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sunshine8560March 5, 2012

Can someone recommend a website that I can order a bathroom vanity top from? I need 37w by 19d in size and would prefer quartz or even granite. I had no idea this was not a standard size anymore. The quotes I rec'd from local stores are crazy over priced. The big box stores carry tops, but nothing in quartz or granite. Any suggestions

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Ask people, co-workers or neighbors, in your area for their granite recommendations. Maybe someone knows a cheaper source.

I had 3 stone yards quote $1000 to $1300 for a 57" vanity top from remnants. Then someone told me about a 4th place to try and amazingly their price was only $600.

It's such a pain driving all over creation, isn't it?

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I also suggesting looking for a remnant. We picked out a quartz remnant for a 45" vanity and paid $315 for the remnant, sink cutout and installation.

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Go to local granite yards and look for a remnant. I found a marble remnant for my 36w by 21d powder room vanity and paid only $300 for fabrication and installation.

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It most certainly does pay to shop around. I've been quoted $930 and $754 for remnants for a 31" x 22" vanity top with undermount sink. Heading today to go see samples that another vendor has quoted $400.

Frustrating when Home Depot and Lowe's sell for less than $200 but none of their granite will work, it is all too busy.

Purchased a St. Paul solid surface vanity top from Home Depot last year and loved how it looked but it chipped when my husband dropped his shaving cream after only being installed a week. We took it back....

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Echoing the suggestions to visit granite fabricators to seek out a remnant. We had very good luck doing that and got a 27" x 37" slab + 2" high backsplash for just under $400.

BTW, where we are, one would have better luck talking with granite fabricators rather than granite/stone yards. The yards mostly have large slabs; it's the fabricators who have the remnants. But that practice may vary by location.

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Yes, I'll suggest the advice given by others: go to a granite fabricator and look for a marble remnant. We found a pretty piece of marble at our local granite fabricator. If I remember correctly, the cost to have it honed, sink cut out, and installed was about 500 dollars for a 48" by 21" vanity top (price probably reflects expensive NJ pricing.)

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I agree with the suggestions to shop your local granite yards. I needed a double-sink counter for a 70" x 22" vanity and found a few yards that had very affordable remnants and prefabs. Some also offered fabrication.

In the end, an employee at one of the yards gave me the number for a local fabricator and I chose one of several remnants he had at his shop. It was an 8' beautiful remnant of river white granite and he sold it to me for $670, including fabrication and install. Other quotes were approximately $700 for prefab and $850 for remnants.

Shop around and maybe avoid the larger design showrooms. The quote I received from one of these was over 100% higher than all the others - $1,600 and up depending on the granite. Also, my local Home Depot had a minimum $1500 order for granite, so that wasn't an option.

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