water scale; cont' from last post

chuehJanuary 19, 2014

Hi, thanks to the two replies last time when I posted the question about cleaning the scale buildup on ceramics by using vinegar. I tried, and the lightly scaled ceramics work perfectly, but the very tough scale was not really afraid of the vinegar, LOL Are there tips for cleaning the tough ones, such as the length of time of soaking prior to cleaning, straight vinegar or certain ratio of diluted vinegar, and the materials to scrub, etc??????


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Put full strength white vinegar in the cups and bowls, let sit overnight. Wash good. Might need to repeat until scale is completely removed.

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You can buy CLR or other products, but it's industrial strength.

Long term solution is to get a water softener installed. The inside of your home's pipes looks worse than you can imagine.

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