sure who is making up stuff here. Long story short, Duro shipped the in-stock part (or removed it off another range!) directly to my house and the Duro guy even offered to come by the next day and install it, since we are only about 30 miles from them. We couldn't make the schedule work so we decided to just have the appliance repair guy fix it. He should be Fri morning to do the work. So that will be 2 weeks since we got it delivered and we still haven't tried oven. My wife has been cooking on it constantly for the last 1.5 loves the looks of the ranges and the stove top burners.

The appliance repair people seem to be sharp and straight shooters. They said that they've had problem with NXRs and also some other ranges as well. They did say that once you get the NXR ranges up and running, they think they are good solid ranges that as good as some of the more expensive pro style ranges. They weren't too impressed with Duro's shipping/customer service, but didn't think they were terrible.

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