White Valentine Tree

christmascandyFebruary 13, 2011

I found this white tree after Christmas for $1.

I knew it would be perfect for decorating for other holidays, so here it is for Valentine's Day.

I used white wire clear lights, a blown glass red rose, red hearts, red tassels, birds, and butterflies as decorations.

I have 2 different birds that are blown glass with curled wire and glass decorations.

There are also glittered butterflies.

I placed it on a small glass top table with a red DT table runner as the tree skirt.

I think it is a very versatile tree that I can pretty much decorate for any holiday!



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Love it! That tree could be so much fun! I am thinking next up could be Mardi Gras then St. Patrick's day!


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Candy, what a fun Valentine tree. Love your birds, rose, butterflies and hearts on this. The night picture with it all lit up is so pretty also.

Hope we will see it decorated for the different Holidays coming up. You could also add little colored wired bows and/or ribbons on your decorated trees for the different Holidays. There's so many cute ones out these days.


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What a cute little Valentine tree..and perfect in white for so many Other ocassions.
You collected some lovely decorations for it too.
I can't get over the price you found it for. I had my eye on some white ones, after Christmas...but they were Still priced too high. You did great Candy.


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That is a really neat idea and so pretty. Your decorations are just right for Valentine's day. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Candy, Your little tree is super.
Love how you decorated it.
The butterflies are my favorites
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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Pretty decorations on your little tree ( esp) I love the "lit up" pic...what a welcoming site in your entryway! Looks like you'll be having fun w/this bargain tree! Jeanne S.

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Kath, I was thinking Mardi Gras next.

Punk, ribbons/bows are a great idea!

Jane, I wasn't actually looking for one, I stopped in a drug store to use their restroom, and all of their Christmas was 90% off! I bought an entire cart full of items, because I don't have very much Christmas decor, LOL.
Actually, I can hear the rest of you laughing at that one!!

Marylee, All of those items are decorations I use on my red and gold tree in my living room and I just kept them out when I put that tree away so I could use them on this tree.

Nana, I have lots of Mardi Gras beads, so I think they will show up on it.

Jeanne, I can see Mardi Gras, Easter, spring, Flag Day/ 4th of July.....

Thanks everybody,

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Wow Candy...I guess you can say you were 'In The Right Place At the Right Time'...even if it was to use the Restroom!!
I did laugh over you not having much Christmas Decor....lol
I think you should plan on doing A Holiday House Tour...I'd go. lol


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Yes, Candy, I think you really needed to find that sale so you could get some Christmas decor items! LOL What a great deal on this little tree. It looks darling all decorated for Valentines. Know you will have lots of fun with it for each holiday this year too. I'll look forward to seeing it each time. ;o) Luvs

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Unbelievable price, even for you Miss Bargain Queen!
Now I'm going to be wanting a little white tree next season.

hugs, Karen

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It is a very pretty tree!!! I have a 36" artificial tree with tiny clear lights and green foliage that I decorate year round also. I got out my small Easter Eggs that I got at Dollar Tree store last year to decorate it with, but I might do St. Patrick's Day first. Where did you find the little red hearts? Would they have been filled with candy? Thanks.

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What a great buy! and neat idea to have a small decorated tree, year round. That's a cute Valentine's tree and I think it's going to look awesome when it's loaded up with Mardi Gras beads! what fun!

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Thanks everybody. It is currently draped in beads for Mardi Gras. Pix later.

Donna, the little red hearts are styrofoam covered in red lacquer and are so many years old, I have no idea where I originally purchased them. They are solid so no candy inside.


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