Carpet Cleaning---Move Heavy Furnature?

mustangs81January 26, 2008

It has been a long time since I have had to have carpet cleaned professionally. I can't remember if I have to move heavy and large furniture like the king size bed and armoire. Can I just move items like chests, chairs, and pin up the draperies?

Thank you for your input.

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We never move any of our funiture. Small tables we move and the cleaner puts paper under it so that they so not bleed on the carpet.

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I lift things off the floor such as chairs and small tables, and move them to a non-carpeted room. But the sofa,beds,laRge tablesa, etc. stay in place and the carpets are cleaned around them. No need to clean the carpet under the bed,for example.

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Thanks so much! You validated what I was thinking.

I'm off to call for an appointment with ChemDry!

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If you can move things from near the wall, like sofas, beds, and chests of drawers, it is best to do so. You would be surprised how much dust, animal hair and such can get back there from the way your air/heat system sends out the airflow. If you don't want them to move them to do the carpet cleaning, at least move them enough to get you vaccum attachment back there to get what you can.

The guy who dry cleans my carpet moves everything except electronics. We have to do those ourselves. Makes you rethink that 62" TV each time, especially when there is an entertainment unit surrounding it!

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Thanks for your input MBoston. I would have to move the pieces myself so that's why I questioned what the expectation is.

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I would have thought you wouldn't need to either until we put in a new, more forceful heat pump unit. I noticed what looked like a discoloration in the carpet near the walls, especially where I didn't vaccum weekly. When the guy came to clean the carpets I asked him about it and he said it was due to the airflow. He vaccumed before cleaning and it looked alot better but when he showed me with a damp, clean towel how dirty it was, I was shocked. So now I wipe the carpet surface when I do the baseboards about every three months behind the furniture.

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Tar is oil based so you need a grease cutting agent have you tried a kitchen grease cutter? Might work I suggest trying it on a spot that won't show in case it takes the color out of the rug.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What you are dealing with are called Filtration Lines. There is a product I have used for years and it works like a charm and I have had white carpet in any place I have lived for the last 35 years. The carpet cleaner was correct in telling you that this was caused by airflow. You have air leaking in where the wall and the floor meet. When you furnace fan turns on the carpet around the edges act much like a furnace filter and the discoloration is the result. I have had this with both gas and electric heat so that is not the problem. I have handed this product to 5 or 6 carpet cleaners over the years and they have never heard of it. They tell me right away that those stains will not clean. I know this stuff works and you should see their faces. They take the empty bottle with them or if I have a full one I will give it to the guy for the owner to try. These are pros and are thrilled.

I purchase this cleaner at a Pro Cleaning Supplier called Jon-Don. This is a big company. 1-800-556-6366 To order online you have to own some type of cleaning business so you will have to use the phone or you would have to set up a business account to buy online. The product name is MATRIX, Filtration Line Remover. #MX-FSR-EA 1 quart This a is 2 year old book and the price is $9.28 a quart. It may be more now but order more bottles that you think you will need so you are able to keep this up yourself between the pro cleanings.

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I agree with others. Move anything you can easily. Like small tables, chairs, end tables, etc. Carpet cleaners will move larger items if you ask and tip them. I asked m y cleaners to move a fish tank on a stand, for example. But I wouldn't bother moving larger items of furniture, dining room table, beds, etc. If it is against a wall, don't bother. But be sure to inspect thoroughly before they leave and make sure every carpet looks good. I also suggest a good vacuuming BEFORE they arrive.

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