sour milk in diaper bag

pitpatJanuary 13, 2009

So I guess I missed a sippy cup of milk, and it soured and dripped all over the diaper bag. The bag can't be submerged, so I have been cleaning the surface. I have treated it many times with Bac Out, which has helped, but it still has a lingering sour milk smell. What else can I try? Vinegar? But then would it smell like vinegar? Nature's Miracle? I really love this bag (it's from Land's End - they make great diaper bags) and I don't want to replace it.


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I'd try Nature's Miracle. Hopefully the enzymes will eat the milk protein. Good luck!

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Baking soda......dump it in, rub it around, let it sit for a day and shake and vacuum it out.
Linda C

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Baking soda, then turn it inside-out to dry, if that's possible!

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The Nature's Miracle did the trick! Yay! I was all prepared to try baking soda next but didn't need to. thanks!

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