Pity Party Leap Year Table

christmascandyFebruary 29, 2012

I set this table for leap year using a couple of frogs that I possess.

I'm having a little pity party for myself right now. My DH and I got our marriage license/married on this date in 2000. We actually had our wedding ceremony in March and chose the March date as our anniversary. That being said, I still wanted to recognize the date and asked if I could take him out to eat to celebrate our 3rd license day.

DH replied that he had a large late lunch and wasn't hungry. Then he said he would take me out for a piece of pie after his AA meeting or we could go out on Friday night. I gave up sweets for Lent, so the pie offer is no good and I wanted to celebrate tonight, so he offered to go to the movies! I don't see that as a celebration so I declined and he said I was being unreasonable.

I'm setting here posting pictures and DH is at his AA meeting.

Am I being unreasonable? I need some other perspective here.

OK, back to the table:

I used a light blue TS tablecloth for the "pond", brown placemats for the mud, wooden chargers and wooden handled flatware for the logs in the pond, the dark green plates for the lily pads, pink cattails and reedy looking silk flowers for the CP. The 2 frogs for "LEAP" year, and I use the lily pad on my outdoor fountain in the summer.

Except for the silk flowers, every other item on this table is from a thrift store, including the green goblets. The plates are really heavy and are slightly off round with a bronze metallic rim that didn't come out well in the photos.

Anyway, I could use some feedback on my situation. Do you think I'm being unreasonable?? I need someone not emotionally involved to give me some perspective.

Thanks for listening.


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Aww... I love!! your froggy table. The little green buggers are one of my favorite things. I think the whole table is fabulous.
onto your other "issue at hand"... I don't think you're being unreasonable in remembering something that is of course special to you , but , in my opinion I think men just aren't as apt to put emphasis on these kinds of days like us women are.Still - he should have been less judgemental of your feelings but then again, not all are capable of that either.
I learned long ago to enjoy certain things for myself without Mr CrabbyAss getting involved because really, he isn't interested. I do something fun for myself (like you did with the new table) , TRY to remember why on earth I married the man in the first place and usually by the end , decide I like him afterall. :)
(now bear in mind, I've been married more than once so it "could" be said I've been accused of being unreasonable on a "few" occasions so take this for what it's worth...lol)

[maybe I should go hide now ^**^...]

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I'll comment on your table, candy & also give you a big hug ~~~ for showing up for Kathe's Dad's viewing!

I love the 'pond' color & the brown 'logs!' Your leapin' lil' friends are way cute, too! Wood chargers w/dark green plates look very 'nature-ly' (is that a wood)? And the wood handled flatware...great! Did you get inspired by OA's table just awhile back?

& I love the cattail+ centerpc...a place for those lil' froggers to hide! A cute table ....

now, IMHO, go on a date w/your DH on your actual wedding date & tell him not to eat a big lunch that day!!! & if you had gone to the movies, you both could have seen 'The Artist' & not had to whisper a word! (sorry, couldn't resist)...anyway, I usually clam up when I get too angry!) Hugs to you, candy...you're a sweetheart! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, love your PPLYT! Your candy shot is so neat showing the frog pond colors. I really like those green plates, stems and leaves. Pink cattails, wht flowers and reeds are so pretty for the cp. Adorable frog tea light. Just a touch of blue with the napkins is nice on your table.

Amazing how most men can only think with one side of their brain. Your not being unreasonable at all. This is a Woman thing! Doesn't always pay to think w/both sides of the brain. Only makes us emotional. Hugs to you Dear Candy. We all think your SPECIAL here!!!


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Candy I don't think you are being unreasonable your feelings are hurt.
Just remember the saying 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'... sometimes they just don't get it.
MM, I had to laugh when you said "Mr Crabby Ass".

Candy, I love, love this darling table!! You put so much thought into it!! the CP is perfect and you used just the right colors.
I love the brown placemats as mud and the dragon fly is great. Altogether it is a fun table. Now I have to get
some frogs, but wait, soon I'll be able to hear them from the neighbor's pond.
Candy you are such a kind and caring person, hope you are feeling better.

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Men....can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em.

How true.

I just found out the other day that my expensive bottle of olive oil was used for frying DH's hashbrowns. Sigh. Can I come to the party?

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Love your leap year table, Candy. I've always liked cat tails so your centerpiece is perfect. All your colors just say "nature" and how great all the items were bargain buys too.

Sweetie, men often don't "get it" for the emotional, romantic stuff that means so much to us. At least he did try to "compromise" a bit--that's to his credit, right?

