Cleaning stains off of the bottomof a bathtub

kathyc618January 28, 2010

Help my friends is renting a house that has a new tub in it. Bathtub got stained when they put a drunk person in the bathtub to sober up. She had on a pair of new very dark jeans on. Now my friend canÂt clean the bottom of the tub. There is a nonslip texture on in it and now it is stained. There is also a stain in it from a toy that got left in after her son took a bath. She has scrubbed it with Ajax and used full strength bleach. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Have you tried calling a place that sells those tubs. That would be your best bet. You don't knpw what the coating is on the tub and might damage it

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Ok thanks

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Bleach takes time to work. Did she add some bleach to water, plug the drain, and let it sit for a number of hours? I'd be shocked if that doesn't work.

I'd also try Magic Eraser.

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Get some Rit dye remover made for removing fabric dye.


Putting a drunk person in a tub of water is a dangerous idea. First of all, it is NOT going to get them sober any faster. Second of all, you risk them drowning.

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Thanks for all of the ideas. I will let you know if any of them work. She did try letting bleach sit in the tub overnight and that didn't work. I agree with not putting a drunk person it the bath or shower.It doesn't help. It can only cause problems.

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My Mom used to spread paper towels on the bottom of her tub, then pour straight bleach over them. Left the soaking towels for several hours, with the door closed to keep the fumes in, , then removed and simply rinsed the tub.

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