Powder Room size recommendations?

scubatedMarch 5, 2008

We need to relocate our powder room in order to do our kitchen expansion. We are going into the adjacent living room 3 feet in depth. What is the smallest size (width) I would need to accomodate a pedestal sink and toilet and a 30inch door of course. The door can be on either end or in the center.


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I looked into this when planning my remodel. I think the minimum size depends on the shape of your footprint and where your door is located. You need to keep in mind the minimum clearances around the toilet required by code (off the top of my head, I think minimum 15" from centerline of toilet to walls, and also some minimum distance from front of toilet to wall). Technically it could fit in 4'x4', but that is a pretty tight space.

Mine is 4.5'x5', with the toilet and tiny pedestal sink against the short wall opposite the door.

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The current powder room is just 4X4 with a door swinging in. It is very tight for the toilet. My GC is doing a door swinging out if that makes any difference.

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If it helps, you can always do a 28" door. Ours into our main bathroom is 28", and I wouldn't have known, unless I had measured it.

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I'm thinking 3x7 would be about the minimum if you don't want to get too cramped. Put the toilet on one 3' wall facing the vanity on the other 3' wall, and the door in the center of one of the 7' walls so that you open the door and see the toilet to the right and the sink to the left (or vice versa).

Search on "tiny powder room" as there was a recent post where someone did a tiny one and they had a different layout that worked for them.

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If you can carve out a long narrow space, a pocket door might also be an option if installed in the long wall. This would eliminate doorswing considerations, but I know some people don't like using pocket doors on bathrooms for noise/privacy reasons.

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We have a plan similar to what flatcoat described. I hope a rug may dampen the noise but the pocket door will save tons of space as the room is very narrow. It also allows light from the bathroom to shine through whereas a door would block the light.

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Mine is 3x6 with a full width vanity on one end, toilet on the other. The door is centered on a long wall and swings out.

It's probably the most popular bath in the house, for some reason.

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Mine is 4'6" wide with depth of 5'. Our door is only 24" wide in swing. I'm like raehelen I never notice the width of door until I measured today. It always felt just as wide as all my other doors in the house. I actually measured all doors in the house because I was so surprised.

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