48' Capital Culinarian on Pallet in Garage

JustCantWaitMarch 1, 2012

Hello all.... I am new to this site, although I have read everything I could get my hands on about the CC here. Well, we bit the bullet and ordered it. ( was a great deal ) Note: We haven't even started building the house yet. My CC sits on a pallet in the garage. I Just Can't Wait ! so...we hooked it up to a portable propane bottle to make sure everything works....to see if any of the noted issues I have read about pops up. Mainly the clicking on simmer mode etc. Just had to share!

Might even have to cook something ! :-)

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Congratulations! I hope you enjoy many happy cooking hours with this range. I just finished a slow roasted rolled pork shoulder and it was moist and delicious.

Simmer controversy aside, it is wonderful unit.

You are missing the kickplate in the photo but I trust it is somewhere to be installed at a later time.

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Did'ya notice that pot in the back is simmering even without the gas connected?

That's a beautiful machine!


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Actually - we hooked up a propane tank. It is so we can check out all the goodies. I boiled that pot of water to check it out. Checked for the clicking on simmer and the simmer mode. It was shipped without the kick plate attached but we have it.
I just couldn't wait! NOW-DH wants a whole chicken....!

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i wonder how the simmer works in your garage vs. in your kitchen.

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