Freaking out 'Bout Grout!

Gingersnaps17March 21, 2014

Hi, everyone
In the process of getting my bathroom redone. Total floor space (outside shower) is about 3' x 5'. I picked a16 x16 beige porcelain tile that looks like stone. Diamond set. Anyway, I went back to my house to check on the progress and the tiler asked me what width I wanted the grout be for the wall tile. (I told him 1/8", after consulting with my designer.) But then he told me that the floor (which was completed without my being there) was 1/4" grout. When I looked at it, it didn't look bad to me (the color of the grout is close to that of the beige tile, not white).

But NOW I'm reading on various sites that 1/4" is ridiculously HUGE! When I pointed it out to the contractor, I was told that 1/4" is "standard" for floor grout and now it's too late to do anything about it. Do you think I should just accept it as is (as I said, it didn't jump out at me as glaring when I first looked at it) OR do you think I should make them redo it? Admittedly, I should have given them the directions before they started, but I'm a novice, and it didn't dawn on me. And they never asked. Sigh. Live and learn�

P.S. Next time I'm back in my house, I will take a pic.

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1/4" isn't ridiculously huge at all and is actually on the lesser side of how some tile has to be grouted (tile that isn't rectified). I just measured the grout lines in my tiled laundry/mud room and it's spot on 1/4".

You were fine with it when you saw it so don't second guess yourself now.

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Thanks, Jewel!

I think if/when someone responded/responds "Yes, that IS HUGE!" I will have to jump out the window.

How can I tell if my tile is rectified or not?

Thanks again!

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Probably the easiest way to find out if the tile you bought is rectified (or not) is to call the store where you bought it. Give the associate the tile name, style name/sku number. He or she can check the manufacturer's product description or call the manufacturer's rep to ask for you.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Or you can look at the factory edges of any spare tiles that are left over. Rectified tile is machined and has uniform, absolutely straight edges. They are all the same. Think of ceramic tiles that have slightly rounded edges, and if you put them touching, the space between them at the surface is wider than at the putting pillows together. There is probably a better way to explain this...


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I'm 99% sure they're rectified. I remember holding one. A perfect square with neat sharp edges.

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Okay -- rectified tile can be set closer together than un-rectified tile because each tile has been uniformly cut. So, if someone wants 1/8" grout, rectified tile is the way to go.

That said, I don't think I'd go through the hassle of tearing up a floor because of a 1/4" grout line -- especially when the grout is very near the color of the tile. Just my opinion!

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I'd say sit down and relax! I know exactly how you feel! This forum is great when you are in the planning stage, but if you've already committed to something then there will always be someone that disagrees with your opinion.

We are almost finished our Master BR reno. When I posted a question about glass shower shelves I got so many responses saying that 'they would never put glass in a shower', (I guess all those glass walls don't count? LOL), I panicked for a second. Well, I went with the glass shelf and love it, and don't anticipate having any problems with it.

My DH put in 3/16" grout lines, I would have preferred something smaller, but I gave in on this (gotta pick our battles, right?). He would have liked them even bigger.

It's sort of like getting what you thought was a great deal on something, and then doing more research AFTER you bought it, and finding out it was even cheaper on Amazon. As long as you were happy originally, I'd say let this one go!

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I agree with the above post. It will be fine. Especially with the large tiles. I think it would look very nicely proportioned. Now if it was 2x4 tiles maybe a 1/4" grout line might look funny out of scale.

My grout lines are 5/16s to 3/8s wide with these 6x12 tiles. I like it. And it is highly contracted:

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Here's a pic.

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Nice tile! Looks good! I had to go back and see if you had installed porcelain or stone!

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Your floor is beautiful. Nothing to freak out about. Enjoy it!

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Grout lines are determined by measuring several tiles. Whatever the "varience" multiply that by three.

If your tile varies by 1/8".....the minimum grout joint is 3/8 inch.

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Thank you, everyone! I'm going to fugeddaboudit now!

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