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TammyTEFebruary 20, 2013

Maybe someone can help me find a plan that will work without a lot of changes. Our favorite look for a house is a cape cod or country farmhouse with wrap around porch and dormers. We live in central Indiana. This house will be on several acres in the middle of an area with lots of corn fields and trees. The front of the house will face N-NE.

Main things I am wanting:

main level
1. 2 story with a basement
2. Master on main level
3. Roomy kitchen
4. Eating area that is at least 16'
5. A space for home schooling
6. Nice size family room
7. half bath we can get to without going through main family room
8. large mudroom
9. laundry near master
10. attached garage 2.5-3 car
11. closets!

Would also love a sitting room for the piano that can be closed off for noise reduction and to look nice near the front door AND a room off of the family room to be used for a play room.

1. 2 or 3 bedrooms (We currently have 5 kids - 4 girls and 1 boy)
2. 2 bathrooms with one having a nice space for girls to get ready.
3. upstairs laundry area

I sent an email to our builder and I will paste it here. These plans are ones that I like the floorplan. I am not in love with the exteriors but I don't dislike them either.

Email to builder:
I keep going over and over various plans. They all have something I love and something I don't. There are a few others that I like but I keep coming back to these. Would like to know your thoughts on some of this. I'm afraid these rooflines might blow things out of the water.

Main Level
1. Would the kitchen I did in our other plan come close to fitting in this one?
2. Could we use part of the covered porch for a room? Maybe 10' - 12' of it.
3. I don't like the toilet with the shower in masterbath. Maybe move toilet to smaller closet area and use the rest of that closet area plus 1/2 bath for laundry?
4. Use original laundry area for mudroom and 1/2 bath. Take away from dining and/or garage a bit for this?

1. Bathroom is a bit small. Could it extend over the garage a bit to make it longer and separate the sink area?
2. Would love a small closet for laundry but don't see how we could get that in there.

Main Level
1. The half bath is in the way of basement stair location. Maybe move it to the butler's pantry space?
2. Not sure about this kitchen.

1.Not in love with the shared bath but don't know how else to do it.

Main Level
1. Move bottom kitchen wall down to make kitchen bigger.
2. Make laundry smaller to allow more room for mudroom space.

1. Don't see the need for 3 full bathrooms. The one at the top of the stairs could be made into a laundry room. Not sure how to make the other 2 accessible from the hall. If we put bedroom in that corner then you can't get a window in.
Or could maybe get laundry or bath space over the foyer.

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What do you think of this?

You'd need to change things upstairs, but I think it might be close?

Here is a link that might be useful: House Plan 96823

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Tell us the location, climate, and lot features before jumping into the floor plan design.

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Zone4 - I like that layout/flow a LOT. There are some concerns about size of rooms but it's pretty good. I had not heard of that site before so I am going to try searching there too.

Reno8 - Central Indiana. We have all sorts of weather even in just one day we can have snow, rain and t-shirt/shorts weather. LOL So I would really like a good size mudroom for all the coats, jackets, tennis shoes, boots, flip flops....

The building spot is in the middle of farm country. Lots of corn fields and a dairy farm are the closest neighbors. The site sits about 1/4 mile off the road. Field on the N and E sides. Woods on the S and W sides. The house would face N or N/E.

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So I've been searching that site for plans. I tried looking at some bigger homes. I found some great plans but the bigger they get the more "bells and whistles" they seem to have.

We would like to keep the roofline as simple as possible for cost reasons and also we just tend to like a simple look. Similar to the plan you posted earlier in this thread Zone4. :) I don't want a bunch of turrets and special shaped rooms/windows.

Is it possible to find a larger plan that would work and try to make it a bit more simple on the exterior? For example, I like the linked plan here quite a bit. I would nix the 1/2 bath by the garage entrance to get more mudroom space. We do not need two staircases though. There are several that have 2. Is it just to have that grand look in the foyer or what?

Here is a link that might be useful: 99467

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Here's another I like pretty well. Our huge table would be in the breakfast area though and I'm not sure if that would flow well or not. Our table is 4' wide by 10' long.

Again this one has 2 staircases! The exterior does look a bit simpler though.

Here is a link that might be useful: 68613

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I tried looking at some bigger homes. I found some great plans but the bigger they get the more "bells and whistles" they seem to have.

I don't believe you have said what size house you are looking for.

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You are correct, I didn't say. Basically as small as we can get and still get what we want. LOL

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