Just give him a big hug and love him anyway--while you still can.


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Hmmmm. My guy can make me pretty upset sometimes, but when the worst hits (and it hit just recently with a cancer scare), he is there, in my corner. Romantic, he is not. But he loves me. So I don't let certain aspects of his personality bother me. The guy I married is somewhere inside. Yes, you're allowed to feel hurt. Now, i say, let it go.

Love the dragonfly, by the way. :)

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Thanks for the input and advice. I know he loves me, but it is hard to remember that sometimes!!

As for the table, I was so upset, I forgot to give credit where it was due. OldAlgebra's Leap Year table was definitely my inspiration. I was not nearly as creative, however, with my description as she was with hers!!

MilosMom, I LOVE the term Mr. CrabbyAss!!!! Karen's Mr. Oblivion is another very good description of my DH. This is my second time around and it is difficult as my first DH was very romantic and thoughtful and it is hard not to compare!

Thank you all so much for your support! You are just the greatest group of friends and it means so much to me that you took the time to give me some wise words and made me feel better!

Love you all,

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It happens! They don't think things are important, and we do.
He tried to compensate, but your feelings are hurt.
For better or for worse, or "worser" as the kids in class used to say!

I hope your spirits have leap frogged today!

The table is lovely, very lily pond ish!

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MEN!!! I think you had a very good reason to throw a Pity Party. I would have too.
That being said, I LOVE LOVE your table. How the heck you managed to take a 'cute' froggy theme and also make it so dang PRETTY is beyond me!
Wish I could have sat there with you, and I know just what subject(s) we would have yakked about. LOL.

Oh, I had to laugh at you calling my Mr Oblivious by the name Mr. Oblivion! Both fit him tho. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Pity parties are good sometimes. Lord knows I have had my share. 1st husband was really good about "forgetting" my birthday. Um...hello! It's the day after Valentine's Day...every year!! Men are just wired differently I guess.
Your table is so fun and whimsical! I hope you were able to get some joy when putting it together. I know I enjoy looking at each of the details :)

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Oh for Pete's Sake...I meant Mr. Oblivious! Duh!

Kathleen, Thanks for pep talk.

Karen, I was sure thinking about that golf joke you sent me as it is spot on!! DH just doesn't get why I need physical and emotional expressions and not just a roof over my head!

Kathe, shopping and decorating are my way of filling the void! Your Mr. B seemed very supportive and I think that is fabulous!

Thanks again everyone,

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Hi Candy, just had to try to post again . I have tried a couple of times, but then when I hit review message, I lost it. I can relate to how you were feeling so well. Like you, and I believe several of us, I am in my second marriage and can tell you from both experiences that men and women are totally different in what is important. My pet peave is my DH getting hungary about an hour before mealtime and making a sandwich )or 2 or3 lol) and then not being hungary when I get the meal ready, or going to tell him dinner is on the table only to find his truck or my car gone when he has just thought of something he needed from town or some other fool erand. We have had more words over this than just about anything else in our 19 years together. He knows when mealtime is and I feel like if I cook, he should respect my effort enough to be here when it is ready.Right know, with this dementia going on, sometimes I think he forgets that he has eaten. He is always hungery. he can get up from the table and walk outside and come back in and ask what we have to eat, he is starved. Hang in there, friend,it probably won't change, but knowing that most of us deal with the same issues should give you, and the rest of us a little feeling of not being alone.

Love your springy table with the frogs and cattails. I have always loved cattails. Have then growing in a damp area of our yard up on the mountain. My SIL brought some jeans to me the other night to cut off and called me when she got home to tell me she heard Peap frogs at a pound down the road from my house on her way home.. maybe spring is on the way. I saw 2 robins in my yard this morn.
We have had a mild winter, but I am still so ready for spring.TFS and although I haven't been posting lately, I still read every post. This is my go to spot when life gets to hard/ Thanks Candy and everybody else for being a bright spot in my days. Janet

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Marlene Kindred

Well, since I'm the cow's tail once again, guess I'll just say that I love your froggy pond table for leap year...how clever!! Love the colors, the plates, etc.

Men can be simply wonderful and other times you just have to look at them with a "deer in the headlights" look. My DH is usually pretty sensitive, but that might be because over the years I've made it pretty clear what's important to me. I also have spoiled him rotten as well. Still, even after 33 years of being married, I sometimes wonder what goes on in that head of his. I know he wonders the same though. Hope you and your DH are back on better terms and that next time, he'll be more sensitive to what's important to you.

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