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plumberryJanuary 23, 2010

I hate doing laundry. I don't know why --the only thing that really takes time is the folding and putting away but for whatever reason I don't even like starting it because I know I will have to do the last part. And then, if I really try to avoid it and wash and dry and not do the last part --oh the wrinkles! I know you must think I need a psychiatrist to solve this problem but if anyone has any laundry tricks for simplifying doing laundry I'd appreciate your help. TIA!

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Doing the laundry is perfect for multi-tasking. Watch TV while you are folding or get a hands-free phone and call your mother.

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I'll trade you. I like doing laundry, but I hate vacuuming.

I especially like hanging clothes on the line, maybe because I like being outside. I like the smell of freshly laundered clothes(especially off of the outside line)

I guess it's to each his own

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I actually like doing laundry. You just plop it in the machines and it does itself. You end up with clean, fresh-smelling clothing towels and bedding. Don't you love the feeling of sleeping on newly-washed sheets? I'll start a load of wash and fill the dishwasher. There-I've got two machines running and working for me! And I'm free to do a third task. Like clean the kitchen or vacuum every room in the house.

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I don't mind laundry either. I used to hate it until I figured out I could throw a load in every day when I got home, and just unload it into baskets until Sunday when it was threatening to force its way out the door. Then I take it into the bedroom, pile it all on the bed, turn the TV on and look like I'm working while I sort and fold and watch a couple hours of "Snapped". Then I add some cologne to the bottle of water I use while ironing and do my clothes for the week, and watch some other mindless thing my husband would never watch. There is something quite satisfying about clean laundry that I cannot explain. Cheating is good. Making it look like work while doing something you enjoy (like admiring the arms on those guys on S.W.A.T) does take away the pain.

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plumberry, folding and putting clean laundry away is so much nicer/easier if you have plenty of room in your closets/dressers. Would a spring closet cleanout help?

To me there is nothing worse than trying to put things away where there isn't enough "place" to put them.

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I think it is easier to fold it when it's still nice and warm from the dryer. It has fewer wrinkles that way and I don't have a laundry basket of clothes sitting around. If I just do one load at a time, it just takes a few minutes. I do my folding on the kitchen table so I don't have to bend over(I have back problems) and I have a lot of room for folding.

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I'm in the boat with you, plumberry.


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The best thing I ever bought for the laundry room was one of those 4 compartment sorters. As soon as the compartment is full I toss the load in. It used to take a good 1/2 hour at least to sort everything into baskets.I wish I would have done this years ago!
As far as folding goes, I actually like it. It's a good reason to watch some TV or make a phone call and still feel like you're being productive!

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I do understand here. What more boring task is there? Well, there is the mopping and the scrubbing and flushing toilets. There is the eternal loading and emptying the dishwasher and putting dishes away that come right back. It constitutes as little of one's life as one can possibly devote to it and still get it done. There is a lot to be said for an ipod. I can enjoy the worst of chores with Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light blaring in my ears. Those of you who are not as old as dirt can feel free to choose music that suits your ears and gets you moving. Music is a fine distraction, and a good set of headphones screens out screaming kids and annoying husbands. Turn it up loud. Dance to it and let them think you're crazy. Quite rewarding. Maybe they'll think laundry is so much fun they'll want to try it.

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Keep baskets for sorted dirty clothes. When one gets full, toss in and set a timer. When washer is finished, put clothes in dryer and set a timer. When clothes are dry, fold immediately and put up.

Using timers and keeping up with laundry makes it much easier.

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I used to hate laundry. When I was younger, I thought it was one of the most useless things to spend extra time on. Over the years, I have decided that it is better to try and make it as short and painless as possible. I use every short cut I can think of. I like to hang shirts; it is easier than folding any day of the week. I also buy the little kids hangers to put jeans and pants on. Not a wrinkle in sight and the good thing is that you can just hang them in the closet. It is a good thing to get others involved, too. The kids are responsible for bringing clothes down a couple of days a week and they can take their own upstairs and put it away. It is well worth a couple of dollars on the allowance or a special treat when we go somewhere. I think a candybar, book or small toy is a small price to pay for easy laundry.

Go ahead, try to make it easier. You will eventually find that it is one of the easiest ways to keep your house looking tidy and smelling fresh.

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I love doing laundry for almost all of the reasons already listed above. Folding it straight out of the dryer actually warms up my hands during the winter months. I NEVER put away my kids clothes. I just leave it folded on the dryer or in a basket and they eventually get to it or run out of clean clothes. I only put my own laundry away. I leave my husband's folded clothes on the bed, he likes to put his own away anyway so he knows where everything is.

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I hate the folding and putting away also one thing that helped me I threw away all my socks went and bought 5 dozon pairs of identical ones so now I can do a big load of socks and chuck them in the drawer with out mating or folding(:

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When your clothes are finished drying in the dryer, grab a bunch of clothes hangers. Pull all the shirts, blouses, T shirts, etc out first and hang them on hangers. Voila! No ironing needed! Well, you may want to press collars and cuffs before you put them away.

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I agree hang as much as possible, especially T-shirts. It's much better than wasting the time folding them.

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I do the "dry for 5 or 10 and then hang" thing for jeans, sweatshirts, Polo shirts, or anything that hangs, for that matter...just long enough to take out the wrinkles. This usually happens as soon as the dryer heats up.
With a front load washer's high spin, it doesn't take long for them to finish drying while hanging.
I use hangers with clips for the jeans, and smooth shouldered wooden or plastic hangers for teeshirts/shirts/and sweatshirts so I don't get shoulders with imprints from the hanger.
I never iron, because when they dry they almost look like they've been ironed. Saves energy, too. :)
I sometimes instead of hanging damp shirts, shape and dry them flat on my bed. (I turn the ceiling fan on) They really look nice.

I think drying clothes is hard on them. Things get those tiny balls on them from rubbing against each other in the dryer. Turning shirts and jeans/pants inside out before washing helps fight this too.

Anyway, my method sure beats forgetting that your clothes are done drying and finding them all wrinkled! My laundry room is on second floor, and I don't like waiting to run upstairs to catch the end of the drying load!

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I am retired now, but when I was raising 4 kids and a husband, I did all the wash until the kids were old enough to reach the washer and dryer --- then it was up to them to do their own laundry.

Since they probably would never have laundered their bed clothes, once a week I stripped their beds and put the linens on the laundry room floor. I could never train the husband though but then, he went to work each day and I was in charge of the house.

I will tell you that when the kids got into college, they never came home with laundry.

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Astute observation, Cryptandrus. That was my sticking point: never having room to put things away! Now, I do my best to clean out my closets at least twice a year. I also got myself a Flip Fold to help me deal with the mountain of T-shirts. End up with a neat, uniform stack of shirts ready to slip in a dresser. So satisfying.

My next step in making laundry easier is redecorating my laundry room. It's so ghastly and badly organized that it's turned a mundane chore into a curse-inducing one.

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I hate doing laundry. My laundry trick is to get your husband to do it! My husband loves to do laundry(he even folds and puts everyones up) so I haven't done a load of laundry in forever. Last year around his birthday he went to Lowe's and bought a new front load washer and dryer, he told everyone that I bought it for his birthday, lol!
I do like to iron though. When he gets his dress shirts laundered I set the iron up in my bedroom and iron away as I watch NCIS.

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