Lighting over 60" single-sink vanity

LinelleMarch 4, 2014

There's already a thread about lighting over a 60" double-sink vanity that I don't want to hijack with my question.

I plan to have a 57-58" vanity with a single sink. 60" would be a little intrusive into the toilet space, so I'm hoping I can find something 57-58".

I want one large mirror over the vanity and a recessed medicine cabinet on the side wall (where I currently have a hideous faux-oak surface mount). I definitely want mirrors that can angle for the side and back of hair.

Currently I have the original 1991 light fixture. It is not lovely to look at but it supplies 240 watts of incandescent light, plenty for the entire bathroom. I don't use the mirror for makeup, as I prefer to sit down with a magnifying mirror in my office.

I love the look of sconces and the shadowless light they provide, but two wide sconces aren't going to help much. I don't want sconces attached through the mirror.

So, I'm thinking I probably need to stick with above-the-mirror lights. Mine are currently centered at 79" above the floor. I have 9-ft. ceilings and don't want cans.

I figure I could use one larger or two smaller fixtures. I'm worried about the demise of incandescent lights so should probably be forward thinking, not to mention code here in California. What kind of total wattage should I be after? Is my current 240 too much? My bathroom doesn't feel over-bright. The room is 10x5 and the light over the vanity illuminates the entire room.

What I have now:

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How large does the mirror have to be? Only you would be using it, right?

I would really try to put sconces on the sides of a mirror. We did this in both our baths and it makes a big difference.

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debra, the mirror doesn't have to be as wide or as tall as the current one. A large mirror is great, but this one is more than I need. I don't want two mirrors when there is one sink. The reality of this bathroom is usually only one person uses it at any given time. A narrower mirror that could comfortably accommodate sconces over that space would be fine. My preference is for as large a mirror as will work with everything else. I'm willing to compromise. :)

Could two sconces provide enough light for the entire room? If yes, what wattage should I be looking for? Or should there also be a fixture over the mirror?

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I found sconces that will go up to 100 watts. So, two would give you almost the same amount of light but at eye level. Bringing them down will compensate for that 40 watt loss a bit.

In my 6 x 9 bathroom, I use two 75 watt equiv LED floods in cans and it is adequate for general lighting (much better than the incandescents we had). The sconces will replace the cans in the remodel.

One thing I've looked for in new lighting was the ability to use LED in the traditional A-19 sockets. I don't have to worry about exceeding the fixture's rating and the quality of light is very nice when you use warm white. I also don't have weirdo bulbs to search for when it's time for a replacement.

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alex, I'd love to get LEDs, even if the initial outlay is more. Can you give some more details about the lights you found? Pictures even?

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These are what I ordered, available in satin brass and chrome. I wanted a glass shade for ease of cleaning and high wattage rating. Not a horrible price, either!

The link below shows the chrome option.

Enduring also used a high wattage sconce. I believe she gave the info in her reveal thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Driscoll sconce

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Those are nice, Alex. How can you tell LED will work in them?

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These use regular A-19 bulbs. I buy the LEDs that have the screw base that is compatible with traditional fixtures (A-19).
You'll see in the description on the left

"Led Convertible: Easily Converts to Led with Optional Led Bulbs That are Sold Separately"

I like the light from Home Depot's Cree in warm white. Lowe's version seems blue-er, to me. Whenever I have an old incandescent or twirly fluorescent go out, I put in an LED replacement.

Something to consider is that the screw base LED bulbs are longer and don't always fit the fixture. Those builder boob lights are one.

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This is the type of bulb I would use. I notice they say nothing about equiv watts for this bulb. Definitely something I'd check before ordering.

I always get 2700 K because it's closer to incandescent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sea Gull LED bulb

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Alex, thanks a lot for this info. No more boob lights for me.

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