Installing new tub- surround or tile (water-proofing options)

kitch1March 18, 2014


I am planning on replacing an existing bath tub but would like opinions on whether to go with a tile or a plastic surround. Being on a 2nd floor condo, my main concern is waterproofing. In either scenario, does a water proof membrane need to be applied to the walls? I am planning on going with Hardibacker CBU up to at least 72."

If you could include a simple how-to (steps) for running a liner up for tile, that would be very helpful (e.g., go with a weephole drain, pre-slope under tub? (some say to use a level base), how far up the wall should the liner go? I noticed some say to go just above the water line but then what about all the water that gets behind the tile at 5 feet? I noticed that the Kerdi system goes all the way up the wall. All the walls are interior and not exterior.


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The Kerdi fleece goes on top of cbu or sheetrock and is hung with thinset similar to wall paper. A liquid moisture barrier such as Hydro Ban, Red Guard, Aqua Defense is painted on with a roller and/or paint brush on top of cbu. The shower tile wall height is determined by code and your personal design decision.

The best place to start is to read the manufacturer's directions. If you search for Hydroban and Kerdi on this forum, Mongoct has some great threads and diagrams on the subject. You can watch videos made by the manufacturers on youtube. Be careful about youtube stuff, some of it is not quite correct. You can also go to the Terry Love and John Bridge forums.

Most newbie DIY like to use one of the liquid membranes.

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