Secretary Cabinet Moved to Bath

phonegirlFebruary 24, 2013

If I find the right cabinet I will probably change the secretary
out but for now I like having it in the master bath. I haven't
taken the time to stage it and probably never will.haha The
center hold wash clothes and towels are in the bottom.

This is my newest hutch. I don't remember who it's made by and if I remember it's stamped on the back. It's old and has two skelton keys with it. Again, didn't stage for pictures. Just put extras I had around in it. Mostly candle holders will be stored in here.

This is DGD's vanity. I'd love to paint it hot pink with Annie
Sloan chalkboard paint. DD does not care for it at all and
doesn't want it in her home so.....

So what do you think?


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I think you should haul all of those pieces straight here to me. ASAP. LOVE them! You find the most beautiful furniture!
That vanity is just incredible, I hope you never paint it...
it might break my heart if you do! I'd LOVE to find one like that!

The lovely secretary fits in your bath just perfect on that wall. Your newest hutch is neat too. I swear, if anyone is as bad...or worse...than me when it comes to loving cabinets and has to be you. LOL.

You always find places to put a new piece too. Wish I could do that, but Mr Oblivious might notice if I got rid of the master-bedroom furniture and his big TV. ;o)

Let me know when you're on the way here, with the vanity. I'll leave the lights on for you.
hugs, Karen

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Wow! What a neat idea to move that secretary desk to your master bath... looks like it found a good place! & your new cabinet for holding candleholders is a cool find!

I can see why your DD may not appreciate the beauty of the 'old vintage' type vanity ... I think it's so beautiful in it's natural finish here ... but for a Gr'd it probably does need spiced up! Or best yet, haul it to Purplemoon's home & then find a bit more 'modern' one for your sweetie! LOL!

TFS, punk...DH & I just hauled home a big honking TV cabinet for the spare bedroom I am sprucing up... paint, new area rug, organize closet, etc. etc. It will be painted...we had to take it apart for the 2 of us to unload it into the porch ... need some warm weather so I can paint it out's a pic of it's very heavy duty cause it's one of those pressed wood pcs w/thin laminate wood coverings! But it will be an awesome (help w/storage) cupboard! Jeanne S. (the doors slide in & pull out & drawers on the bottom...a find @a consignment shop!)

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Wow, that secretary just fits perfectly in your bath and makes a great storage area!
I also LOVE the corner cupboard and the dresser.
Would the DD like the dresser if it were hot pink?? I think it would be darling, but I also agree with Karen that it is a fabulous piece as it is.
You do have some fabulous pieces and I would love to own any one of them.

Thanks for making us jealous, LOL

Looks like Jeanne found a great piece too!


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Wow Punk! That secretary works beautifully in your handy too.
That new cabinet is another amazing find.
.I can't get over all the beautiful pieces you've found and
the fact that you have space for them too.
I agree w/Karen...DON'T paint that vanity...the wood is so
beautiful. It looks just like the vanity that my DGM had.
I remember sitting on a little bench in front of the mirror
pretending to be a princess! lol
When you're finished 'glamming them up''ve gotta
share pics. Have fun.

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I agree that the secretary is perfect in the master bath.
It's great to be able to re-purpose things. Your new hutch is a wonderful piece.
My DGM had a vanity like your DGD's. I like it as it is, but it would be nice painted too.
Jeanne I can't wait to see the TV cabinet painted.

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Karen, I haven't done away with our bedroom furniture yet!!!
I'm not blaming only YOU but...I wasn't into all this before I came over here.LOL Funny that DGD doesn't care if it's natural or pink so I may leave it as is and just keep it here.

Jeanne, I'm so excited to see your new cabinet painted. If I had things my way I'd paint everything in our house either black or white. DH still likes all the wood but I'm ready for a change. Not sure about hauling that vanity to AZ but I may pickup another if I find one I can't live w/o.HAHA

Candy, thinking I should leave it as is and maybe as Jeanne said buy another one for DGD. Our DS was with us when we bought this and he thought it was neat. Maybe he will store it at his home till DGD is old enough to take it.
Don't be jealous, just get out there and shop and return the favor.LOL

Jane, that's so neat to hear your DGM had a vanity like that.
My DGM had one too and I remember it in her room at our house. After she passed my younger brother in CA wanted it and still has it. If I make changes I'll share.

Nana, your GM also had one, sweet. Amazing how our GM had these but none of our mothers did. I'm thinking my DM didn't because she raised 6 children and didn't have the money to buy herself one.

Thanks for all the comments ladies.


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