Amusing induction story

jxbrownMarch 23, 2013

The realtor told me that the buyer's home inspector reported that the cooktop "did not work" since "none of the burners would heat up."

"Correct," I replied, "and there's no place to put the coal, either."

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ROTFL, jxbrown! Love it!

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LOL I'll have to remember to leave a note on our induction cooktop with a pot filled with water, whenever we sell our home and the inspector arrives.

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Zing ! !

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Ha! Would not have thought about that "issue", thanks!

I felt like a magician when I tested all the hobs at delivery. "Just turn them on, you'll see them glow nice and red when they're hot". Nope! I couldn't get them to understand, but they did reluctantly put their hand right next to the whistling tea kettle and were in awe.

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Too funny! I hope I never meet that house inspector....
Or maybe I could get a better deal on the next house - the cooktop is not working!!

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