help, how do you get sauce out of pyrex tops!

oopsie913January 1, 2010

A neighbor sent over some chili in a glass pyrex with a cover on it. For some reason the cover absorbed the chili sauce and I cannot get it to conme out. I have put on top rack of diswasher and also soaked in detergent. I dont want to use an abrasive. I know there must be a tip to clean anyone??!!

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There used to be a product on the market made specifically for cleaning stains from plastic products. I don't know if it is around any more. I would try soaking it in a solution of Oxyclean and hot water.

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Is it a glass top? I have great success soaking cooked on crud in hot water and electric dishwasher detergent for a few hours to overnight. The crud comes off easily that way.

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Tomato will discolor plastic in fact most plastic will discolor with time. That does not make them unusable. The lid may have been discolored when she gave it to you. Instead of trying to get the stain out, and ruining the lid, ask her about it. She was the one who put the chilli in the dish.

I know you are grateful that she did this for you, and I would mention that, but a talk can somehow ease your worrying.

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no, the top was beautiful when we got it. We will send chili back that WE made tomorrow. It is a plastic top not class. I did have a friend say to soak it in bleach., I will try that. I know I shouldnt worry.

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I've had luck with non-diluted Cascade on stains of this nature. Wouldn't hurt to try!

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