Bathroom renovation layout help

khillman96March 26, 2013

I accidentally put this under remodeling - sorry for the double post..

We just finished renovating our ranch house kitchen/living area - and just have the bathrooms left to remodel and update. We have two baths in the house currently, one in the hall which is used for both children as well as guests and a master bath. We have plans to add a half bath on the other side at a later date.
I am having trouble finding the best way to maximize our space in the hall bath. It is rather large for the size of house (12âÂÂ-6âÂÂx7âÂÂ-7âÂÂ). At minimum I want the toilet & shower separated from vanity - but would love the kids to have more privacy as well. We could fit two separate baths all together, but that seems like over-improving the house.

The ideas here seem so very creative, and I would love some suggestions from others more experienced than myself! Thank you very much.

Here is a pic of our first draft

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Layout with two bathrooms, but I think this is just too much for our little house.

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What are the ages and genders of the kids? I ask because even though you may feel you are over-improving, you might also be saving yourself some stress with 2 separate baths. I have 2 teens, 1 girl and 1 boy, and they each have their own bathroom. Mornings before school are a crazy rush here and would be even crazier if they shared a bath. In addition, once a girl hits her teenage years she has some stuff she doesn't necessarily want her brother (or his friends) to find when they're looking for their own stuff.

I know some people will give the argument that this spoils the kids. But the mornings are mine to deal with, and the separate baths make this easier. (OTOH... one of my best friends grew up in a house with 5 sisters and 1 bathroom. She is awesome to travel with because she is so low maintenance!)

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Thanks for the response -
They are 4 and 6, and opposite gender. My parents argue that I must have separate baths if at all possible. My spouse, on the other hand, thinks we won't be in this house more than 8 years and thinks it's too much.

The house is 2400 sq feet, and has 3 bedrooms. It just seems silly to me to have 3 full baths (and probably 3.5 baths after a laundry/mud room addition).

I really wanted to find a way for them to share the shower/toilet - but each have their own vanity area. But, I don't see how we can get a tub in there and two doors - and I think every house needs to have a tub somewhere.

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Interesting! Can you post some measurements? Also, it looks like from your second pic that that whole area is up for moving/reconfiguring. Is that true? (Or at least true if it gets you what you want). If so, can you post the overall size of that rectangle of space?

I'm no expert, but I love puzzles and brainstorming!

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The hall bath entire rectangle is 12âÂÂ-6âÂÂx7âÂÂ-7âÂÂ. We did not intend to move much around to save costs, but we are now needing to replace all the pipes - so we're going to be tearing up the foundation anyway.

We are doing the same with the master closet/bath area, as well as taking 3 feet from the master bedroom (it's strangely large for a house this size). I'll need to dig up these measurements, but we're leaning towards the second floor plan to make sure we have plenty of closet space. Although I might just make it one large closet to share rather than his/hers - seems more efficient to me.

Any ideas would be so helpful! I get such varying opinions on the baths.

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One thought, allows vanity space for each kids plus guest.

I'll try again this weekend, getting our taxes done tomorrow after work so not envisioning anything productive happening.

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I like where this is going - curious if it will all fit. The vanity area that will be opened to the bedroom is my daughters - Trying to figure out if We could do a built in linen or something to give her storage. And, I don't see a need for two sinks in the hall vanity area, so more storage would be the best option.

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I really like this one. You have to really count your inches to make sure both doors to the tub area will fit with an adequate walkway and vanity (might need less than 22 inches deep). It's too close to tell without graph paper.

It takes your second post above and steals a bit of space from the closet to make two vanity areas.

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That's interesting, williamsem - I'll play with that one. Thank you for such creative ideas.
I moved the hall door on this one and seem to like it better?

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Nice! I love working through problems, probably why I'm having such a great, but exhausting, time with my kitchen remodel. I'm not an expert though.

I was thinking about how the kids would know the tub area is occupied. I love our new fan timer, I think it would be great in an application like this. It is a light, fan, and nightlight in one. We wired ours so the fan and light only work together as it was added to allow light in the shower (we only had a vanity light for the whole room, so the shower was dark without a ceiling light). This way, to see in the shower you have to also ventaliate, and it turns off automatically. No need to remember anything!

I think it would be great here. It ensures the kids vent the shower reliably, and that they don't run the fan all day. You could even wire in a little indicator light in each vanity area if you wanted too. Though in typing this out it occurs to me that in this scenario if the fan is running it's occupied.

I guess the hard part would be trying to get the kids not to just walk in and press the 60 minute button, but I suspect they will quickly realize it sucks when the other one does that and doesn't turn it off manually when done.

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