dream home house plans (basement)

catfeverFebruary 11, 2013

Here is the basement plans we have.

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Nice plan - I like the flow of the space. Here are some things to consider:

1) Suspend the garage (ie: excavate under the garage). In our area they will cost anywhere from $15k to $20k, but it provides you with a huge amount of additional space to work with. You don't have to finish the space today, but it will be there when your family expands.

2) I would consider pushing the bar island to the left and create either a wine cellar or bar pantry that extends into the storage space - there is always more party gear than cabinet space.

3) Not sure if you have a walk-out basement but have you considered adding an exterior door by the storage room (next to the office). Might be a good place to store your lawn equipment and would free up space in your garage. (if you did this I would lose the door from the office to the storage room - we call these John Deere rooms in the midwest.

4) I don't see a sump pump indicated on your drawings, but I would strongly consider that

5) Not sure what your plans are for audio/video systems, but I would definitely enourage you to wire for flush mounted surround speakers.

Looks great - good luck

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Mark..Thanks for the sugestions

1.we are on a sidehill overlooking the river and we were hoping to tile around the house and dump it over the hill to the river and avoid a sump pump.

2. we will ask about the space under the garage and see how that effect the budget

3 we will have a full walk out basement

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