Remove Vanilla Bean Smell??

kimberlyrkbJanuary 24, 2010

I bought a pack of vanilla beans a few months ago and tucked them in a ceramic canister on my counter. They were in there a week before I remembered to package them better and put them in the freezer. Ever since then, I cannot get the vanilla smell out of the soft plastic gasket that makes the canister airtight.

The odor came out of the canister after I ran it through the dishwasher but not the plastic gasket. I've removed the gasket and have it sitting in a container of baking soda, but it's not working.

Unfortunately, this particular smell is not very pleasant. I'm not sure why, as I LOVE vanilla and enjoy using real beans.

Is there anything else I should try? Thanks!

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Try rubbing alcohol to dissolve the vanilla oils.

then Vinegar

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I have used fabric softner to get out mildue smells in fabric that would not budge with any amount of soaking washing and tons of chemicals. Maybe you could try it. Weird I know.

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