Decorating Upheavel *sigh*

milosmom_gwFebruary 15, 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm not missing again, honest. I've been lurking a bit but just to frazzled to post.

DH & I set out on the marital testing task of giving our kitchen / dining room a face-lift so for the duration no tablescapes or fun stuff for me.

In fact, I don't even have a table anymore. It was carted off to storage with all the decorating dishes, my crystal collection and the tablecloths ect to. He didn't leave me much of anything. lol

Unfortunatly once we chose everything and cleared the room, as crappy fate would have it my beloved Mother is facing another potential battle with breast cancer.

She is a 10 year survivor having beat it once.

Right now we're at the "it could be [something/nothing]" phase but Monday is surgical biopsy day and by Tues we'll know what the immediate future holds.

Until then, my function is worthless - my heart broken with even remote thoughts of thinking about the possibility of losing the one rock that has always been in my life and never left me (I'm adopted) so work has screeched to a hault until I can rest more assured of what is to come.

I'm going on the fact that her check-ups saved her life once and it can do it again.

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Hang in there, kiddo. All of us are pulling for her. Your over-powering love comes through in your post.

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MM...good thoughts & prayers coming to you, your Mom & family & friends. Sounds like a good strong relationship & that will keep you both going! Sorry that this week will be a long one for all of you. Thanks for updating here so we can send good thoughts your way. Jeanne S.

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MM, I agree hang in there try to keep positive thoughts going. Praying for you - your Mom and family to keep you all strong and help you through this tough time.


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Prayers coming your way. Your bond with your mom sounds like a strong one. That's the best medicine. Now when you finally get around to the kitchen, it will be a piece of cake(pardon the pun).


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Gosh MM, I'm sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. Life sure throws us some curve balls doesn't it? I'm keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.

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MM, sending hugs and prayers your way for you and DM. Stay positive and up if you can. Please let us know how the surgical biopsy goes and know we are here for both of you.

Your face lift for the kitchen/dining room sounds like we will all have something to look forward to when it's complete. This is never a fun time but the end results are always rewarding.

Post when you have time and take care. I've been thinking about you lately. We miss you when your not here posting with us.


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T & P's coming your way for you and your wonderful family.

Sure sorry you are all going through this, but keep those positive attitudes and stay strong. It sounds like your Mom is a fighter and your love will be a huge support.

We're all sending you positive energy and I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers.


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I want to add my thoughts and prayers to all the others. Hang in there and keep us updated. Janet

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You and mother will be added to my prayer list. My mother beat breast cancer and my best friend has beat it twice, so I know there are good results these days. As for your kitchen, bless your heart, after my small laundry room make-over I can sympathize with all the work ahead of you, but it'll get done sooner or later and you'll really enjoy it.

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MM, good to hear from you. So sorry your Mom might have to go through another bout with cancer. Hopefully, this is just a scare and nothing more. Know the love the two of you share will help you both stay strong.

Wow! Can't imagine carting everything off to storage! You must be planning a really big makeover. We will look forward to seeing the outcome. Try to do some before and after pics okay?

Keep us posted on everything, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


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Marlene Kindred

Sometimes life just really has a way of throwing us curve balls, doesn't it MM. I am sorry to hear that your mom is facing another battle, but know for certain that she is in all of our prayers and thoughts as well as you. Keep us posted on her progress please.

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My thoughts & prayers are with you & Karen & so many right now.

Remember you're never alone, God listens.

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I will surely keep you and your dear Mom in my prayers.
hugs, Karen

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MM, you and Mom will be on our prayer list.....
It is always painful to think of your Mother suffering.

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Sorry to hear your mom might have cancer again. A friend's mom had it twice & beat it & died of old age many years later. Hugs & prayers that all goes well & it is just a scare. Sounds like a good time to put a take- out number by the phone. I don't know if you are stripping your kitchen down but give yourselves a break now & then & eat out or bring something in. Jan

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wow. I know from experience how difficult it is, but it's really better for you if you try not to worry. Starting some labor-intensive work on your "new" kitchen/dining room might help you keep the stress level lower. Sending my best wishes for your mom!!!

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May the angels walk around her bed every night and keep her from harm!

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Thank you ((ALL)) , especially Karen. You're going through such a hard time and still make time to think positive for the rest of us.
We're slowly inching along toward getting this overwith. Mother is having a pretty bad week and not generally feeling well at all with being off her coumadin since Tues which causes problems by itself compunded by not being able to take the pain meds for her knee since they have blood thinning ingrediants as well. Ugh!
For today, she's going to rest, DH is off to work and I'm going to try and bring down my sky high anxiety & focus on getting some of the kitchen painted.
Have a great day everyone :).

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